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For two 1980 Star Wars zines see Millennium, Millennium or Millennium (disambiguation) for even more zines sharing this title.

Title: Millennium
Publisher: Falcon Press
Editor(s): Cheree Cargill
Date(s): 2001-2008, 2015
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia & Star Wars & Star Trek
Language: English
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Millennium is a gen anthology published by Falcon Press. The first issue contains all Star Wars content. Later issues are multimedia.

There were six issues.

Issue 1

cover issue #1, Gerald Crotty
back cover of issue #1, Nancy Stasulis
inside front cover of issue #1, Dianne Smith
inside back cover of issue #1, Dianne Smith
flyer for issue #1

Millennium 1 (also known as Millennium the First) was published in Spring 2001 and is 235 pages long.

Art by Tina Bentrup, Cheree Cargill, Gerald Crotty, Z. P. Florian, Kate/Leela Starsky, Wanda Lybarger, Amanda Palumbo, Laura Sherman [Quiles], Nancy Stasulis, and Dianne Smith.

  • Letters of Comment (There are two of them, and they are for A Tremor in the Force #1) (3)
  • Contributor's E-mail address ("We all love feedback! In this cyber age, the easiest way to do that is through e-mail. Please drop our contributors a short note (and copy Cheree) so that we will all know that you read and appreciated their work.") (4)
  • A Sith is Born by Z.P. Florian (TPM) ("There was something very special about the little Zabrak boy and Palpatine recognized it immediately. With a smile of satisfaction, the Sith Master knew he'd found his apprentice at last.") (7)
  • Mon Mothma's Memories by Melissa Mastoris (ROTJ) (12)
  • Jenny's Story by Mary Jo Fox (ANH) ("A certain Corellian spacer had a life before he met a farm boy and an old man ... and one ofthe ladies in that life tells her version of how things happened.") (13)
  • Luke: Leaning To the Dark by Jennifer Moore (15)
  • It is the Future You See... Z.P. Florian (TPM) ("As Qui-Gon lies dying, he watches his young padawan battle to the death with the evil Sith Lord. And he wonders what will happen to the boy he leaves in Obi-Wan's hands.") (17)
  • The Phantom Menace ... Interlude by Karen Miller (TPM) ("A young queen reflects upon the loss of a special Jedi Knight... and a special friend.") (21)
  • She's More, filk to the tune of "She's More" by Andy Griggs, by Debbie Kittle (28)
  • Prisoner of the Sith by Z.P. Florian (TPM) (29)
  • Turning Point by Rich Gawel (AU-ROTJ) (36)
  • Luke: Back to the Light by Jennifer Moore (ROTJ) (41)
  • Legacy by Karen Miller (TPM) ("Before Obi-Wan can train Anakin, he must undergo the final test of Jedi Knighthood. His destiny leads him back to Tatooine and to Shmi Skywalker, and then into the clutches of Jabba the Hutt. In the depths of Jabba's palace, Obi-Wan is subjected to tests he never imagines possible.") (42)
  • Waiting: Luke, poem by Melissa Mastoris (ANH) (81)
  • That Hangs the Verses on the Trees by Belea T. Keeney (This is the sequel to "The Man With the Tiger Eyes", published in Delusions of Grandeur, 2001. This story reprinted in Patient Z Collected. AU: Maul has survived the events of The Phantom Menace.") (TPM) (82)
  • Wrong Again, filk to the tune of "Wrong Again" by Martina McBride, by Debbie Kittle (100)
  • Tapestries and Intersections by Amanda Palumbo (AU-TPM) (reprinted from Snowfire #6) (101)
  • Sith Just Want to Have Fun, filk to the tune of "Girls Just Want to Have Fun", by Mary Jo Fox (117)
  • The Journey to Serenity by Lelila (Post-ROTJ) (119)
  • Destiny's Sacrifice by Marti Schuller (Post-ROTJ) ("While on a diplomatic mission, Leia meets a lonely but friendly princess who invites her to a sumptuous meal. While there, the young women talk and Leia learns a secret that nearly breaks her heart.") (125)
  • The Fog Always Lifts by Z. P. Florian (TESB) (139)
  • Distant Echoes by Catriona Campbell Boyle (ROTJ) ("A Penumbra story. Yoda is dying and he cannot help but think of the last Jedi, the one that he could not train. And far away, Luke Skywalker feels the disturbance in the Force and wonders what his life would have been like, if only...") (146)
  • The Change: Han Solo, poem by Melissa Mastoris (151)
  • In Retrospect by Valerie Vancollie (Post-ROTJ) (153)
  • Petrorasil by Kate Birkel (Post-ROTJ) ("Corellians were always trouble, but Leia had no idea how much trouble they could be until the Corelli royal family got involved.) (part five of The Chivalry Series) (161)
  • From the Dawn's Beginning by Selinthia Avenchesca (TPM) (181)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue #1

