The Return of the Rest of the Garbage

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Title: The Return of the Rest of the Garbage
Publisher: Z.P. Florian
Date(s): 1999
Series?: yes
Medium: fanzine, print
Fandom: Star Wars
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The Return of the Rest of the Garbage is an adult het and slash 222-page anthology by various authors. It has art by Z.P. Florian and Zyene.

front cover by Z.P. Florian
back cover by Zyene

From a flyer: "Something for everyone, Han, Luke, Leia, Vader. Age statement required. The zine will not be sold to anyone under 18 (violence, language, sex, slash, erotic illoes. The third proud issue of the zine containing dark and emotional adult stories (Written by some of the best zine authors using pen names.)"



The publisher wrote:
At that time SW erotica was an anathema for a good number of fans. But plenty of people wrote erotic stories made erotic drawings... But they were keeping them in their desk drawers maybe showing them to a couple of very good friends., I wanted to have a zine to make those stories available for those who believe that there's sex in the SW universe in all shapes and forms. I thought I'll get a lot of flak but it wasn't nowhere near as bad as I expected. [1]

Statement on the Frontispiece

This is the third Rest of the Garbage. When the first one was published, it was almost unthinkable that zines like this could exist. Now, the whole SW fandom is far more diverse thanks to new and imaginative zines, to mention just a few, like Smelly, Renaissance, Elusive Lover, Dark Master Dark Servant. We are now looking forward to a new era in SW, the time of the prequels. By the time you read this, we all know what it is about. Still, I think, the alternate universe playground of the fanlit will remain open. I hope so. Even after we have learned what we had learned in TESB, Nowakowska's Thousandworld was still a magnificent read. Going by this, I'm offering this unabashed version of the Anakin pix that was published in color in Tremor 10, for all those who liked Anakin tall, dark, mysterious and a lot of other things.

Statement on the Title Page

Garbage has never been an elegantly laid out zine. It always had the handmade quality of an artfully laid out mess. I could say that it is by design to bring you the organic new age touch of a handcrafted book , but that wouldn't fool you, huh? The truth is that I can't do better than this.


  • Flyboys ' by Z.P. Florian (Han and Xal go to Alderaan for a water shipment for Tatooine. First appeared in Return of the Rest of the Garbage.)
  • Cabin Fever by Cheree Cargill Han and Leia are stranded in an emergency shelter on Hoth. It's going to take a lot of body heat to survive the night.
  • Details of an unwritten by Z.P. Florian (7)
  • The spice of life by Nore Ananfa (8)
  • The 157th Ayesso by Z.P. Florian (13)
  • Fate denied by Teresa Kilmer (19)
  • Endor night by Rae Davvid (31)
  • Boy's Night Out by Randi Du Mois (36)
  • Colorful Past of Captain Solo by Z.P. Florian (48)
  • A song for Xal by A. M. S. Fox (55)
  • Short essay on Corellian names by Z.P. Florian (56)
  • Of friends and lovers by D.C. (57)
  • The gods beyond the pale horizon by Z.P. Florian (61)
  • Quick easy and seductive by Nelson (65)
  • Through a Glass Darkly by Veronica A. Wilson (68)
  • A cheap date by BV page (83)
  • Dear Journal by M. Barrassed (95)
  • Wicked ideas by Vic Coopers (99)
  • Nobody’s garden by Z.P. Florian (121)
  • By any Demon’s name by Cara J. Loup (128)
  • Take it as a compliment by Vic Coopers (177)
  • No hard and fast rules by Vic Coopers (201)


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