I Don't Care What You Smell

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Title: I Don't Care What You Smell
Publisher: Marti Schuller and Judy Yuenger
Date(s): 1995 - 2003
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: English
External Links: Publisher website, Archived version, some of the table of content info is from the agent
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I Don't Care What You Smell is a gen Star Wars zine. It contains stories by multiple authors, has color covers and interior illustrations by various fan artists, and ran for nine issues. The emphasis is on humor.

  • Issue #1 won the 1996 FanQ Award for 'Best Star Wars Zine.'
  • Issue #3 won the 1998 FanQ Award for 'Best Star Wars Zine.'
  • Issue #4 won the 1999 FanQ Award for 'Best Star Wars Zine.'
  • Issue #5 won the 2000 FanQ Award for 'Best Star Wars Zine.'
  • Issue #5 won the 1999 Star aWards "BEST 1999 SW ZINE OVER 200 PAGES" award.
  • Issue #6 won the 2000 Star aWards "BEST 2000 SW ZINE OVER 200 PAGES" award.

Issue 1

I Don't Care What You Smell 1 was published in 1995 and contains stories by MJ Mink, Treleaven, Z.P. Florian, Carolyn Golledge, Deborah Kittle and others. Contains an art portfolio by Crotty, Lybarger and Pearce. Color back cover by A.G. Steyn and a "fun" front cover by Z.P. Florian.

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Z.P. Florian

I Don't Care What You Smell 2 was published in May 1996 and is 210 pages long. Art by Z.P. Florian (front cover) and Nancy Stasulis (back cover).

  • Odor Eaters by the Readers 1
  • Cartoon by A.G. Steyn 5
  • Vacation by Deborah Kittle 6
  • Cartoon by Wanda Lybarger 21
  • Helmet: The Early Years, Archived version by L.D. Helmet as told to M.J. Mink (Luke's new helmet has a story to tell.) 22
  • Solo's Deflating Come-Uppance by Carolyn Golledge 28
  • Darth of the Sith Lords by Deborah Kittle 47
  • Surprise! by Tammy Olsen 48
  • Jedi Academy Courses by Sheryl Haven 51
  • Cartoon by A.G. Steyn 53
  • Twins by Marti Schuller 54
  • Cartoon by Wanda Lybarger 81
  • Last Laugh by Amanda Palumbo 82
  • Galactic Cookbook by Master Chef Yoda 83
  • Cartoon by Amanda Palumbo 83
  • Galatically Correct Bedtime Stories by Anonymous 86
  • I'm a Darkside Sith Lord by Deborah Kittle 87
  • Luki: Prince of the Forest by M.J. Mink 88
  • Little Black Jedi Hood by Z.P. Florian 94
  • Sleeping Solo by Mary Jo Fox 95
  • Three Jedi Knights Bluff by Marti Schuller 97
  • Three Little Jedi by Sheryl Haven 99
  • Luke and the Deathstalk by Deborah Kittle 100
  • Beauty and the Sith by Cheryl Pryor 105
  • Rapunzeleia by J.P. Treleaven 112
  • Cartoon by A.G. Steyn 115
  • Cartoon by Nimish Vyas 116
  • Hello Daala by Deborah Kittle 117
  • Cartoon by Z.P. Florian 119
  • Mary Sue and the Bandit: Part 2 by Robin White 120
  • The Decision by Mary Jo Fox 125
  • I Was Blown Away by Deborah Kittle 127
  • Cartoon by Nancy Stasulis 128
  • Ultimatum by Marti Schuller 129
  • Cartoon by A.G. Steyn 131
  • Surprise Surprise by A.G. Steyn 132
  • Discrimination by Z.P. Florian 145
  • Cross-Eyed Universe by Jennifer Moore 146
  • Cartoon by A.G. Steyn 147
  • Password by M.J Mink 148
  • Cartoon by A.G. Steyn 153
  • Like Father, Like Son by Judy Ebberly 154
  • Cartoon by Z.P. Florian 169
  • Yoda's Door by The Media West fen 170
  • You Ain't Much Fun by Deborah Kittle 171
  • The Time of the Hunter's Moon by Veronica Wilson 172
  • Cartoon by A.G. Steyn 182
  • Cartoon by Nimish Vyas 183
  • I Love Luke: Episode 2 by J.P. Treleaven 184
  • Cartoon by A.G. Steyn 190
  • Cartoon by Wanda Lybarger 191
  • A Night to Regret by Marti Schuller 192
  • The Evacuation of Yavin IV by Paul Michael Kane 203
  • Cartoon by Nimish Vyas 210


