Starborne (Star Trek: TOS zine)

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Title: Starborne
Editor(s): Michael Verina
Date(s): August 1979
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Starborne is a gen Star Trek: TOS 149-page anthology.

It has art by Mike Verina, Gayle F, P.S. Nim, Joni Wagner, Merle Decker, Nan Lewis and a fold-out of Kirk and Spock by Pat Stall especially for the story "Forever Autumn" by Della Van Hise.

It also contains an special section on the artists and their work and a two page graphic story ""More Trouble with Tribbles."

An interesting tidbit -- when first proposed in Scuttlebutt #12, this zine was to be called "Starrbourrn."

the original fold out cover
in this photocopy, the 11x17 cover has been reduced and rotated to fit standard 8 1/2 x 11 letter sized paper

From the Editorial

After many, long months of hard work... STARBORNE has finally surfaced as well as the many people who diligently worked on its production and final publication. One person does not produce a zine. It takes a lot of people, their skills, devotion and special help. I now know why I got so many warnings when I said that I'd like to produce my very own zine. If there is one thing that I have learned, it's the appreciation of typed material and the accumulation of subject matter into book form! Being an artist, I very seldom see the writer' or poet's end of the production...being the editor, I see every end...the end of typing, the end of a story, the end of the wastebasket, and especially the end of a zine! The only end I haven't seen since I started this venture, is the end of my room.

There are so many wonderful people to thank and not enough space to do so, so ARTISTS, POETS, WRITERS... ALL WHO CONTRIBUTED...please take this sincere and appreciative THANK YOU...without your devotion and contributions, this zine would never have been born.

In my life as an editor, there were some special people that I couldn't do without and I'd like to express my personal thanks.

EMILY--"Exodus" didn't take as long to write, but you made it into the 'promised land' and I'm grateful for all your contributions.

KAREN CLARK--Now that you can type sixty words a minute...and have a may want to consider another career. Thank you for all your hard work!

GERRY DOWNES—Thank you for your encouragement, editing and permission to include "Illusions" in my zine.

PAT, JIM FOWLER and kids--Thanks for enduring my long absences when visiting the family and having to listen to the two most talked about words in my vocabulary: "Star Trek".

CAROL HUNTERTON--Thanks for all your help, but you still owe me 20 pages and a personal coarse in qramar and ounkuation'.

ELLEN K0BRIN--After all that proof reading over the phone, "Ma Bell" sent in an order for "Starborn".

PETE KAUP--Without "Nourishment" and your help, there never would have been a lift-off!

BILL KAUP--Thanks for being there when the girls were too much and I needed a guy to talk time, I'll barbeque!

LOUISA RUSH--Your fingers must be worn through to the bone with all the typing you did...Thanks for saving some of the zine typing for us.

PAT STALL--Hope your eyes heal from that proofing session and special thanks for an evening of time there will be rolls!

ESTHER VARANELLI--I now know who to call whenever I need an expert proof reader and speller. Thanks for taking the time with your eyes!

NICK VERINA--You're always there when I need you...even though I'm number one twin, you'll never be second best!

HELEN VERINA--a sister-in-law that can type! What more could a Star Trekin' brother-in-law ask for!

MOM, M is for the many things you gave me, A is for the answers that you had, R is for the rough times that I gave you, I is for the intellect you have, E is for the everything you do, put them all together, they spell THE BEST IN THE UNIVERSE. And your cooking is outta this world!

Because of these people and the many contributors, I take special pride in presenting to you STARBORNE. Read, enjoy and don't doesn't get you anywhere.

Happy Trek to you till we meet again, Michael Verina.


