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You may be looking for The Academy Curriculum.

Title: Academy Chronicles
Publisher: Star Fleet Academy out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Editor(s): ed. Kyym-Suon & Jane Freitag (1-7), Kyym-Suon and Joei VandenBerg (8), ? (9-10), Rosemarie Eierman and Susan Meinecke (12), Rosemarie Eierman (13), the rest unknown
Date(s): 1973 - mid 1990s
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Academy Chronicles is a gen Star Trek: TOS anthology that has at least 18 issues. It was published quarterly by the Star Fleet Academy.

Two stories, 'The Door' and 'The Touch of a Stranger,' were later printed in Reflections in Amber.

It is a sister zine to The Communicator.

In 1984, an R-rated sister zine called "Academy Chronicles Red Light District" was proposed, but it was never published.

Issue 1

Academy Chronicles 1 was published in May 1973 (?).

cover of issue #1
  • Hailing Frequency, Open - editor Anne Mueller
  • "The Ten Commandments" by Jenn and Bonnie Bills
  • Lookee Here! ST Movie NEWS!! by Kathy Ainger
  • "The Klingon Cure" (poem) by Anne Mueller
  • "Episode Limerick #1"
  • "in the beginning..." by Jo Ann Vandenberg
  • Academy Chronicles Staff:

Editor in Chief: Anne Mueller; Layout: Lorq Damon; Contributing Artists and Authors: Kathy Ainger; Bonnie Bills; Jenn Bills; Keith Drea; Elizabeth Lentz; Anne Mueller; Nancy Regent; Kyym-Suon; Jo Ann VendenBerg

Issue 2

Academy Chronicles 2

Issue 3

Academy Chronicles 3

Issue 4

Academy Chronicles 4

Issue 5

Academy Chronicles 5 is not dated. It contains 72 pages and was edited by Kyym-Suon & Keith Drea.

front cover of issue #5
back cover of issue #5
From the editorial:

Star Fleet Academy exists for more reasons than simply to talk, play and present STAR TREK. We would like to think our existence is of some small benefit to the community.

STAR TREK fandom, outside and apart from Paramount, is largely a non-profit organization. For the most part any money made by these groups is either used to fund the next issue of a fanzine or to rent a film for a meeting or is donated to charities. This holds true even in the case of a successful convention.

The Academy, in no way a large money maker, uses its largest commodity to help out local charity groups - our people. Since the beginning of our club we have participated in several community fundraising. Our first efforts were with the Milwaukee Muscular Dystrophy people and the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon. This has continued to be our favorite charity. Our third annual telethon is fast approaching and the Academy (just two years old) is eagerly awaiting the holiday. This year we're even having a telethon party.

But these activities are not all fun and games, there is a lot of hard and sometimes very boring work involved. Activities like these are a tradition of STAR TREK fandom, a tradition with which the Academy is very proud. Gene Roddenberry has often said that people enjoy STAR TREK because it shows us a positive future, a future in which man has survived his integrity intact.