  • (1) Luki: Prince Of The Forest (6 pages)
  • (2) Little Black Jedi Hood (1 page)
  • (3) Sleeping Solo (2 pages)
  • (4) Three Jedi Knights Bluff (2 pages)
  • (5) Three Little Jedi (1 page)
  • 6) Luke and The Death Stalk (5 pages)
  • (7) Beauty and The Sith (7 pages)

Issue 3

table of contents with story summaries, click to read
cover #3, Rhydderch Wilson

I Don't Care What You Smell 3 was published in May 1997 and has 300+ pages. It has a color cover by Rhydderch Wilson and a back cover by Nadye Whitham. Other art by Wanda Lybarger, Zyene, Z.P. Florian, Whitham, Nancy Stasulis, Lundin, and Rizzuti.

  • Odor Eaters The Readers (1)
  • The Art of Jedi Special Edition, Archived versionby M.J. Mink (Times have changed, and Luke must update his image. STAR aWARdS Best Short Story 1997.) (6)
  • Luke Susan Zahn (9)
  • Up the Wazoo Martie O' Brien (STAR aWARdS Medium story - honorable mention) (Set before Star Wars: A New Hope. Han takes a trip with a returning planetary ruler who has to perform an unusual task.)
  • Wedgy Sue Deborah Kittle (25)
  • Miracle at the Convention Z.P. Florian (26)
  • A Tender Male Bonding Moment Mary Jo Fox (27)
  • Boba Fett Rocks Rhydderch Wilson (29)
  • Trek to Yavin Z.P. Florian (32)
  • Sorcerer's Apprentice A.G. Steyn (37)
  • A Little Action Marti Schuller (38)
  • From the Desk of Boba Fett A.G. Steyn (43)
  • Ties That Bind Judy Ebberly (46)
  • VHF Solo: Contraband Martie O'Brien (66)
  • Venus of the Dune Sea Tanya Rizutti (75)
  • Garden of Sadness Belea Keeney (76)
  • Blind Susan Zahn (81)
  • Femme Fatale Veronica Wilson (STAR aWARdS Best Miscellaneous) (82)
  • Breakfast with the Twins, Archived version, also here by M.J. Mink (Star Awards Honorable Mention for Vignettes, 1997) (83)
  • Yoda Don't Preach Mary Jo Fox (88)
  • The Art of Wanda Lybarger Wanda Lybarger (89)
  • he Promise J.A. Berger (STAR aWARdS Long story - honorable mention) (From the Blue Falcon Series. Continues the story begun in Corellian Alliance.) (94)
  • Errand to Falin Marti Schuller (132)
  • Galactic Enquirer Anonymous (146)
  • Big Ol' Ship Deborah Kittle (151)
  • A Spaceman Came Travelling A.G. Steyn (152)
  • Boba Fett Rocks 2 Rhydderch Wilson (173)
  • Together Again Carolyn Golledge (Han and Luke celebrate their tenth anniversary of meeting by returning to Mos Eisley cantina. And boy oh boy has the place changed!) (176)
  • The Outlaw Trail A.G. Steyn (189)
  • More Punishment Jennifer Moore (190)
  • Sith College Courses Sheryl Haven (191)
  • Solo's Side of the Story Susan Zahn (192)
  • Cartoon A.G. Steyn (193)
  • The Last, Best Duty Cheryl Pryor (194)
  • Cartoon Z.P. Florian (201)
  • Consequences, Archived version by M.J. Mink (After Bespin, Luke and Vader meet again. STAR aWARdS Honorable Mention for Medium Story, 1997) (202)
  • Zero Hour, Zero Sun Veronica Wilson (221)
  • Night Out Amanda Palumbo (223)
  • Bathrooms of the Galaxy Z.P. Florian (231)
  • Patience is a Virtue Deborah Kittle (STAR aWARdS Medium story - honorable mention) (232)
  • The Secret Cara J. Loup (won the 1998 FanQ Award For 'Best Star Wars Gen Story') (249)
  • Cartoon A.G. Steyn (287)
  • Proposals Marti Schuller (288)
  • Star Wars Deborah Kittle (311
  • Solo's Deflating Come-Uppance by Carolyn Golledge (Post Star Wars: A New Hope The Rebels must win the support of a planet of Amazonian warrior women. Leia is assigned the task and she must have a sex slave accompany her or she will have no status on this woman’s world. Who will she choose? And what will Han do about it?) (page unknown)