  • Starborne, poem by Pete Kaup
  • Editorial
  • The Logical Choice, story by Vida Hull, art by Carlson (Explores what would happen if Latimer and Gaetano had not been killed and Spock had to choose three of the seven crew members to stay behind on Taurus II.) (2)
  • The Logical Choice, poem by Pete Kaup (31)
  • Visions and Dreams, poem by Della Van Hise, art by Merle Decker (32)
  • Solitude, poem by Sandra Gent, art by Mike Verina (33)
  • Silent Heart , poem by Mike Verina, art by Mike Verina (35)
  • Untitled poem by Vida Hull (37)
  • Trembles a Rarer Speech, story by Sibyl Hancock, art by Mike Verina (Spock visits his dying mother.) (38)
  • Loneliness, poem by Crystal Ann Taylor, art by Mike Verina (46)
  • Ponn Farr, poem by Della Van Hise, art by Gayle F (47)
  • Father of the Man, poem by Ellen L. Kobrin, art by P.S. Nim (49)
  • Analogies, poem by Mariann Hornlein (50)
  • The First Time, poem by Barbara Storey, art by P.S. Nim (51)
  • En Quatre Parties, story by Mariann Hornlein, art by Joni Wagner (Spock feels guilty for not reaching Kirk and Miramanee in time.) (53)
  • Sirens in the Wind, poem by Della Van Hise, art by Mike Verina (58)
  • Only One Man, poem by Virginia Gree, art by P.S. Nim (59)
  • Raftee, story by Emily Jay, art by Mike Verina (61)
  • The Mission by Emily Jay, art by Mike Verina (68)
  • Enterprise, poem by Pat Stall (69)
  • Range of Possibilities, Extant by Pat Cash, art by Stults (70)
  • The Way of Healing by Susan Dorsey, art by Haynes (71)
  • Uhura, poem by Verina, art by Mike Verina (73)
  • A Star Trek Monotony, poem by Kathy Burns (reprinted from Nourishment) (74)
  • The Soldier, Not Transformed by April Valentine, art by Mike Verina (reprinted from Nourishment) (76)
  • Threat of Hell, Hope of Paradise, poem by Sandra Gent, art by Merle Decker (78)
  • Gleanings, poem by Victoria Clark, art by Verina (79)
  • Replaced, poem by Pete Kaup (81)
  • Forever Autumn, story by Della Van Hise, art by Pat Stall (Kirk must force himself to leave Spockʼs replica on the shoreleave planet, having used it to try and usage his grief over his loverʼs death. Sequel: Yet Shall He Live in K/S Collected) (82)
  • Dark Harvest, poem by Ellen L. Kobrin, art by Mike Verina (87)
  • Illustrational Thought by Mike Verina, art by Mike Verina (88)
  • Unfinished Journey, poem by April Valentine, art by Mike Verina (reprinted from Nourishment) (89)
  • Decision, poem by Vida Hull, art by Mike Verina (90)
  • Doleance, poem by April Valentine, art by Mike Verina (reprinted from Nourishment) (92)
  • The Winds of Change, poem by Crystal Ann Taylor (93)
  • Illusions, story by Pat Stall and Pete Kaup, art by Mike Verina (Spock is worshiped as a god.) (94)
  • Illusions Gone, poem by Pete Kaup (123)
  • other art by Barbara M. Stultz, Emily Jay, Nan Lewis and Kathy Carlson
  • Artists, Thier Lives and Their Work featuring Michael Verina, P.S. Nim, Gayle F, Pat Stall, Nan Lewis and Kathy Carlson (136-140)
  • In Palaces of Sand by Toni Cardinal-Price (A sad, tender account of Leonard McCoy's final act of love for a dying Jim Kirk.) (2 pages) (148)


Reactions and Reviews

See reactions and reviews for Forever Autumn.

[zine]: The most outstanding feature in STARBORNE is the art­work. The cover is the first striking example of what lies inside. It is a fold-out picture of the 'big three' by Mike Verina. The inside contains breath­taking illos by Verina, [Gayle F], Nim, Wagner, Decker, Lewis, and an absolutely fabulous fold-out of Kirk and Spock by Pat Stall specially renditioned for the tear-jerking story "Forever Autumn" by Della Van Hise. The stories, unfortunately, are not of the same calibre as the artwork. "A Logical Choice" offers one version of "The Galileo Seven": what if Latimer and Gaetano had not been killed, and Spock had to choose three of the seven crew members to stay behind on Taurus II? The story deals mostly with Spock, Boma, and Latimer. It is action adventure. "Trembles a Rarer Speech" has Spock visiting his mother on her death bed. Not too exciting. "En Quatre Parties" has Spock feeling guilty for not reaching Kirk in time to save Miramanee and her unborn child. It's a good story, but too short. "Raftee" is confusing and seems to lack a beginning, a plot, and an end. The story lacks character depth and is a disappointment. The longest story in the zine, "Illusions" is also a disappointment. It has Spock's form being worshipped as a deity by a planet's somewhat primitive inhabitants. I found the best two stories in the zine to be: "Forever Autumn", a five-pager by Della Van Hise that brings a chill; and "In Palaces of Sand", a less than two-page vignette by Toni Cardinal Price guaranteed to twist your heart. It brought tears to my eyes (still does just thinking about it!) and very few stories can make that claim. The poetry is average and none stand out in my mind but there is plenty of it with good artwork for the poem lovers. A lot of work went into this zine and though the story content may be a bit of a let-down, Starborne's appearance is beautiful. Stories: 5, Graphics: 10 [1]

[zine]: This is a slightly more expensive zine but it is chockablock full of stories, poems, and artwork. The art is magnificent, and worth buying the zine for. The stories and poetry are of mixed quality. At the bottom of the scale are trite poetry by Sandra Gent and Ellen Kobrin and a typically contrived heartwrencher by Della Van Hise. At the top of the scale is a marvelously moving vignette called "In Palaces of Sand" by Toni Cardinal Price. Mariann Hornlein has a nice piece on Kirk-Spock friendship in the wake of Miramanee's death. And there's a Sibyl Hancock story about Spock and Kirk at Amanda's deathbed. Vida Hall has done a nice alternative to the televised outcome of the Galileo episode. Read with discrestion, this zine is recommended. [2]


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  2. ^ from Academy Chronicles #8