Vulcan Sands...Terran Skies

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Title: Vulcan Sands...Terran Skies
Publisher: Falcon Press
Date(s): 2000-2004
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Vulcan Sands...Terran Skies is a collection of het stories about Spock and Christine.

It required an age statement for purchase.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Vulcan Sands...Terran Skies 1 was published in May 2000 and contains 200 pages. All of the fiction is by Cheree Cargill.

flyer for issue #1

Content summary from the publisher:

  • Plato: Epilogue ("Christine is humiliated after Platonius but Spock wants to assure her that there were a lot of emotions at work during the incident.")
  • Survival and Promises ("After crashing in the midst of a blizzard, Spock and Christine must seek shelter or be frozen to death. He manages to rescue only one survival bag from the burning shuttle ... then realizes that it's going to take their combined body heat in order to make it through the night.")
  • Sanity ("It is still many days until Vulcan and Spock is deep into the pon farr. Christine has an idea what he needs, but it may be more than she's willing to give.
  • Trust ("Spock, Christine, Chekov and Technician Ellen Mead are captured by the Gorn and taken to an abominable prison camp where they discover the survivors of Cestus III and a number of other races who are also captives. There they learn the horrible truth of their situation—the Gorn worlds are running low on food stocks and they are searching for a new supply.")
  • Desert Heat ("The sequel to "Trust". Spock has returned the katra of a Vulcan woman to her family and now he must go into the desert to undergo a ritual to recenter himself. He asks Christine to go with him. There they learn that it can get very, very hot in the desert...")
  • R & R ("The Enterprise has put into Earth Space Dock for a week's worth of maintenance, during which everyone must leave the ship. The result is R&R and the crew happily disembarks. While Captain Kirk goes on vacation elsewhere, Spock has secured the use of the Captain's mountain cabin and he asks Christine to accompany him. He's been doing some heavy evaluation of his life since the incident on Platonius and now he's ready to ask Christine a very important question.")
  • The Captain's Woman ("Set in the "Mirror, Mirror" universe. Spock has assassinated Kirk and assumed command of the I.S.S. Enterprise. There he begins an iron-fisted rule of the ship and its crew. For Christine, it means the attainment of a dream—she's now the Captain's Woman. But Marlena Moreau is determined to have that position back ... no matter who she has to kill to get it.")

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Vulcan Sands... Terran Skies 2 was published in May 2002 and contains 170 pages.

Content summary from the publisher:

  • Like a Virgin by Cheree Cargill. Eighteen-year-old Academy Cadet Spock has never been up close and personal with a woman. His roommates plan to change that.
  • What a Lovely Way to Burn by Cheryl White. Christine has gone to Spock's cabin to tell him they are bound for Vulcan, but once there she discovers that he won't make it that far.
  • Hot Summer Night by Maria Campos Seeger. What's a girl to do when the temperature is high and the night is steamy? Well, an ice cube in Vulcan hands is a good start.
  • Detours by Cheree Cargill. The sequel to "R&R". Despite precautions, Christine has become pregnant and now Spock faces a major problem—he must convince T'Pau to bond them formally and bring Christine into the Family or else the baby will be born outside the clan.
  • Horses That Beggars May Ride by Stacy Smith. After saving a woman's life while on a shore leave, Christine is given a strange medallion by the woman's grateful husband. He assures her that it will give her everything she wishes for. Everything.
  • Naked X2 by Cheryl White. Spock has been infected by a genetically-designed virus that stimulates the sexual portions of the brain, thus acting like a super potent aphrodisiac. Airborne, the virus infects most of the crew and soon McCoy is scrambling to find an antidote. He has to search for the cure without his head nurse because she's got the virus too ... and hasn't been seen since she and Spock left for his cabin several hours before.
  • The Road Not Taken by Cheree Cargill. An alternate look at the events following "Amok Time." Spock decides to claim what is rightfully his—T'Pring—and brings her back to the Enterprise as his chattel. Sequestering her in his cabin and forbidding her to leave it, Spock then finds himself drawn to Christine Chapel as the dying embers of his pon farr work their way from his system. But this volatile situation can't last ... and inevitably it explodes in his face.

Issue 3

Vulcan Sands...Terran Skies 3 was published in March 2003.

Issue 4

cover of issue #4

Vulcan Sands...Terran Skies 4 It was published 2004 and contains 110 pages. Only 25 copies were ever printed.