Issue 4

flyer for issue #4, printed in Bright Center of the Universe #8
issue #4, Gerald Crotty

I Don't Care What You Smell 4 was published in May 1998 and has 256 pages. Cover by Gerald Crotty (Star aWards Best Cover) and a back cover by Marla Fair. Other art Florian, Lybarger, Markalova, Stasulis, Lundin, and Steyn.

  • Odor Eaters by The Readers (1)
  • Tall, Dark Stranger by Marti Schuller (4)
  • Orpheus Dissenting by Marti Benedict-O'Brien (5) (won the 1999 FanQ Award For 'Best Star Wars Gen Story')
  • Just One of Those Days by A.G. Steyn (9)
  • My Favorite Things by Kristen Brown (21)
  • Anakin's Grave by Belea T. Keeney (22)
  • Insider Information by Judy Ebberly (Leia and Han help Major Val-Dorn retrieve some very interesting information.) (26)
  • Crumb by Rhydderch Wilson (38)
  • The Bothan Jamboree by Susan Zahn (45)
  • Dead in Space by Marti Schuller (STAR aWARdS Short Story - Honorable Mention) (46)
  • Happy Birthday to You, Lord Vadar by Mary Jo Fox (54)
  • SW Goes Country by A.G. Steyn (57)
  • Special Modifications by Z.P. Florian (61)
  • GVC Guide by Smelly Staff (a spoof of QVC) (62)
  • Marooned; also at here by M.J. Mink (Stranded on a hostile planet, Luke finds an unexpected savior.) (66)
  • Keeping Up Appearances by Alison Glover (In which Han's cover-up of Luke's identity is somewhat misinterpreted by a contact, and somewhat taken advantage of by his co-pilot.) (74
  • Two Coat Tale by Z.P. Florian (80)
  • Cartoon by A.G. Steyn (86)
  • Han, I Think I Love You by Deborah Kittle (87)
  • Distractions by Kristin Brown 88)
  • He Shoulda Blasted Faster by Deborah Kittle (93)
  • Blink of an Eye by Cara Loup (During the battle with the Death Star over Yavin, Han considers his past and future.) (94)
  • The Outlaw Trail by A.G. Steyn (99)
  • Connections by Marie Flanigan (100)
  • Wedge's Theme by Mary Jo Fox (105)
  • Just Like Old Times by Z.P. Florian (108)
  • The Warlord by Marti Schuller (A simple charter could lose Han the Falcon unless he can make a deal.) (115)
  • A Wookie's Wrath by Deborah Kittle (STAR aWARdS Best Short Story) (132)
  • Vader's Folly by J.A. Berger (During a raid on a planet, Darth Vader encounters a strange enemy.) (140)
  • The Outlaw Trail by A.G. Steyn (168)
  • SW Extra Special Edition by Rhyderrch Wilson (169)
  • Choosing Sides by Sheryl Haven (170)
  • Criminal by Mary Jo Fox (173)
  • Die Solo by Carolyn Golledge (174)
  • The Outlaw Trail by A.G. Steyn (203)
  • Through the Looking Glass by Veronica Wilson and Company (writers spoof their own writing style) (204)
  • I'm Beginning to See the Light by Kristin Brown (217)
  • Feeding Frenzy by A.G. Steyn (218)
  • The Song of a Portside Merchant by Z.P. Florian (223)
  • The Lady by Nadye Markalova (224)
  • Entomology by Smelly Staff (225)
  • Running Out of Reasons to Run by Deborah Kittle (227)
  • The Lonely Heart by Marti Schuller (228)
  • Smuggler's Life by Z.P. Florian (256)
  • Orpheus Rising by Martie Benedict O'Brien (Han in Hell.)
  • A Day in the Life by Martha Wilson Posted (Han has one of those days.)

