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Title: Delusions of Grandeur
Publisher: Pressed Piranha Press
Editor(s): A Downey-Hovey, K Hodgeson Kline & J Cohen
Date(s): 2000-2002
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Wars
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Delusions of Grandeur is a gen Star Wars and The Phantom Menace anthology zine.

There are three issues. More here and here

Issue 1

front cover of issue #1
flyer for the first issue

Delusions of Grandeur 1 was published in 2000 and contains 297 pages. Tied for the MediaWest FanQ award for "Best Gen Star Wars Fanzine". Cindy Olsen and Rebecca Maynard received an Honorable Mention for 'Best Long Story': On the Turn of a Dream. Jennifer Haase received Honorable Mention for 'Best Black and White Cover'. Jamie C. Cohen won an Honorable Mention for 'Night' and Zawiah won an Honorable Mention for illustrations.

This is only a partial listing:

  • Qianj and Azbotir by Kate Birkel
  • On the Turn of a Dream by Rebecca Maynard and Cindy Olsen
  • The Fate of the Shuttle Tyderium by Richard Gawel
  • Arms Race by Susan Zahn
  • Then and Again by Rebecca Maynard
  • The Return of Atha Prime by Sean Koury
  • The Quest for the Jewel of Zenda by Valerie Vancollie--Luke travels to Naboo with Leia, Wedge, and three other Rebels on a quest to find the Jewel of Zenda in an attempt to bring the Bothans into the war on their side. However, upon meeting three mysterious women, Luke quickly learns more than he had expected.
  • Inevitable Circumstance by Elizabeth Beret
  • Justified Means by Marti Shuller
  • The Color of Love by Michelle Slaughter
  • Demons by Lelila
  • Know the Enemy by Alison Glover--A Phantom Menace story. Qui-Gon and Obi-wan deal with the implications of Maul's existence.
  • Night by Jamie C. Cohen
  • Shmi's Story by Bernadette Crumb
  • Waiting for the Princess by JoJo
  • Always Remember by Patricia D'Orazio
  • Jedi Or Not, Here I Come by Z.P. Florian
  • The Heir To The Throne by Marcia Colpan
  • Waking Moments by Jessica Ferroni
  • Massassi Vision by Judy Ebberley
  • Alone by Nadja Lee (poem)
  • Flicker and Fade by Megan Quinn (poem)
  • Ghost by Megan Quinn (poem)
  • Haiku by Jennifer Moore (poem)
  • Love Said by Nadja Lee (poem)
  • Mind Probe by Megan Quinn (poem)
  • Sweet Alderaan by Megan Quinn (poem)
  • When Jabba Fell by Jackee C (poem)
  • Your Eyes by Nadja Lee (Delusions)
  • Amazed by Deb Kittle (filk)
  • It Can't Hurt To Dream by Deb Kittle (filk)
  • Little Princess Leia by Deb Kittle (filk)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