I just wanted to write and say how much I enjoyed Millennium. The stories and artwork were all enjoyable and well done. I'll have to say though that "Journey to Serenity", "Destiny's Sacrifice", and "Petrorasil" were my favorites. Of course, I have to admit that Han and Leia are my favorites so I'm biased to stories about them. Anyway thank you for all the work in putting the zine together. It is very much appreciated.[1]

Greetings! My first inclination upon receiving my copy of Millennium was to frame the front cover and hang it on my wall. My second was to frame the inside of the front cover and hang it on my wall. Need I say that both pieces were wonderfully drawn? The stories themselves ... excellent as usual, especially those by Z.P. Florian and Catriona Campbell. They make my puny efforts look ... well... puny! In the 20+ years that I've been in fandom, the one thing that never fails to amaze me is the incredible artistic and literary talent that's out there. Editor, take a bow, not only for putting out an excellent quality zine but on also on what's inside the covers! [2]

Just a quick note to say 'thank you' [to Laura Sherman] for the lovely piece of art you did for "That Hangs the Verses on the Trees" in Millennium. You gave Maul a sinuous feralness that was most intriguing! He looked strong and fearsome in your drawing. I also liked your Obi-Wan who resembles both Ewan and Alec.:) Thanks again for taking the time to illo the story.[3]

I very much enjoyed your [Belea Keeney's] story ... so much so that I asked Kelly from Delusions of Grandeur if she had any of your stories that need illustrating. She didn't have any that needed illos, unfortunately for me, but I look forward to reading those included in that zine. I'm glad you liked the illo I did. I'd be glad to do it again in the future.[4]

I just wanted to drop you a line after reading "Prisoner of the Sith" to let you know how much I enjoyed it. What terrific dialog! I just loved the way you portrayed Qui-Gon. I'm sure, judging by his demeanor, that Palpatine will go batty long before he does. Great story.[5]

Just wanted to drop you a note and say how much I enjoyed your "Phantom Menace: Interlude" in Millennium. I must say I didn't like the film very much and had difficulty relating to what I felt were pasteboard characters, and so I approached the story with a bit of hesitation. You won me over very quickly, with the close POV and Padme's richly detailed emotional reactions, and some of the descriptions were simply lovely. I could feel that you care very much for these people, and that you were sensitive to their needs and suffering. Loved the wonderful portrayal of the close, loving relationship between Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon, and the outside perspective on them from Padme. Obi-Wan's grief and self- recrimination were tastefully handled and I appreciated the growth demonstrated by both P and O-W during their encounter at the bier. The ending was a chilling foreshadowing of what will doubtless come in Ep. 2, and as a reader I truly felt for Padme here, and the future she will undoubtedly endure. Very nicely written story. Thanks for letting me see these characters in a new way! [6]

I just finished reading Millennium and I loved it! A great premier issue. I must say that I think the cover is absolutely FABULOUS! Terrific job with Luke there, Gerald. Ofthe stories, I heartily enjoyed "The Phantom Menace ... Interlude" and "Legacy" by Karen Miller. They truly moved me and I was crying during both of them. Very well written! "Prisoner of the Sith" and "The Fog Always Lifts" by Z. P. Florian were really good! The former was a very interesting possibility, I liked it a lot! Qui-Gon was very well written, I can just sense Palpatine's frustration! I really hope you plan to do a sequel after ROTJ to that Z. P. And the latter was very funny and imaginative. "Distant Echoes by Catriona Campbell Boyle is a very interesting possibility! I truly enjoyed it.[7]

I really enjoyed Millennium. All four covers were just gorgeous!! "The Phantom Menace... Interlude" by Karen Miller was a nice filler piece. Enjoyed her characterizations and Laura Sherman's artwork, too. And Karen's story "Legacy" was a nice OWK piece.

I always like to read Marti Schuller's stories. Nice to read "Destiny's Sacrifice." "From The Dawn's Beginning" by Selinthia Avenchesca was an intriguing piece. I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy it, but she kept me glued to the story all the way through.

These were just some of my favorite ones. I enjoyed everything. Looking forward to the next issue.[8]

Issue 2

Millennium 2 was published in 2004 and is 242 pages long. Art by Caz, Cheree Cargill, Dani Lane, Kate (Leela Starsky), Wanda Lybarger, Laura Quiles, L.C. Wells (reprinted from Revenge of the Sith and Contraband), and Zawiah Zainudin.

front cover of issue #2
art for the front cover of issue #2, "Wizards" by Kate
back cover of issue #2, Laura Quiles, "Contemplation"
first page of a flyer for issue#2
first page of a flyer for issue#2

"This issue of Millennium is dedicated to the memory of Pat Nussman and our other fannish friends who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge."