Issue 5

table of contents ad from The Rest of the Garbage, click to read
cover of issue #5

I Don't Care What You Smell 5 was published in May 1999 and has 298 pages. Color covers by A.G. Steyn (front) and Matt Busch (back). Other art by Jeremy Little and Tina Bentrup. Winner of both the FanQ and Star aWards for best SW zine.

This issue contains an entire section of stories where the illo was drawn first and then sent to an author to write a story about the illo. The illos are by Zyene, Stasulis, Z.P. Florian, Wanda Lybarger, Wilson, and Steyn. The stories are by Pryor, Golledge, O'Brien, J.A. Berger, Cohen, Florian, Schuller, Glover, Kittle and Loup.

  • Odor Eaters by Various (1)
  • Galaxy of Desire by Mary Jo Fox ("Excerpts of two upcoming books -- torrid tales of explosive heat and passion in a galaxy far, far away.") (STAR aWARdS Honorable Mention story) (3)
  • The Mizer by Marti Schuller ("After a close encounter with a mad genius scientist's machine, Han faces the biggest little challenge of his life.") (STAR aWARdS Honorable Mention Story) (8)
  • I Love Luke, Episode 3 by J.P. Treleaven ("Luke helps some local wine growers.") (26)
  • Elegy by Marla F. Fair (34)
  • Movie Bibliographies by Z.P. Florian & Judith Yuenger (37)
  • Millennium Falcon by Deborah Kittle (38) (won the 2000 FanQ Award for 'Best Star Wars Poem.')
  • The P.C. Empire Strikes Back by M.J. Mink ("Vader receives counseling.") (39)
  • Home in the Sky by Martie Benedict O'Brian (41)
  • The Reb Festival by Deborah Kittle ("Han, Luke, Chewie, and Lando impersonate a Corellian folk bank in all their glory in order to pick up on a New Republic operative.") (42)
  • Battle Weary by Jamie C. Cohen (54)
  • Rebel Bedtime Stories by A.G. Steyn (68)
  • You've Got to Talk to Me by Deborah Kittle (69)
  • A Day in the Life by Martha Wilson (While in a Rebel's cruiser's medical bay having a (ahem) little problem taken care of, Han plays a truly evil joke on a captured imperial officer.) (70)
  • Jedi's Are Hard to Kill by Rhydderch Wilson (75)
  • At What Cost? by Augusta Downey-Hovey (86)
  • Message in the R2 by Jim Alvesteffer (124)
  • Defeat by Marti Schuller (126)
  • Rebel Bedtime Stories by A.G. Steyn (129)
  • Tremors in the Force by Martie Benedict O'Brien 130 (Set during Return of the Jedi, after dispatching Jabba at the Sarlaac pit, Luke and company get set to make a speedy getaway. Now all they have to do is remember where they parked Val and Earl's pickup truck.") ( won the 2000 FanQ Award for 'Best Star Wars Gen Story)
  • Imperial Bedtime Stories by A.G. Steyn (133)
  • Friendly Persuasion by Judy Ebberly (134)
  • A Prologue (or is this an epilogue?) by Mary Jo Fox (143)
  • Crossword Puzzle by Tina Bentrup (144)
  • You Charged Out by Deborah Kittle (145)
  • The Blonde in the Bar by Rebecca S. Wolking (147)
  • You Know You're a SW Fan if...by Denise Roper (149)
  • Every Jedi Has His Day by Kim Hamilton ("No one likes to be sued, least of all a hero of the Rebellion. When the lawsuit threatens to expose his hidden past, Luke has to rise to the challenge with everything in his power.") (150)
  • Collector's Lament by Mary Jo Fox (153)
  • There is Such a Thing as Luck by Z.P.Florian (154)
  • Suns-Set by Alison Glover (Set during Star Wars: A New Hope. Owen's thoughts about Luke's future. "The evening before Luke leaves Tatoonine, Owen Lars, knowing that he won't be able to keep his nephew safe much longer, reminisces about Luke's childhood, the events surrounding Luke being given into his care, and realizes that the time has come for an old promise to be honored.") (166) (archived link)
  • Rebel Bedtime Stories by A.G. Steyn (170)
  • King of Plain by Jim Alvesteffer (171)
  • Home by Marti Schuller (172)
  • Coach by Marti Benedict O'Brian (180)
  • Form to Fit the Throne by Selinthia Avenshesca (181)
  • He's My Father by M.J. Mink (183)
  • Imperial Bedtime Stories by A.G. Steyn (184)
  • Hickory Dickory Dock by J.A. Berger (187)
  • Rebel Bedtime Stories by A.G. Steyn (201)
  • Aftermath by Cheryl Pryor (202)
  • Precious Possessions by Cara J. Loup (Luke and Lando prepare to rescue Han from carbonite.) (207)
  • A Case of Conscience by Marti O'Brian (224)
  • Myths and Legends by Marti Schuller (231)
  • Moving Target by Z.P. Florian (237)
  • Play Time by Deborah Kittle (244)
  • Observations by Alison Glover (An interested bystander observes Han, Luke and Leia during an event at an embassy.) (250)
  • Imperial Bedtime Stories by A.G. Steyn (266)
  • In it for the Money by Carolyn Golledge (267)
  • SW Character Desserts by Smelly Staff (294)
  • Puzzle Answers by Tina Bentrup (295)
  • Imperial Bedtime Stories by A.G. Steyn (295)