Congratulations on your premiere issue! What a lovely beginning you have here, too. I absolutely *loved* the back cover by Cate Albanese. Such irreverence does my heart good. (smile) I also greatly enjoyed all the illos by Dani, ZP Florian, and Zawiah Zainudin. I'd not seen this last artist's work before, but I sure hope to see more of it in the future. While I enjoyed the entire zine, as is my wont, I'll only mention the stories that stood out for me. However, kudos go to all your contributors for their hard work. "Qianj" and "Azbotir" by Kate Birkel --- though I'd not read the first chapter in this series, I was able to thoroughly enjoy these very well-written stories. The characters are real and true to those I love and the plots were interesting. I hope to read more of these. However, I do hope the author and/or publisher(s) will include a necessary recap of prior events for those that missed these terrific 'chapters'. "On the Turn of a Dream" by Rebecca Maynard and Cindy Olsen --- excellent story, well-written with very believable insights into both Han and Leia. I like the setting aboard the *Falcon* right after ROTJ. The story feels very much a part of the saga. As always, I love the glimpses into Han's past as well. "The Fate of the Shuttle *Tyderium* by Richard Gawel --- I enjoy this writer's stories and this one is no exception. This look into the operation of the Rebel soldiers on Endor is well told and all the more chilling for remembering the film and what happens to that generator. A fine read! "Arms Race" by Susan Zahn --- this little story was wonderfully sweet and endearingly real. But then Sue always writes lovely Han and Leia stories. And finally, my personal favorite, "Then and Again" by Rebecca Maynard --- this writer's history for Han is so vividly written, so full of rich, real characters that it sweeps the reader up and carries them into the flood of images as effortlessly as the wind blows dry leaves. Her Han, her Leia, and most of all the tapestry she weaves of young Solo are wonderfully believable. I look forward to more, as ever. All in all, a very good debut zine. Congratulate yourselves, ladies, on a job well done! Now, onward to issue two, issue three, issue four... [1]
Okay, maybe my copy is out of synch here. On my page 159 is no picture for On The Turn of a Dream. It's the middle of "The Fate of the Shuttle Tyderium". Don't see a romantic illo accompanying that. I assume you meant page 129? That is a beautiful illo. I like anything by Zawiah too. And somebody help me on Shmi's Story... IS it being implied that Palpatine in the Darth Sidious mode is Vader's Father?!!!! Poor Luke and Leia, as if it wasn't bad enough to have Vader for a daddy, but now this. I really liked "The Return of Atha Prime". Great job Sean. A terrific look into what Lando was doing while THE Heroes of Yavin were off fighting on Bakura. Dialogue was crisp and very much like Lando. And the Drebble character from the comics; I always thought that was a cool alias for him. So tell me how long is Skrak going to be around? He was there in TPM with Maul and now here after Bakura. Looking forward to the next one. "The quest for the Jewel of Zenda was great! I especially liked the vision Luke had of his mother. Tell me one thing, is Sabe the same person as Padme? IS she Amidala's bodyguard? I thought when the party first arrived and it talked about the resemblance between Leia, that it was Amidala in disguise. Then I remembered the similarities of Amidala and her bodyguard. Also explains why Fey'la has it in for Luke and Leia during the Zahn novels. He has to be fuming over the Bothan's jewel being the property of Luke and Leia. Great story! Naturally, I love all the H&L stories, but everyone will be commenting on those so I thought I would give credit to those non-Han and Leia stories in there. [2]
I got my contrib copy of DoG at MediaWest and it's a sharp-looking zine, especially since it's the premiere issue. I haven't had a chance to read more than a couple of stories (I'll admit, I skip to the Han & Leia ones--so shoot me!), but so far I've enjoyed it. I just finished "Inevitable Circumstance" by Beret Elizabeth and it had some very powerful imagery, I must say. I also enjoyed Marti Shuller's little story, "Justified Means"--Chewie's nothing if not resourceful! I still have three-quarters of the zine to read, however, so I don't have much more to report story-wise. As for the art, I first want to thank Liz for the beautiful illo that accompanied my story, "Arms Race." It's always thrilling to see how someone else "sees" your creation, and she did a wonderful job. Get out of my head, girlfriend! ;^) In particular, though, I LOVE the one by Liz on page 159 that was with "On the Turn of a Dream." It's a gentle, intimate glimpse at a stolen moment. It made my heart ache the first time I saw it--it stopped me cold when I was flipping through the zine... On an entirely different level, I also LOVE the illo by Zawiah on page 122 in the same story. "Hang in there, baby!" The only complaint I've had so far would be the regular absence of some very important commas, but overall it's a strong first issue and I can't wait for the second. Guess I'd better start writing now. [3]
I'm not quite done yet, almost though. I liked "The Color of Love" even though I don't normally read romance. "Demons" was dark, definately, but I love dark stories. And also, it was a plotline that would have flopped in 9 out of 10 versions, but Lelila does really, really well. (Can you tell I'm impressed? I could never do it that well.) My absolute fav. pic is one of Leia on Pg. 65, and the one of her on the cover. I haven't seen any other artists portray her as laughing, it's sooo cool that someone finally did. BTW, Kelly and Gus, the pic for Ghost (on the second page of the poem, with L&L) is absolutely perfect, exactly how I imagined it!! [4]

Issue 2

Delusions of Grandeur 2 was published in 2001 and has 333 pages.

cover of issue #2
  • Patient Z: The Man With the Tiger Eyes by Belea Keeney (24 pages)
  • Not That There's Anything Wrong With That by M.J.Fox (6 pages)
  • The Princess and the Sith Lord by Leela Starsky (Leia's experiences aboard the Death Star.) (12 pages)
  • Suicide Squeeze by Marjorie Joyce (14 pages)
  • Degrees of Education by Judy Ebberly (28 pages)
  • Ord Mantell by Kate Birkel (39 pages)
  • Visitation by Alison Glover (While trapped in the ice tent on Hoth, Han and Luke get a visit from Obiwan Kenobi.) (22 pages)
  • Bird in a Cage by Belea Keeney (26 pages)
  • No Advice for Solo by Z.P.Florian (10 pages)
  • Nevermore by Deborah Durkee (26 pages)
  • Worlds in Jeapordy by Chana (46 pages)
  • Reunion by Richard Gawel (18 pages)
  • Secrets Revealed by Marti Schuller (14 pages)
  • First Encounters by Fernwithy (52 pages)
  • StarX-Ing by Lelila (46 pages)
  • Waltz by Jessica Ferroni (6 pages)
  • Tourguide of Galactic Linoleum, poem by JoJo (1 pages)
  • Scars by Cindy Olsen (18 pages)
  • Exile by Pebbles (24 pages)

Issue 3

illustration by Zawiah, issue #3, accompanying "Means to and End"
cover of issue #3

Delusions of Grandeur 3 was published in 2002 and contains 278 pages.

  • Jedi Justice by Valerie Vancollie
  • Means to an End by Valerie Vancollie. Illustrated by Zawiah (Trouble ensues when the Falcon gets boarded for a routine inspection. )
  • Committed by Cindy Olsen (Part 2 in the Committed trilogy. The Battle of Endor and the decisive attack on the second Death Star are only days away. Han Solo struggles with what the carbonite has done to him. Desperate to show a commitment to the woman he loves, Solo questions whether he is physically and emotionally capable of playing a part in the fighting. The story continues in "Tricks of the Mind," was to be published in hard copy during 2003.)
  • One Night on Bespin by Leela Starsky (Han and Leia have one night before the horror of their capture. Lando has a plan to try to help Han survive carbonite. Later, Leia struggles with emotion as she tends Luke's wound and deals with Chewbacca and Lando.)
  • other unknown content


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