Regarding "The Hokas":

For any newer fans who may be a little confused at the abundance of costumed teddy bears floating around older fandom, as toys looking like everything from Blake's Seven crew to Conan the "BarBearian" to Princess Leia, or as cartoons in older printzines, a short explanation of the madness follows: Hokas were born in a short story published in the science fiction magazine Other Worlds Science Stories in 1951, the product of the collaboration between science fiction greats Poul Anderson and Gordon Dickson. They became such beloved creations they went on to books, some of which may still be in print and are well worth a hilarious read. Highly suggestible teddy bear-like inhabitants of the planet Hoka, these charming beings not only accept human "cultural contamination", they REVEL in it. Whole sections of population throw themselves into their storylines and characters with such gleeful zeal, they can quickly build Londons to fit Queen Victoria's age or a medieval Paris complete with cathedral for their own version of the Hunchback. Since they also have a happy disregard among literature, old movies and real history, they are as likely to have Sherlock Holmes present at the Battle of Trafalgar ... held on Thursdays ... as they are to decide being Foreign Legionaires are more fun next month. On a diplomatic visit to Earth, "Disraeli" can become "Don Giovanni" after a single state visit to the opera. All of this single-minded enthusiasm makes them rather the "Ultimate Fans". As such, fandom embraced them as mascots and Hokas turned up in every fandom that arose. The small drawings of Star Wars Hokas scattered through this issue were first drawn as column headers for one of the first Star Wars letterzines, "Jundland Wastes". The editor, Pat Nussman, also a talented writer of fiction in several fan "universes", was one of my own earliest friends in fandom. Pat was the kind of person who, having found her way into fandom, turned around at once to offer her hand to the next newcomers. Long before the Internet, her zine was intended to provide a place for Star Wars fans to discover each other. Pat left us much too soon, taken away by cancer, but her fine writing is still here and for her sense of fun... One more time, these little folks are for you, Pat.

  • Disclaimers and Acknowledgments (2)
  • Pat Nussman and the Hokas by Wanda Lybarger (4)
  • Tremors in the Force (Letters of Comment) (5)
  • Building Bridges of Understanding by R.F. Sexton ("Trip and T'Pol are experiencing the beginning of a relationship between them. It's time to take the first, tentative steps.") (Star Trek: Enterprise) (8)
  • The One by Jason Mann ("Life has many paths and we each must travel the one that seems right for us.") (Star Wars) (11)
  • Chronicle by Debbie Baudoin ("Spock and Christine Chapel have been thrown back in time to Vulcan's savage past. Christine keeps a journal as they struggle to survive.") (Star Trek: TOS) (17)
  • I'm Loving Every Minute by Debbie Kittle (Star Wars) (30)
  • Flowers for the Rebellion by L. C. Wells ("Even in the heart of the Empire, the memory of the Jedi never dies for those that they helped before the purge.") (Star Wars) (31)
  • Behind Giant's Eyes by Debbie Baudoin ("Hagrid is a big man ... and he has a big heart.") (Harry Potter) (40)
  • Forbidden Attachments by Catriona Campbell Boyle ("There are many things forbidden to the Jedi, but Anakin Skywalker has broken most of his vows already. Now he intends to shatter the rest of them.") (Star Wars) (42)
  • Even Then by Debbie Kittle (Star Wars) (50)
  • The Final Flight of Green Squadron by Jason Mann ("There is a traitor among the rebel fighter pilots of Green Squadron. Can they find out who it is before he or she betrays them all to the Empire.") (Star Wars) (56)
  • One Thousand Steps to Koon-Ut-Katr-La by Caz ("It is time for seven-year-old Spock to be bonded to his future wife, T'Pring. It is an important rite of passage in a young Vulcan's life, but this particular Vulcan is not sure he wants to face the grueling ritual.") (Star Trek: TOS) (84)
  • Lightsabers by L.C. Wells ("Luke Skywalker comes to Coruscant to explore the now-deceased Emperor's tower and finds grim evidence of the Purge of the Jedi 20 years before.") (Online here as "Ghosts of the Jedi Past".) (Star Wars) (103)
  • Revenge of Slytherin by Katy Cargill ("Long ago, a curse was placed on Hogwarts and a creature born that would one day terrorize the inhabitants of the castle.") (Harry Potter) (109)
  • The Shirt by Cheree Cargill ("Laundry duty was the pits for the young, starry-eyed female crewmember of the Enterprise. Then one day she came into possession of the uniform of a certain Vulcan science officer ... and her dreams seem to have come true.") (Laura Quiles created an illo for this story which was printed in the next issue.) (Star Trek: TOS) (115)
  • A Strong Pair of Shoes by Debbie Baudoin ("Severus Snape has many secrets in his past, and it has made him bitter and defensive. But who doesn't have a few skeletons in his closet?") (Harry Potter) (123)
  • An Unknown Quantity by Catriona Campbell Boyle ("A "Penumbra" story. There's something about Darth Vader's son that Wedge Antilles finds familiar. Almost like a former Jedi who is supposedly dead...") (Star Wars) (125)
  • Visiting Hours by R. F. Sexton ("T'Pol has been injured and confined to sickbay. Trip can't help paying a friendly call on her... just to see how she's doing.") (ST: Enterprise) (134)
  • Han's Pheromones by D. L. Slaten ("Han is a real ladies' man, all right, but the number and species of ladies seem to have increased lately, much to his chagrin.") (Star Wars) (141)
  • Vigil by Debbie Baudoin ("Professor McGonagall is a formidable and powerfull witch, but she has another side to her — one that considers all her students her own children and one that is terrified for them now that the Chamber of Secrets has been opened.") (Harry Potter) (149)
  • Family Ties by Cheree Cargill ("Spock has returned to Earth to be with Amanda and the Grayson family as Amanda's mother lies dying. It is an unhappy homecoming for other reasons, for Spock finds himself still regarded as an outcast by his human relations ... and especially his grandmother, who has reason to hate him.") (Star Trek: TOS) (153)
  • Shades of Grey by Jason Mann ("Sometimes, when the question comes down to pure survival, you find that your enemy wants the very same thing you do ... but only by working together can you get it.") (Star Wars)(174)
  • All Work and No Play by Cheree Cargill (Star Trek: TOS) (218)
  • The Art of Laura Quiles (221)
  • Whatever You May Ask of Me by Jade Nocturnias ("Gimli is gravely injured and Legolas must seek help, but they are days from any settlement or dwelling. Then Legolas comes across a mysterious village that not even the Elves have known of and there he meets a woman possessed of a strange enchantment. She agrees to help Gimli but she asks one thing in payment — that Legolas stay with her. Forever.") (Lord of the Rings) (225)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