Star Fleet Academy concurs with Mr. Roddenberry's dream and only hopes our small efforts may help bring that day a little sooner.
  • Editorial by Bonnie Bills (2)
  • Shatner at Alpine by Beth Lentz (about club members meeting Shatner at a Wisconsin theater) (3)
  • Alpine Valley Follow-Up at Star Trek Atlanta by Beth Lentz (meeting Shatner at Star Trek Atlanta) (6)
  • Vincent by Joei Vandenberg (a description of Leonard Nimoy in the play on June 14 at Milwaukee's Pabst Theatre) (7)
  • The Star by Jane Freitag (9)
  • Trilogy of Friendship, poems by Jane Freitag (10)
    • Alone With Friends (McCoy)
    • The Sentinals [sic] (Kirk)
    • It Doesn't Show, or Does It? (Spock)
    • Reflections of a Weary Space Traveler
  • Odyssey One, Convention Report for Odyssey One by Jane Freitag (12)
  • George on the Town, an article about George Takei, by Jenn Kimpel and Melanie Floyd (13)
  • Walter's Odyssey Adventure, an interview with Walter Koenig at Odyssey One, by Jenn Kimpel and Melanie Floyd (14)
  • Odyssey One, In Pictures by Glen Boettcher (15)
  • Scott Who? by Kyym (about Scott Squires, a "special effects wizard" and his appearance at Odyssey One on June 24, 1978) (18)
  • The Gentle Traveler, song by Jane Freitag (19)
  • I'm Not Dead Yet by Johanna Cantor "(McCoy lives life as well as he can after returning from Yonada while Spock and the medical staff work frantically to decipher the Fabrini archives.") (reprinted from Tal-Shaya #3) (20)
  • A Mother's Tears, poem by Jane Freitag (22)
  • Spock's Letter Home by Jane Freitag (24)
  • Yesterday's Love, poem by Jane Freitag (24)
  • View Through an Engineer's Eyes, poem by Jane Freitag (24)
  • Universal Translator by Jenn Kimpel (25)
  • Wordsearch by Joei Vandenberg (26)
  • The Accident, fiction by Jane Freitag (28)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 5

...I received my Academy Chronicles #5. I really did enjoy the write-ups of Shatner and Nimoy. I understand the electricity of meeting famous people. I've been very lucky myself.

The magazine is clean and will presented. The interview with Walter and write-up on George completely held my interest. I'M NOT DEAD YET, though short, was good. I have not heard of Johanna before, but hope to see a lot more of her work in the future..

I don't have the time to go into every piece individually but I believe, what with the poetry, interviews, games, and write-ups, that A.C. is one of the finest zines I have seen. Needs a bit more art, but what's there is excellent. I sincerely hope that Davey, myself, and Rene can be useful members.

I know my two Hoka companions are proud to be associated with your organization. -- a new, 3 new friends, Paulie, David & Rene [1]

Issue 6

Academy Chronicles 6 was published in 1979 and contains 67 pages. It was edited by Jane Freitag.

front cover of issue #6, Joei Vandenberg
  • Indian Summer of a Vulcan by Ellen M. Kozak (reprinted in Indian Summer and Other Seasons and Archives #4) (3)
  • Dark Lady, poem by Rene Aurhokenois (18)
  • Everyman, song by Mary Jean Holmes (19)
  • Ballad of Vulcan, poem by Jane Freitag (20)
  • To Edith, poem by Jane Freitag (21)
  • Nell Kozak Interview by Ellen Kozak (22)
  • Chance Encounter by Jane Freitag (27)
  • Sing a Tale, song by Jane Freitag (30)
  • Universal Translator by Jenn Kimpel (32)
  • The Secret by Jane Freitag (36)
  • Requiem, poem by Jelica Ranelle (reprinted in Indian Summer and Other Seasons) (41)
  • Academy Blueprint by Kyym-Suon and Keith Drea (42)
  • Spock's Grain, or The Infamous Wheat Story by Jane Freitag (43)
  • An Interview With Susan Sackett (1978) by Joei Vandenberg conducted at Shuttlecon Columbus (63)
  • art by Keith Drea, David Hosky, Nancy Regent, Joei Vandenberg, and Kyym-Suon