Issue 6

front cover issue #6, Sandra Scholes
interior illo issue #6 by Sith Witch, story: Amnesia by Valerie Vancollie
Issue #6, Back cover - Star Wars Halloween by Zawiah

I Don't Care What You Smell 6 was published in May 2000 and has 306 pages. A color cover by Sandra Scholes. It includes a special foldout -a map of 'Alderland - a Galactic Amusement Park'. Art by Z.P. Florian, Nancy Stasulis, Sandra Scholes, Melanie Lepine, Rhydderch Wilson and Zyene.

  • Cartoon by by Sandra Scholes (6)
  • Why Things Are by by N. A. Stasulis (7)
  • A Christmas Carol by by A.G. Steyn (9)
  • Too Hot for T.V. by Mary Jo Fox (10)
  • Tomorrow by Deborah Kittle (13)
  • Fatal Error by Marti Schuller (14)
  • If SW Characters Were Dogs by Smelly Staff (21)
  • Saeaenz by Kate Birkel (22)
  • Boom Da Gasser by Amy S. Farmer (41)
  • Lessons by Deborah Kittle & J.P. Treleaven (42)
  • Puphph the Jedi Wampa by Deborah Kittle (51)
  • Episode 2 Screenplay by Z.P. Florian (52)
  • Amnesia by Valerie Vancolli (58)
  • Haiku by Jennifer Moore (107)
  • Tunnel Vision by Judy Ebberley (108)
  • Measurements of the Soul by Selinthia Avenchesca (117)
  • Jedi Fighting by Mary Jo Fox (139)
  • I Know What You Did Last Varnsday! by A.G. Steyn (140)
  • Winner Takes All by N.A. Stasulis (145)
  • Ladies Love Outlaws by A.G. Steyn (162)
  • Of Truth and Dreams by Marti Schuller (163)
  • Cartoon by Z.P. Florian (165)
  • Coming Home by Kate Birkel (166)
  • More Han Than You Can Imagine by Z.P. Florian (176)
  • Why Can't You Get a Girl? by A.G. Steyn (186)
  • The Rogues by Amy S. Farmer (187)
  • Hiding Leaves by N.A. Stasulis (189)
  • That Kiss by Deborah Kittle (203)
  • The Skywalker-Solo Family Tree by Valerie Vancolli (205)
  • Imgine by Jamie C. Cohen (206)
  • Nightmare on Namoria by Marti Schuller (222)
  • Livin' for the Rebellion by Deborah Kittle (245)
  • The Wager by Cindy Olsen (It was only a wager -- a child's game between lovers. Yet Han and Leia stood to lose more than either of them had bargained for. Received a 2000 Star aWards Honorable Mention for Best Long Story.) (246)
  • Homecoming by Alison Glover (A Phantom Menace story. Obi-wan deals with the aftermath of Qui-Gon's death.)
  • In it For the Money by Carolyn Golledge. Art by Kate McCredie. (Pre A New Hope. A young Han Solo as a disagreement with Chewbacca about selling weapons to support a vicious war. Also in Never Say Die)