First of all, Milly 2 looked great. Chock full of terrific artwork ... that Kate ... I just love her and 1 really like Zawiah's picture of Obi-Wan in her gallery. It looks like an Unleashed figure. Chock full of great stories ... I particularly liked "Chronicle," "Flowers for the Rebellion," and "Lightsabers" (I really hope there's going to be a sequel to this one). My absolute favorites, however, are your three Spock stories. I haven't read a lot of Star Trek fic before but I really enjoyed your portrayal of Spock. "Family Ties" was terrific. All the characters were finely written and the interplay between them felt absolutely real and poignant. "The Shirt" was just too funny. And inspiring...

I hope you like the gift I've made for you (i.e., the illo [printed in the next issue]). After reading your stories, I felt compelled to do something special for the effort. Typically, I don't feel like I'm good at writing LoCs, other than gushing "Ooh, great story" so here's my way of telling you "Ooh GREAT stories!" [9]

Millennium 1 was a great read! It has a fine array of stories and superb art. One thing about multi-media fanzines is that you can enjoy a taste of all different universes, introducing readers to something new. Unfortunately, this is also the weakness from the single- universe reader's point-of-view. Many multi-media zines are failing under the onslaught of the Internet. I hope that Millennium doesn't join them.

Please bear in mind that my comments are one person's opinion. I won't be critiquing my own stories or art for obvious reasons; I'll leave that to everyone else who is writing letters of comment! I am trying to cover all the stories (which is why this is so long) but I don't cover poetry or song. Sorry, Deborah Kittle - I can't carry a time or match words to a song. I'll leave feedback to those who can. One of the major reasons I enjoyed this zine is that I didn't have to know the background of most of the shows to understand most of the stories. For example, I gave up on Star Trek somewhere during the Next Generation period, and haven't gone back to revisit the universe.

STAR TREK: I enjoyed "Building Bridges of Understanding" since I understood what was going on. It was a clear and short tale. The same with "Chronicle." My entire memory of Christine Chapel and Vulcan history is very vague, but the ending was solid and believable. Nicely done! I made it most of the way through "One Thousand Steps to Koon-Ut-Katr-La" but it was a little too deep into Vulcan to hold me for the long haul. Sorry. However, Caz's artwork was, well, stunning, and I really thought the color reproduction was marvelous. "The Shirt." Giggle. Nothing like a light touch! Oh, man, what can be done in a little bit of space. I actually worried that she would get caught! "Visiting hours" was well done. I think you might have included a picture of Tucker since you have T'Pol - personally I don't know what he looks like.

"Family Ties" was one of the stories that I didn't feel like I needed a course in all layers of Star Trek to understand. In fact, I'd say I understood it perfectly - and felt for all the characters. Poor Spock.

The same with "All Work and No Play." You really feel for the man he became - it is hard without a childhood.

HARRY POTTER: Unfortunately, this is a universe that you had to have prior knowledge of to enjoy the stories. "Vigil" is an interesting back-story for McGonagall with a lot of great detail. It asks to be continued and integrated into another story, maybe of where her five sisters are now — dead or alive.