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 6

For a club zine, this contains surprisingly good work. Outstanding here, though it would be notable anywhere, is Ellen Kozak's 'Indian Summer of a Vulcan,' a bittersweet piece that tells of a Spock who has outlived the Enterprise and all aboard her and how he becomes acquainted with one of Kirk's collateral descendants. For this story alone, it's worth your while to buy this zine. The other stories, most of them by editor Jane Freitag, are ordinary, but sufficiently readable. 'Chance Encounter' is about Spock and Kirk's first encounter; 'The Secret' has McCoy springing one on Spock; ' Spock's Grain' is an uneven sf-ish whodunit, in which quadrotiritical behaves like tribbles. Several feature-ettes-- songs, poems, interviews, puzzles pad out this zine.[2]
...A friend and I attended the Cleveland con and we both picked up copies of Academy Chronicles #6 there. I would like to say we both vote "Indian Summer of a Vulcan" one of the best ST stories we've ever read. It's great! "Chance Encounter" and "Dark Lady" were particularly good, too, and I liked the idea of "Everyman". I'll probably never make it to space myself and feel that I know how "Everyman" feels. In regard to "Dark Lady", let's see more about Uhura. It seems to me that there must be a lot of good stories there. Looking over issue #6 again, I like the poem on Edith. The poem expresses Kirk's anguish and feelings of duty very well.[3]
WOW!!! How I wish I'd heard about you sooner! I thoroughly enjoyed Academy Chronicles #6 and enclose my order of #7. Please pass my thanks to Ellen Kozak for a FANTASTIC story. I hope she intends to write something more about J.T.K. II—especially with the memories/experiences he can now draw upon.[4]
You don't know what a joy it was to receive Academy Chronicles #6. Nell's story, "Indian Summer of a Vulcan" was terrific. I Cry each time I read it. Jane's stories were excellent. I especially liked her characterizations of McCoy. One could actually hear and see him speak those lines. That, to me, is the sign that someone has caught that character 'correctly'. My congratulations. In "Spock's Grain," the whole story hit home with me, I am one of those people who—like Spock—are able to 'hear' or 'feel' sound waves that are higher in frequency than the normal human auditory range. The interview with Susan Sackett was a treat for me. I pray that your zine will continue to grow in excellence.[5]
I picked up your zines #6 and 7 at 2-Con, and want you to know how impressed I am with them. Of course I will always fuss about the wasted space as in the exorbitant amount showing in Johanna's story in #7, but perhaps you had a good reason like an uncontrollable typist or something. Jane Freitag's and Ellen Kozak's writing skills are to be envied, and I enjoyed every moment of them. Anyway, this is one of the very best local club zines I have ever seen—and I buy almost all the ST zines—and I certainly do want future ones myself. And past ones, too, if still available.[6]
I received your latest copy, Academy Chronicles 7. I'm not sure if it's better than AC6, but it was very good. "The Slip-Up" is probably the best. I was expecting for our heroes to get Out of it, and I was slightly disappointed that they didn't find a way out. However, Kirk and the rest are only human, after all—should lose once in a while. The ending was a defin te plus.

"The Tattletale" ranked second, though I thought a science flctioi animat could have been used instead of a dog. It's good to see computers in a different light, than portrayed as the villain as was done on the shows. The poems were very well done on the whole. "Untitled" and "Captain, the Engines" were the best.

Another point I'd like to make is that you had four stories (five, if you want to count "First Step", which was only about three hundred words, not all that long) and you only had one action-adventure story. You could've had at least two.[7]

Excellent clear reproduction (not offset, unreduced). Illoed mainly by line drawings of new artists, some ST-TMP promotion photos. Very light weight covers, stapled, uneven layout, with some good-looking work, some con ads.

Contents of this issue include two long stories and two short ones, two excellent interviews with Susan Sackett and a Movie set visitor, several poems and a couple of songs (one complete with music). Ellen Kozak's "Indian Summer of a Vulcan" is a very sensitive tale of an aged and dying Spock who has a chance to meet and know a lineal descendant of Peter Kirk, and who recognizes some of his old Captain's qualities in the young man. Their new-found friendship serves to ease his passage, and teaches the young man a great deal, too. The other three stories are the editor's, a bright new talent in fanfic. "Chance Encounter" and "The Secret" are little more than vignettes, sidelights to the regular life on the E, but "Spock's Grain" is a fully developed and entertaining sf story in the best of tradition, along with some leavening humor. Kirk, Spock, and the E specialists have to determine why the quadrotriticale is running wild on Daris IV, uprooting houses and crowding settlers into a tiny area, indeed threatening to force them off the planet in its exuberance to grow. The mystery is described and solved with wit and grace, though I personally regretted the choice of the villain! A good finish to a bright new zine. This, back issues, and further ones now available: SASE for info.[8]

I just thought I'd drop a line (or two). I was at the New York STAR TREK Con, where I bought about six zines or so.

