Love's Renaissance

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Star Trek Fanfiction
Title: Love's Renaissance
Author(s): Mary Louise Dodge
Date(s): 1979
Genre: het
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Love's Renaissance is a Star Trek: TOS Kirk/Uhura story by Mary Louise Dodge .

It was published in Delta Triad #5.

It is #8 in the Delta Triad Kirk/Uhura series.

Reactions and Reviews

A landing party beams down to try out the new implantable translators on a planet whose society appears to have harmonious relations between its black and white races despite being on a cultural par with medieval Europe. Uhura and Kirk are stung by a carnivorous amnesil plant, causing both of them to lose their memories; their rescuers mistake them for, respectively, a princess en route to betrothal to their own prince Houari and her slave - hence, Kirk becomes known as Guarder. Back aboard Enterprise, Spock et al. discover their error to late to nab the pair back. M'Benga and McCoy find an antidote to the amnesia and beam down to search, posing as a magician/healer and his spirit-speaking slave, Mahkoy. All manner of adventures ensue: McCoy and M'Benga rescue a girl from a local plague, save her marriage, and are attacked by a jealous Magiste who wants the magical slave; Kirk and Uhura try to fit into their roles, but fall in love and run off together through beast-haunted jungles and gooey swamps and decidedly unfriendly renegade slaves. They are eventually caught, but the doctors catch up at the same time and concoct a story of demon possession, and manage to poof them all back to the ship under cover of fireworks and "Onward Christian Soldiers." The story had a few trite bits - why do so many alien worlds evolve domestic unicorns? However, it was lots of fun, and a good combination of adventure and romance, requited and unrequited. Nice touch was the point that the runaway slaves were as nasty and unaccepting as the society from which they had escaped, and the mixed-race lovers were unwelcome everywhere. [1]
In DT5, there's "Love's Renaissance," wherein Kirk and Uhura, both amnesiacs, are mistaken for a princess and her slave on a medieval type planet with (you guessed it) blacks as masters and whites as slaves. Not very original, but it's filled with romance and diplomatic intrigue, which make it a lot of fun. It also has an overlong sequence of Kirk and Uhura's escape through the wilderness. [2]


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