Cute Hagrid story in "Behind Giant's Eyes."

Enjoyed the "Revenge of Slytherin" as well. It was short enough that you could enjoy the writing even if you weren't sure what was going on. Luckily I knew about the origins of the Slytherin house.

"A Strong Pair of Shoes." I loved the writing in this — in particular, the line about "the fire and water and earth and air that mingle together to form my essence." My quibble is that unless you had the excellent piece of art in the front, you couldn't necessarily figure out who was talking. The richness and span of Rowling's universe means that sometimes clarity is necessary because a monologue can apply to more than one character. I loved Wanda's Hokas with the boots though.

LORD OF THE RINGS: "Whatever you ask of me" worked pretty well but it begs for a sequel as to what happens when Legolas shows up with this pretty woman on the back of his horse. So will we see it? I suspect that she might regret leaving her city in due time. Legolas has never struck me as a stay-at-home guy.

STAR WARS: Is near and dear to my heart, as you can see from my two stories, so I eagerly read through the other stories looking for my fix.

"Forbidden Attachments" is a new take on the Darth Vader and one I hadn't thought of. I'll give Catriona credit in that she made a plausible scenario, but I don't know if Anakin/Darth would ever forget Luke's existence the way he feels here. I really like her writing for its fluidity and control. It doesn't feel over written. She also manages to humanize both Owen and Bern, and even Darth Vader, which is more than the films have done. But unless Darth has brain damage (which we know he does), I doubt he'd forget Luke.

"Han's Pheromones" — oh, man, what a hoot! I nearly choked on the piece of chocolate I was eating. The best parts were the translation of Chewbacca's comments, though Yanna the Hutt is a memorable character. More? Please? "An Unknown Quantity", a story of the Penumbra has the same fluid style as "Forbidden Attachments" for the simple reason that it is by the same author. I've never read any other of the Penumbra stories so I can't do any comparisons, but I could believe the scenario presented here. There is enough background that you don't have to read any of the others in the series.

"The Final Flight of Green Squadron", "The One", "Shades of Grey" — I decided to comment on these three together because Jason Mann's writing makes them work. Actually they reminded me of Space: Above and Beyond episodes with their wonderful detail of piloting and fighting. The human conflicts of a civil war, which is exactly what is happening in Star Wars, are well sketched, and you want to see more of both Cazie Rilek and Nowlan. (Oh, please!) My only quibble with "The One" is that I had a problem believing a woman in the Stormtrooper's armor; I think it would have been just as successful the other way around, especially with the sting in the tail of the grenade at the end. A bittersweet memorable and grim trilogy of stories.

ARTWORK PORTFOLIOS: You know going through the zine, I didn't see any unsuccessful art. The combination of different styles was very satisfying, from the pencil drawing of "Doing Han" by Quiles on p. 7 to the exquisite color work of Kate. "Dumbledore's Army" on page 152 is just mind- blowing. I love Dani's fluid pen work as well in the LOTR story. More than just a head shot, these were illustrations specifically for that story — nice to see! The Obi-wan in Zawiah's portfolio was outstanding. I liked your choice of emblems and story headers, Cheree. And, go, Hokas![10]

RANDOM COMMENTS: You might want to identify stories by show on the Table of Contents. I like your typestyle—very clean and easy to read, and in a size that aging eyes can enjoy. I'd also take the comb binder a size down if possible - it seems almost too large for the zine.

The front cover is not only a wonderful illustration of what's inside but reproduced on good paper so that the colors don't bleed or fuzz. I really love the back cover drawing. It took a second look to see the top of the lantern being Darth, but it added to the pleasure of the piece. I'm definitely falling in love with Quiles' work.

I think I've covered everything. My apologies if I've overlooked anything—I tried to give some feedback on each piece (except the songs...) [11] }}

Issue 3

front cover of issue #3, Nancy Stasulis
back cover of issue#3, Wanda Lybarger

Millennium 3 was published in Spring 2006 and is 290 pages long.

first page of a flyer for issue#3
second page of a flyer for issue#3

The art is by Cheree Cargill, Wanda Lybarger, Laura Quiles, Dianne Smith, Mrs. Spock, Leela Starsky, Nancy Stasuis, and Zawiah Zainudin.

This issue is dedicated to the memory of James Doohan and Diane Marchant.