After giving each one a quick look, the one which appeared the most promising was your Academy Chronicles #6. After finishing it, I found my initial impression was right. [9]

I've just received Academy Chronicles #6, and I want to congratulate you on an excellent publication. Ellen Kozak's

"Indian Summer of a Vulcan" and "Requiem" are very good. She touches that deep place in each of us where friendship lives, brings it up into the light without trespassing or defiling the beauty of it. I would like to see more stories and poems by Ellen. [10]

I've just finished indexing Academy Chronicles for the Trexindex Supplement II (Don't worry, I haven't even printed the FIRST Supplement yet, but the Indexer never stops!). It's a really nice fanzine—the artwork is particularly nice, and I liked the music that was included for the original filk-songs.

"Indian Summer of a Vulcan" was one of the better Spock-as-an-old-man stories—would he really outlive six generations of Kirks?

The interviews and the information about The Movie came at just the right time for me—and the photo came out very well. I have rarely seen a photo in a zine that DID come out so well unless it was done on glossy paper. Are your printers better than ours here in New Jersey?

"Chance Encounter" was a light vignette, but cute. I may have missed something, but what was the big secret in 'The Secret" that McCoy had received an advanced degree in Vulcan Medicine? Big deal!

"Speck's Grain" was much more satisfying -- a really S-F solution, and a perfectly logical tale.[11]

Issue 7

Academy Chronicles 7 was published in 1979. It was edited by Kyym-Suon & Keith Drea.

front cover of issue #7, Keith Drea
back cover of issue #7
  • The Captain Minds the Store by Johanna Cantor (also in Rigel #3) (4)
  • The Door by Kris Kampmann (also in Reflections in Amber, a sequel is in the next issue and is called "A Touch of a Stranger") (15)
  • I Am Not Human, poem by Richard G. Pollet (19)
  • The Visitors, poem by Joei Vandenberg (19)
  • Untitled Poem by Rene Aurhokenois (20)
  • Captain, The Engines, poem by Kyym-Suon (21)
  • For George Takei, poem by Ellen M. Kozak (22)
  • The Slip-Up, fiction by Jane Freitag (23)
  • Gentle Vulcan, song by Jane Freitag (36)
  • Fanzine Forum, reviews (38)
  • The First Step by Jane Freitag (40)
  • The Tattletale by Ellen M. Kozak (reprinted in Indian Summer and Other Seasons) (43)
  • Letters of Comment (52)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 7

Issue #7 is like issue #6, only without any particular story to recommend it. Again, Ellen Kozak's story here, 'The Tattletale,' is the best of show, but though well-written it is fluff: 8 and a half pages for Kirk to discover a pet on board. Almost better is Johanna Cantor's 'The Captain Minds the Store,' a post-Amok Time wrap-up. Jane Freitag's 'The Slip-Up' is a pretty standard torment story, using a standard torment plot: the nasty unbeatable alien glorps out the landing party one by one before Kirk's eyes, and then... and then... why, Kirk wakes up, of course! Tack on the O. Henry tease tag of coming-into-orbit-of-the-planet-you-just-dreamed-about-Captain, and there you are, nothing we haven't seen twenty times before. Freitag has talent for her things flow well; unfortunately, so far she has not evinced a lot of originality.[12]
I finally retrieved Academy Chronicles #7 from a friend and have decided my favorite piece is Johanna's "The Captain Minds the Store". The few sines I've read do pick up on that episode a good deal, hut each story is so different. [13]
Everyone loves their Academy Chronicles #7, but that's to be expected; in our club we don't buy zines unless they're good! The zine was great! (As per usual) Exellent stories all around.[14]
I picked up your zines #6 and 7 at 2-Con, and want you to know how impressed I am with them. Of course I will always fuss about the wasted space as in the exorbitant amount showing in Johanna's story in #7, but perhaps you had a good reason like an uncontrollable typist or something. Jane Freitag's and Ellen Kozak's writing skills are to be envied, and I enjoyed every moment of them. Anyway, this is one of the very best local club zines I have ever seen—and I buy almost all the ST zines—and I certainly do want future ones myself. And past ones, too, if still available.[15]
#7 continues much the same as its predecessors. It has good stories, good artwork, though not enough and especially good poems. There's another poem of mine in it, but A.C. is recommended anyway.[16]

