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Name: Cheree Cargill, Cheree Townsend, Cheree Townsend Cargill
Alias(es): T'Eros
Type: Fan Writer, Fanzine Editor, Fan Artist, Archivist, Moderator
Fandoms: Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Star Trek, Harrison Ford, multimedia
URL: Falcon Press, her fanfic at Trek Tales
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Cheree Cargill started out in fandom as the "Library Computer DC General" of the STW where she was in charge of Star Trek trivia and general questions for hte newsletter.

She has also been a prolific author of Star Wars and Star Trek fan fiction, poetry, and filksongs since the 1970s, a multiple Fan Q Award winner, fan artist, and fanzine editor. Her fanzines are known for the professional quality of the layout and editing, and for the color covers and interior illustrations by various fan artists. She was very active in Star Wars fandom of the 80s and 90s, as an editor and writer.

She is the editor of the Star Wars fanzines Tremor in the Force, Resolutions/Freedom Fare, and co-editor of the two parody issues of Far Realms. She also edited the multimedia zine Millennium, the Indiana Jones zine Field Studies, and the adult Harrison Ford fanzine Choice Parts. She edited the long-running Star Wars letterzine Southern Enclave, and was moderator of the mailing list that took the place of the zine in 1997. Her Star Trek zines include The Castaways, Vulcan Sands, Terran Skies, and Renewal, a Spock/Christine novel. Others include Haunted Fandom.

In 1995 she won the FanQ Award for 'Best Star Wars (Gen) Story': "Mercy Mission" by Cheree Cargill (A Tremor in the Force #8)

She is also the archivist of the site 1001 Trek Tales, which archives Star Trek fan fiction that has appeared in older zines, as well as new stories.

In Her Words Circa 1976

Cheree was profiled in an issue of A Piece of the Action and wrote:

"I first became involved in STrekdom in 1972, although I had been a loyal fan of ST ever since the beginning. Through a friend, I became acquainted with the Bastas who gave me the address of Helen Young, who was just then entering fandom herself. Before long, Helen had taken over STW and, in her re-organizvng it, appointed me Library Computer since I seemed to have all the answers. I have my own fanzine—TAL-SHAYA—which I've managed to put together over a long stretch of time and financial "difficulties. Helping me in this is Laura Virgil, STW's Art Dept. Chief, whose art and energy far exceeds mine, and who is just about my best friend." [1]

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