  • Letters of Comment (5)
  • Vader’s Vow by Mary Jo Fox ("Darth Vader has learned the truth about the young man who rescued Princess Leia on the Death Star. Now he sets his plans in motion.") (Star Wars) (8)
  • By Gum by Mrs. Spock ("The Captain has a new hobby - chewing bubblegum. And it's about to drive Spook to homicide.") (Star Trek: TOS) (10)
  • Ready to Fly, filk by Wendy Schwartz, to the tune of "Ready to Run" by the Dixie Chicks (15)
  • The Galaxy's Most Eligible Batchelor by D.L. Slaten ("Yoda has been named The Galaxy's Most Eligible Bachelor by "Lifeform Magazine." A Jedi craves not these things... but now he's got groupies coming out of the woodwork!") (Star Wars) (16)
  • Surprise! by Mary Sue ("Leia realizes that Han has never had a Lifeday Party, simply because he doesn't know when he was born. So she decides to throw him the biggest surprise party ever. Now ... if she can just keep him from finding out.") (Star Wars) (23)
  • Nova by Mrs. Spock ("Christine Chapel has just been assigned to the USS Enterprise. She's barely set foot off the transporter platform before all hell breaks loose.") (Star Trek: TOS) (45)
  • Lamia: Shocking Albus by Valerie VanCollie ("Sverus Snape has a secret... and he's finally ready to make all things clear to Albus Dumbledore.") (Harry Potter) (53)
  • A Halloween Tale by Mary Sue ("It was a dark and foggy night and the travelers were weary. Han, Leia, Luke and Mara are looking for a place to stay but all they can find in one creepy-looking motel down a deserted road. And Han has a very bad feeling about this...") (Star Wars) (58)
  • She's in Love With This Guy by Wendy Schwartz (69)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Redux by Wanda Lybarger ("A series of interconnected comic strips featuring Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Elizabeth and the rest of the gang!") (Pirates of the Caribbean) (70)
  • Dangling In Deep Doo-Doo ("with apologies to Al Capp") by Cheryl White, Cheree Cargill, and Maria Seegar ("A shamelessly silly parody based on "Balance of Terror", in which the Enterprise crew first meets the Romulans. Only this one is set in the Ozarks PK, Nebula and the folks they meet are the Revenooers. Well, just think of Star Trek set in the Hee Haw universe...") (Star Trek: TOS) (78)
  • The Most Unlikely Of Endings by Valerie Vancollie ("Hogwarts castle has existed for over a millennia, surviving countless assaults, including Voldemort and his Death Eaters. But now it faces the most unlikely enemy - itself.") (Harry Potter) (93)
  • A Tale of a Fateful Trip by Mary Sue (Star Wars) ("Han's passengers get more than they bargained for when they charter a simple sightseeing tour." -- "ow this is the tale of our castaways... You know, how it was only supposed to be a five hour tour, but the faithful ship was turned and tossed by the storm and the crew and passengers were stranded on a seemingly deserted isle ... er ... planet...") (97)
  • Aftermath by L.C. Wells ("he Empire has been declared, the Jedi have become outlaws, the Senate is in turmoil, and two small babies are taken into exile for their own protection. Bail Organa and Mon Mothma look around them, at what the Galaxy has become, and wonder where they go from here.") (Star Wars) (138)
  • Star Wars State of Mind by Wendy Schwartz (149)
  • The Art of Leela Starsky (Color Pictures: Harry Potter) (150)
  • Everything’s Relative by Mary Sue ("he Alliance has a rich new Corellian supplier, Reginald Sollon, and Princess Leia is very well pleased by this windfall. That is, until Han Solo walks in and instantly recognizes the man - his younger brother ... who was the cause of Han being disinherited and banished from Corell in dishonor.") (Star Wars) (54)
  • Captain Jack Sparrow Portfolio by Wanda Lybarger (6 pictures, 3 in color) (183)
  • Mischief Managed, Tales of the Marauder's Map by Beverly Grant ("Fred and George Weasley were troublemakers from the day they set foot in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as First Year students. And one day they came across a fabulous artifact - an old parchment map that promised to do marvelous things... if they can just figure out how to make it work!") (Harry Potter) (190)
  • Penumbra by Catriona Boyle ("This is it - the entire saga! This series of stories began in A Tremor in the Force #5 in the late 1980's and has been featured in every subsequent issue of Tremor and Millennium since then. At long last, it is finished and we are proud to present this monumental novelette in its entirety, complete with the ending chapter, epilogue, and brand new illustrations by Laura Quiles. This is an alternative look at the SW saga, beginning with the events on Cloud City in which Vader lies in wait for Luke, captures him and takes him to the Emperor to begin a new life... as his son and heir.") (Star Wars) (190)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

I love all the artwork inside! Dianne Smith's inside covers are wonderful, especially Obi Wan the Padawan! Wanda's Captain Jack at the back is utterly wonderful too! I really really really enjoyed her cute comics on the Pirates of Caribbean... I was reading the zine late into the night, and I was still smiling when I went to bed! Also love all her Captain Jack art!

I truly enjoyed Mary Sue's "Surprise". I can't sleep til I've finished reading the entire story!... Poor Han, his paranoia and his Corellian luck! <Grin!> Maybe I'm a sadist, but I love the scenes on Kashyyyyk when Han fell and got caught by an insane Wookiee, later using Han as bait. (horrors!) Chewie adding to Han's paranoia, I can believe, but having Luke join in! I wish I knew what Mara will do to him to help Leia (after the 'long talk' Leia'll give her) teach him for "torturing" Han!