Issue 8

Academy Chronicles 8 was published in 1979 and contains 49 pages. It was edited by Joei VandenBerg and Kymm-Suon. The art is by Mary Lynn Skirvin, Jeff Anthony, Paulie Gilmore, Keith Drea, and Kyym-Suon.

front cover of issue #8
back cover of issue #8
  • The Touch of a Stranger by Kris Kampmann (sequel to "The Door" in a previous issue) (3)
  • The Link by Beth Lentz (17)
  • A Song for the Doctor (song) by Jane Freitag (25)
  • Fanzine Forum by Ellen Kozak (26)
  • Decker's Song (song) by Ellen Kozak (30)
  • There May Well Be a Choice, editorial by Ellen Kozak (A essay about how David Gerrold is the best candidate for president of the United States.) (34)
  • To Seize the Gauntlet by Crystal Taylor (36)
  • Tribute, poem by Debra Braun Anderson (41)
  • A Historical Bout, poem by Kyym-Suon (42)
  • Academy Feedback, LoCs (44)

Issue 9

Academy Chronicles 9

Issue 10

Academy Chronicles 10

Issue 11

Academy Chronicles 11

Issue 12

Academy Chronicles 12 contains 79 pages. It was published in 1984. It was edited by Rosemarie Eierman and Susan Meinecke. Printed offset, stapled. The art is by Karen Huber, LaVena Kay Kidd, Debbie Little, Mary Stacy-MacDonald, Susan Meinecke, Michael A. Scheissel, Tom Schroeder, and Ginny Thorn.

back cover of issue #12, Michael A. Scheissel
front cover of issue #12, Mary Stacy-MacDonald

The editors thank Peter Little for the use of his Epson QK-10 computer.

  • Dedication (inside front cover)
  • While in a Trekkish Mood (editorial) (1)
  • Mail Call by Ginny Thorn (2)
  • A Second Chance by Sharon Fuchs and Susan Meinecke (3)
  • Ilia's Song by Karen Huber (21)
  • A Study of Vulcan Culture by Pat Pellerito (23)
  • Kir's Corner: Making a Klingon Marker Bouy by Richard Eannelli (27)
  • Michael's Mazes: Starships by Michael A. P. Scheissl (29)
  • Time and Again, part 2 by Michael D. Stutzman (30)
  • Technical Readout: Gorn Heavy Battle Cruiser by Richard A. Eannelli (37)
  • Star Trek The Search for Spock
    • The Best of Times, The Worst of Times by Joan Marie Verba (39)
    • Heir Apparent? by Ginny Thorn (45)
    • Answers by Rosemarie Eierman (46)
    • Saavik's Song by Sue-Ann Hartwick (53)
    • An Analysis of Star Trek III by Ginny Thorn (55)
    • Journey's End by Roberta Rogow (58)
    • One Bridge Out of Limbo by Lynda Carraher (61)
    • Trek to the Stars by Dorothy Patterson (67)
    • An Alternative Viewpoint by Debbie Little (69)
    • Saavik's Farewell by Karen Hunter (74)
    • Exit Lines by Roberta Rogow (76)
  • From the Academy Library by Donna Eannelli and Lorelei Mather (77)
  • A Christmas Caper by Ginny Thorn (inside back cover)

Issue 13

Academy Chronicles 13 was published in 1985 and contains 67 pages. It was edited by Rosemarie Eierman. It has art by Susan Meinecke, Michael A. Scheissl, Sharon Fuchs, Ginny Thorn, and Richard A. Eannelli.

