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A Gorn is an intelligent reptilian humanoid species in Star Trek.

Canon Information

More information about the Gorn can be found at Memory Alpha.

Gorn Fiction

Some zines with content about Gorns:

  • Gorn Guidebook is a non-fiction zine
  • Formazine #4 includes a Gorn story
  • USS Eagle Intercom contains an essay about Gorn Defense Battle Cruisers
  • From 1975: "Menagerie 5, as most of you know, will be offset printed (at long last!)... Don't forget the Gorn contest (draw a centerfold of a Gorn in the Burt Reynolds pose, winner to be published in Menagerie 6 for Comic-Con in August."
  • Within the Mirror #11 contains the story, "The Gorn Story" by Shelley Butler in which Kirk is abducted and assaulted by the Gorn he defeated when forced to fight by the Metrons.
  • Both Orion Archives: 2285-2293 The Third Mission and In Harm's Way contain the story with this summary: "The Kelvans are re-invading the galaxy, this time in full force. The Gorn soon fall prey to their voracious appetites, and Starfleet finds itself under attack with some unusual allies: the Klingons."
  • In Vulcan Sands...Terran Skies #1, there is a story called "Trust" -- Spock, Christine, Chekov and Technician Ellen Mead are captured by the Gorn and taken to an abominable prison camp where they discover the survivors of Cestus III and a number of other races who are also captives. There they learn the horrible truth of their situation -- the Gorn worlds are running low on food stocks and they are searching for a new supply.
  • In Masiform D #11, "Gateway Assault" by Bonnie Reitz is a story about a Gorn, a shape-shifting wolf-woman, and a Klingon band who together to destroy an automated space station.
  • "A Personnel Matter" by Karla Kelly in Kaleidoscope #5 -- When the Gorn aboard the Enterprise requests a transfer, Spock thinks that he must find a way to make her see herself as attractive by “sexually stimulating” her, a comment Kirk totally misunderstands.
  • T'hy'la #13 contains a Kirk/Spock/Gorn threesome story called "Over the Edge" by Airelle

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