And I enjoyed Mary's "Halloween Tale" too! More of Han's paranoia! <grin>

I'm not a Trekkie, but I enjoyed Mrs. Spock's "By Gum". I sympathize with Mr. Spock having to endure Captain Kirk's bubblegumming...

Thanks for letting me contribute to the zine! It's a magnificent bumper-size zine! [12]

Issue 4

front cover of issue #4, Wanda Lybarger
back cover of issue #4, Wanda Lybarger

Millennium 4 was published in Spring 2007 and is 262 pages long.

first page of a flyer for issue #4
second page of a flyer for issue #4

The art is by Tina Bentrup, Kaz, Wanda Lybarger, Laura Quiles, Mrs. Spock, Stephanie Swanger, and Zawiah Zainudin.

This issue is dedicated to the memory of Amanda Palumbo.

  • Disclaimers (2)
  • Table of Contents and LoCs (There is only one letter of comment.) (3)
  • May the Force Be With You (4)
  • Ignorance of the Law is No Excuse by Mary Sue ("Han can't seem to stop insulting the people of the rigidly conservative planet Leia is trying to persuade to join the Rebellion. And now he may have to pay - with his life!") (Star Wars) (5)
  • Shadow Play by Guinn Berger ("Spock was feeling the pressing need to find a wife before pan fan set in, and Christine Chapel seemed the logical choice. But something wasn't quite right here.") (Star Trek: TOS) (11)
  • A Time to Train by Mary Jo Fox (Star Wars) (15)
  • Islands in the Stream by Cheree Cargill (Star Trek: TOS) (17)
  • How Professor Snape Got His Hair from "Tales of the Marauders' Map" by Beverly Grant ("Severus Snape was always listening in on the conversations of James, Sirius and the other Gryffindors. They decide it's time to put a stop to it.") (Harry Potter) (21)
  • Every Time I Hear Your Name, filk by Debbie Kittle to the tune by the same title by Keith Anderson (Star Wars) (32)
  • Sons of Pirates of the Caribbean by Wanda Lybarger ("Another great cartoon strip featuring our favorite pirate and his friends.") (Pirates of the Caribbean) (33)
  • The Surreal Life by Mary Sue ("It all starts when Captain Han Solo finds an ornate bottle in the sand and pulls out the cork. Out pops... Well, you have now entered the Twilight Zone. Be warned!") (Star Wars) (36)
  • A Feeling Like This, filk by Debbie Kittle to the tune of the same title by Gary Allen (Star Wars) (75)
  • A Can of Spam by Cheree Cargill ("So, you think it's only modern day computer users who have problems with unsolicited advertising?") (Star Trek: TOS) (76)
  • The Art of Laura Quiles (81)
  • Games by Cheree Cargill ("Princess Leia was doing her best to relate to the men and women under her command, but Han Solo was making it very difficult. She decides to teach him a lesson.") (Star Wars) (85)
  • A Naughty Vulcan Limerick by T'Eros (Star Trek: TOS) (101)
  • Educating the Masses by Bishop T (Star Trek: TOS) (102)
  • Killing Ghosts by D.L. Slaten ("Darth Vader was now the most feared man in the Galaxy, other than the Emperor, and he enjoyed his power. But deep inside was still the ghost of Anakin Skywalker ... and Vader had to slay that last remnant of himself.") (Star Wars) (117)
  • That Olde Quidditch Spirit from "Tales of the Marauders' Map" by Beverly Grant ("The Gryffindors had been banned from playing Quidditch by Professor Umbridge, something that Fred and George Weasley refused to take lying down, especially with the Slytherins now in control. And then they have a scathingly brilliant idea!") (Harry Potter) (129)
  • The Art of Kaz (145)
  • Expecting by Angel (Star Wars) (150)
  • Sunrise from the Crest of the Mountain of God by Cheree Cargill (Star Trek: TOS) (153)
  • Relative Force by Mary Sue ("The sequel to "Everything's Relative". A year after the fall of the Empire, things aren't going well at al for Han's estranged mother and she suddenly shows up on Coruscant with a convoluted plan to extort money from her now wealthy son. All it involves is Han's ex-fiancée and a boy she claims is really Han's son.")(Star Wars) (156)
  • She's Everything, filk by Debbie Kittle to the tune of the same title by Brad Paisley (Star Wars) (202)
  • The Art of Wanda Lybarger (203)
  • Separate Lives by Mary Sue ("Princess Leia Organa has been pressed into a political marriage with Prince Isolder of Hapa, the last step in bringing that powerful world into the Alliance, a step that could finally conclusively defeat the remaining Imperial forces in the Galaxy. But Han Solo can't bear the betrayal, so he leaves the Millennium Falcon to Chewbacca and disappears into the underworld of the Outer Rim... a lost man with no name and no identity.") (Star Wars) (208)

Issue 5

Millennium 5 was published in Spring 2008 and contains 214 pages.

front cover of issue #5, Leela Starsky
back cover of issue #5, Wanda Lybarger

The art is by Wanda Lybarger, Leela Starsky, Cheree Cargill, Tina Bentrup, and Martynn.

