Patient Z Collected

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Title: Patient Z Collected
Publisher: Agent With Style
Editor(s): Teresa Kilmer
Date(s): 2008
Medium: fanzine, online
Fandom: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
External Links: Online versions of Teresa Kilmer's Fic & Publisher's website
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Patient Z Collected is a slash Star Wars: The Phantom Menace anthology fanzine collecting the online stories of Teresa Kilmer. The stories focused on Darth Maul and in 2008 they were assembled into a 175+ page fanzine with illustrations by various artists. Some of the art can be found here.

Publisher's summary: "A collection of dark short stories, written by Teresa Kilmer, that set a new standard in Darth Maul fandom. In this alternate universe series, Maul survives the horrific events of "The Phantom Menace," and the subsequent exile to his homeworld starts him on a new — and confusing — life. His bitterness towards Obi-Wan and the Jedi leave him battling Darkness on his knees."

  • Patient Z: The Man with the Tiger Eyes
  • Stupor 18
  • That Hangs the Verses on the Trees 28
  • Crowd Us and Crush Us 49
  • Summer Rains, Summer Ends 64
  • Bird in a Cage, Pt. 1 84
  • Purge Us from Thy Womb 93
  • And Farewell to Thee 104
  • Bird in a Cage, Pt. 2 116
  • Graveside 121
  • What Rough Beast 123
  • Return to Fear 126
  • Slaver's Story 132
  • The Candle 146
  • Rituals 154
  • A Cold Night's Sleep 163
  • Spring 169
  • Fire, Fire, Burning Bright 174

Footnote: Teresa Kilmer wrote a defense of writers removing their online fic in "Here Today, Zined Forever" (FanFic Symposium, 2001).

"I cannot understand [the] 'outrage' when stories are pulled from the Net [to be republished in] zines. The logic completely escapes me. First, [some argue] that netfic is free anyway. (This is a false statement. Not everyone is a grad student with their Net access chummily provided them by their university. Most adults I know pay about $20 per month for Net access. That's $240 a year- a long way from free and the equivalent to about ten zines.) Then [they complain] because something free (and therefore less valued) is gone.

This is a very simple problem to solve. Really, if you like the story that much, send a loc to the author and ask permission to save it to your hard drive or print it off. Given the transitory nature of the Net- sites disappear, television shows issue 'cease and desist' orders, an ISP goes down, an archive mistress gets angry with an author and pulls her stories- it's irrational to complain about a medium that is, by its very nature, constantly in motion.

Bottom line- there are NO guarantees (nor should there be) that once a story appears or is started on the Net, that it will be there forever. Get over it- the Net is simply NOT permanent.

As a writer, at no point in time do I feel any sense of "obligation" to Net readers beyond writing the best story I can. I am certainly not obligated to provide Net readers with access to my stories and their sequels, etc in perpetuity- that's an absurd notion. Taking this logic to the extreme, that would mean I couldn't remove my stories from a particular archive (which I have done) because I didn't like the snuff stories there. As author, I choose which medium presents my stories; moderated archive, public archive, list or print zine....

Overall, I think it's the sense of entitlement .....that bothers me the most. Its very real possessiveness about others' fan fiction seems misplaced. The bottom line is- whether a work in progress, sequel to a story or part of a story series- you are simply Not Entitled to someone else's intellectual property.

Enjoy them while you can, when you can." [1]