Jacqueline Bielowicz

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Name: Jacqueline Bielowicz
Type: writer, publisher, fan club founder
Fandoms: Star Trek
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Jacqueline Bielowicz was a Star Trek: TOS fan. She, along with Karen Fleming, founded STARbase Tulsa in August 1973.

Jackie published Sol Plus #2 and #3 and edited Tribble Talk (STARbase newsletter).

"A Touch Of Love" by Jacqueline Bielowicz, published in 1976 in Tal-Shaya # 3 was written explicitly as a rebuttalfic to M.L. "Steve" Barne's story, A Handful of Snowflakes, and is one in which Christine makes a different choice.

Bielowicz and Darlene Fouquet were to be/were co-indexers of the "Kraith Concordance," but it is unknown if this zine was ever published.

Jackie passed away on February 10, 2023 of cancer at the age of 78.[1]

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