This issue is dedicated to the memory of Bev Clark and Cathy Reynolds.

From the editorial:

When I did the first issue of Millennium back in 2001, I foresaw a new SW zine that would encompass the wonderful new movies that George Lucas was about to bring us, movies that would be even better, brighter and brawnier than the originals. Well, instead we got Jar Jar Binks, computer generated clones, and emotionally null characters that killed SW fandom faster than you could say "goober fish."

So, I changed Milly to a multi-media zine with issue #2, because by then we had the Lord of the Rings movies, the Harry Potter books and movies, and the Pirates of the Caribbean movies to play with, along with a multitude of new TV shows. But with each issue, it got harder and harder to find material to fill the zine. With this fifth issue, I really had to work to fill these pages. My sincere thanks to the talented people who came through for me!!

Real Life rolled steadily along, too. Since the first issue of this zine, I've had to deal with [personal information redacted]. So far, the 21st Century sort of sucks, you know?

So, I have decided that, for the time being at least, this will be the final issue of Millennium. I just don't have the time or energy for it anymore. Too many other things going on that I need to take care of. I want to thank the writers and artists and the wonderful readers out there who kept this going for the past few years. I'm not leaving fandom and I'm not saying there will never be another issue of this zine or perhaps another, but for right now, it's time to say: May the Force Be With You.... Always!

  • Disclaimers, Art Acknowledgments, and Dedication (2)
  • Table of Contents (3)
  • Home Thoughts by Cheree Cargill (original science fiction) (4)
  • The Valar Must Be Crazy by Doris The Younger and MMCat (Lord of the Rings) (5)
  • Resolution by T'Eros (Star Trek: TOS) (8)
  • Succubus by Cheree Cargill (Indiana Jones) (17)
  • Wizard Punch from "Tales of the Marauder's Map" by Bev Grant (Harry Potter) (31)
  • Turn, Turn, Turn by T'Eros (Star Trek: TOS) (46)
  • The Fantasy Worlds of Wanda Lybarger, art portfolio (62)
  • The Wand and The Willow by Bev Grant (Harry Potter) (67)
  • The Crystal Skull by Cheree Cargill (Indiana Jones) (94)
  • For The Good Of The Galaxy by L.C. Wells (Star Wars) (94)

Millennium Finale

Millennium Finale was published in 2015 and contains 370 pages.

Art by Karracaz, Don McMurry, Wanda Lybarger, and Laura Quiles.

cover of 2015 issue
  • Once Upon a Dragon by Naithom (ST:TOS - Spock/Christine)
  • Always in Motion by Susan Zahn (SW - Han/Leia)
  • Shibboleth by Eleanor Tremayne (Avengers)
  • Shining Light Through Darkness by Karracaz (ST:TOS - Sarek/Amanda)
  • Absolution by DSTrekHarryLover (Harry Potter)
  • Secrets in Unanswered Questions by Naithom (ST:TOS - Christine and T'Pring)
  • Never Let You Go by Nocturnius (DW - Nine and Rose)
  • Shower of Stars by Naithom (ST:TOS - Spock/Christine)
  • The Replacement by Cheree Cargill (SW - Leia)
  • Bitch in Boots by Aconitum-Napellus (ST:TOS Mirror Universe - Spock/Christine)
  • Communication by Lady Aragon Doro Bost (ST:Voyager - Janeway/Chakotay)
  • The Pleasure Was Mine by Nocturnius (DW - Ten and Sarah Jane)
  • A Logical Explanation by Karracaz (ST:TOS—Spock and Saavik)
  • Cinderella Leave by Eleanor Tremayne (Avengers)
  • Twisted Devotion by Nocturnius (DW—Ten/Martha)
  • Turn, Turn, Turn by Cheree Cargill (ST:TOS - Spock/Christine)
  • Flying by Pheebee (Dark Shadows - Barnabas and Julia)
  • Cabin Fever by Cheree Cargill (SW - Han/Leia)
  • You and I are a Gang of Losers by Nocturnius (DW - Eleven and River)
  • Chrysalis by Cheree Cargill (ST:TOS - Spock/Christine)
  • Détente by Pheebee (DS - Barnabas and Julia)
  • After the Light by Aconitum-Napellus (ST:TOS - a full novel set in the aftermath of "Operation: Annihilate!")
  • three art portfolios
  • other unknown content


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