back cover of issue #13, Susan Meinecke
front cover of issue #13, Susan Meinecke
  • Dedication (inside front cover)
  • While in a Trekkish Mood (editorial) (ii)
  • Does Star Trek Have a Philosopy by James Crawford (1)
  • Legend of Seleya by Karen Chobot Hunter (4)
  • Back Where You Belong by Susan Meinecke (8)
  • Star Trek IV: The Speculation by Michael D. Stutzman and Rosemarie Eierman (10)
  • Star Trek In-Depth Correspondent: Pen Pal Etiquette by Cornelius House (11)
  • an article by Joan Marie Verba about the Star Trek Welcommittee (13)
  • Kinship by Sharon Fuchs and Susan Meinecke (15)
  • Time and Time Again by Michael D. Stutzman (16)
  • Conscience of the King by James Crawford (33)
  • The Final Confrontation by Susan Meinecke (35)
  • Star Trek: Animation by James Crawford (36)
  • Eponymos by Ginny Thorn (37)
  • Technical Readout by Richard A. Eannelli (38)
  • Rational for Rationality by Pat Pellerito (39)
  • Challenges for Doctor McCoy by Rosemarie Eierman (39)
  • The Last Days of Eden by Ginny Thorn (44)
  • Understanding by Karen Chobot Hunter (64)
  • K-7 Trading Post (66)
  • Keepers of the Fire by Karen Huber (inside back cover)

Issue 14

Academy Chronicles 14 was printed in December 1989 (second printing in March 1990) and contains 60 pages.

front cover of issue #14, Sharon Fuchs and Susan Meinecke
back cover of issue #14, Susan Meinecke

It was edited by Alice M. Laukert and Susan Meinecke.

From Alice's editorial:

Here it is — Academy Chronicles TM XIV for your reading enjoyment. The last time Star Fleet Academy, Inc. produced this fan magazine was back in 1985. Since then we have enjoyed two more Star Trek films: "The Voyage Home" and "The Final Frontier". In 1987 a new Star Trek series came to television entitled: "Star Trek: The Next Generation".

A big thank you to Sharon Fuchs, Jane S. Kilbourne, Michael A. P. Schiessl and to all of the contributors of the "Chronicles" for sharing their time and talents.

My special thanks goes to my Assistant Editor, Susan Meinecke, whose invaluable help in selecting past articles from "The Communicator", opening her art portfolio to me, and supplying me with past "Chronicles" made this publication possible.
From Michael D. Stutzman, club president:

Greetings Fellow Trekster! This letter will introduce you to the only STAR TREK club in the Milwaukee area. STAR FLEET ACADEMY, INC. is a non-profit corporation comprised of Trek fans like yourself. We enjoy and appreciate the ideals that STAR TREK represents and we look forward to the future with optimistic enthusiasm.

The Academy was started back in 1976 with a handful of loyal fans determined to keep Trek alive. It took several meetings to come up with a Trekish name, but the small group had begun to grow. In 1979, the club was re-structured. The most notable change was that it would now become a corporation with all of the benefits that go along with it. New by-laws were drawn-up and sent to the state along with the Articles of Incorporation, and in 1980, we became legal with the State of Wisconsin. Our membership really began to grow from that point on.

We've been connected with the media, both national and local, for several years. Our publications have had very good reviews from the membership as well as other fans around the country. Our bi-monthly newsletter, "The Communicator", keeps the membership informed as to what's new regarding the worlds of STAR TREK, especially the news of Paramount importance. Members are most welcome to submit newsworthy articles and letters of comment. "Academy Chronicles" TM gives our contributors the chance to show off their skills. Artwork, Poems, Short Stories, etc. are spotlighted for the enjoyment of members and fans nation-wide. This "zine" is published on a regular basis. And don't forget about our official Academy Handbook! Each new member receives a copy free with their paid membership. Dues for each membership are only $10.00 for the first year, which includes an initiation fee. Renewals are only $7.00 yearly. We have our official Election of Officers each June. Our meetings are every month. Plus we have many special activities scheduled throughout the year. That way, there's always something interesting for Trek fans to do! We hold such functions as dances, bowling parties, and video nights. Our annual picnic & corn roast is always a success, and is usually covered by the media. We have some functions that raise money for charitable organizations, too!

