Susan Zahn

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Name: Susan Zahn
Type: fan writer, fanzine publisher
Fandoms: Star Wars
URL: Kiss Journal/WebCite
Kiss Journal/WebCite
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Susan Zahn is a fan fiction writer and fanzine publisher. She began writing and publishing fan fiction in 1985 and is still active today. Some of her fiction can be found archived here and more is archived on her Han Solo/Princess Leia website "You Could Use A Kiss". She has published fanzines under the name Evil Twin Press. Her fan fiction, filks and poetry has won several awards and her fiction was listed in "10 Good Star Wars Fanfics."[1]

From her intro to the "You Could Use A Kiss" website she explains:

...I fell in love with Star Wars, and in particular Han & Leia, the first time I saw them on the screen, but especially after I read the novelizations. I wanted MORE. After waiting so long for the release of Return of the Jedi, I was severely disappointed by what I saw as an anti-climactic resolution to their relationship. I annouced that I could write better than that, even though I'd never dreamed of writing prior to that time. A best friend and I started writing little stories and mailing them back and forth to get our thrills. It wasn't until a couple years later around 1987 that I discovered I wasn't alone in wanting more from what the films gave us. I began submitting my work to whatever zines would take them. Eventually I got frustrated that most zines only had maybe one or two Han & Leia pieces in them, and so another friend and I decided to produce our own strictly Han & Leia zine—the first of its' kind! The rest is what you see here.