How About a Raffle?

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Star Trek Fanfiction
Title: How About a Raffle?
Author(s): Mary Louise Dodge
Date(s): 1975
Genre: het
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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How About a Raffle? is a Star Trek: TOS story by Mary Louise Dodge. It has a sequel called How About a Rematch?.

It is #4 in a 7-part Kirk/Uhura romance series and published in Delta Triad #1.

In it, Uhura is unknowingly sold at a dance auction/exhibition on Orion.

Reactions and Reviews

'How About a Raffle' is delightful. In it, Kirk accidentally auctions off his communications officer. [1]
'How About a Raffle' is sheer delight. In it, Kirk accidentally auctions off Uhura in a dancing contest. It's lots of fun and luckily, will be continued in the second ish. [2]
"How About a Raffle' is also a Kirk/Uhura story, but easier to accept after reading the first story in this zine. Uhura enters what she thinks is a dancing contest, against (of all things) green Orion slave girls! The 'contest' is actually an auction, and Kirk has just signed her away to the highest bidder. The story is very good, and ends very well. No qualms with this one to be sure. [3]
"How About a Raffle..." is another Kirk/Uhura love story, but this time it's handled in a more platonic way. The story is like a good cake, all the ingredients are well blended. The story is also fast paced and extremely well written. This one is of exceptional quality. [4]
Many other stories also seemed quite anti-feminist: "How About a Raffle" was an example, whereupon Mary Louise Dodge rose and astonished the floor by stating that they were anti-feminist -- and anyway the Orion dancers were only humanoid, not human or intelligent. Jean Lorrah replied that it was not the treatment of the Orion women that was irritating, but Kirk's condescending "good old boy" attitude--"the cute li'l girl is drunk", and that that attitude, coming from the female characters, was unfortunately common in Trek literature. "Do my thinking FOR me." [5]


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