So, don't be a Klingon left out in the cold. Join now! Send your membership fee of $10.00 with your name, address and phone number to: STAR FLEET ACADEMY, INC. ~ P.O. Box 231 — Butler, Wisconsin 53007. We'd love to have you as a member, and I guarantee that you'll be glad that you joined!

Live Long & Prosper!
  • Note from the Editor, Alice M. Laukert (iii)
  • Star Fleet Academy by Michael D. Stutzman (iv)
  • Just for Fun, fiction by Susan Meinecke (reprinted from Vault of Tomorrow #4) (1)
  • Star Trek Cartoon by Kyym Kimple (1)
  • The Laugh Trek by Ken Saul (7)
  • poem by Jane S. Kilbourne (8)
  • Rationale for Rationality, article by T'Rece (Pat Pellerito) (9)
  • Trek to the Stars, poem by Doroth Patterson (12)
  • Academy's Favorite Movies by Star Fleet Academy members (12)
  • A Poem for Trekkers by Gerald Stroud (13)
  • Light Spinning, poem by Jane S. Kilbourne (13)
  • Is This Logical?, article by Ellen Kozak (reprinted from the January 1987 issue of The Communicator) (14)
  • Night Shadow, poem by Jane S. Kilbourne (16)
  • Is Logic Transcendent?, article by Martin Weil (reprinted from an unknown issue of The Communicator) (17)
  • UFO's UFO's, poem by Jane S. Kilbourne (20)
  • poem by Jane S. Kilbourne (20)
  • Debriefing, fiction by Alice M. Laukert (21)
  • Warp, Warp, Warp Your Ship by Alice M. Laukert (28)
  • Why David? by Ken Saul (29)
  • The Seasons of Star Trek, article by Brendt Vitale (30)
  • Star Trek -- The Next Generation -- The Captain, article by Jay Badenhoop (33)
  • Next Generation Survey by Star Fleet Academy members (35)
  • From Level to Mine by Jane S. Kilbourne (36)
  • Wither Wesley, article by Susan Meinecke (reprinted from an unknown issue of The Communicator) (37)
  • Next Generation Survey by Star Fleet Academy members (37)
  • Whitman's Wit by John Witman (39)
  • Magic "Marshmelon" Crescent Puffs, recipe by Karen Gutzmer (45)
  • Tribble Pate, recipe by Karen Gutzmer (46)
  • Tribble Salad Appetizer, recipe by Karen Gutzmer (47)
  • Eat Your Cake and Tribble Too, recipe by Karen Gutzmer (47)
  • Winter Tree by Jane S. Kilbourne (48)
  • Moments, fiction by Sharon Fuchs (reprinted from Vault of Tomorrow #8) (49)
  • Back Where You Belong, poem by Susan Meinecke and Sharon Fuchs (52)
  • Nome by Sharon Fuchs, inside back cover

Issue 15

Academy Chronicles 15

Issue 16

Academy Chronicles 16 is the multimedia edition. Includes Star Trek, Forever Knight, Star Wars, Rat Patrol, Jurassic Park, X-Files, artwork, filk songs, poetry, puzzles, more.

  • Dietrich's Successful Raid by Margaret de Foe (7 pages) (Dietrich finally succeeds in capturing all four members of the Rat Patrol)
  • Rommel by Margaret de Foe (3 pages) (vignette in which Troy, trapped during a sandstorm, finds himself with an interesting companion—it's NOT the Field-Marshal)
  • other unknown content

Issue 17

Academy Chronicles 17

Issue 18

Academy Chronicles 18


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