Issue 7

I Don't Care What You Smell 7 was published in May 2002 and is 203 pages. The art is by Kate (front cover), Judith Street (inside front cover) and Zawiah Zainudin (back cover).

cover of issue #7, Kate
flyer for issue #7, printed in Bloodstripe #2
  • Cartoon by Sandra Scholes (3)
  • Master and Apprentice by Deborah Kittle & Marie Treleaven ("Trade route attacks have Leia asking for help from her brother. The Jedi Master and some of his students arrive and do things get heated!") (4)
  • Puphph the Jedi Wampa by Deborah Kittle (17)
  • Servant of the Force by Kate Birkel (18)
  • Viva Mos Espa by Mary Jo Fox (23)
  • Invisible Friends by Danielle Millerd (24)
  • Taking the Long Way 'Round by Allison Glover ("Wedge Antilles takes a break from the incessant repairs and maintenance work at Echo Base to visit Luke in sickbay and explains Han's remark about the Gundark ears. Luke wants to tell Wedge why he needs to leave the squadron and go to Dagobah, only both the Rebel medical staff and the Imperials are doing their best to prevent him.") (30)
  • On a Short Note by A.G. Steyn (37)
  • Jabba Gets His Pipe Back by Z.P. Florian ("Don't we know that Han would even go into the belly of the Sarlacc for a friend? In this story he does just that.") (38
  • Return to Fear by Belea T. Keeney (52)
  • Under the Skin by Lelila (58)
  • You're a Legend in Your Own Mind by Deborah Kittle (67)
  • Master of Seduction by Mary Jo Fox (68)
  • Lost in the Stars by Ana Onamouse (71)
  • Into Shadows by Skye Rutherford (This story is based upon the events that occurred in Vector Prime by R.A. Salvatore and were later vaguely mentioned in Dark Tide 1 and II. Grief, guilt, anger and shame all combine to provide the most harrowing experience of Han Solo’s life. His only anchor against the demons of the nightmare on Sernpidal, is his family… and even they seem inadequate to provide the foundation he needs to remain above it all. "Weeks after the tragic death of Chewbacca, Han Solo struggles with the loss of his friend Consumed by grief, even the love of his family cannot vanquish the inner demons that drive Han further into a wasteland o f guilt and shame.") (73)
  • White Room by Debra Durkee ("In a prophecy that shadows Leia's latent Jedi abilities, she sees on possible future that awaits them beneath the facade of safety and friendship on Cloud City.") (78)
  • Revisions, Archived version Fanfic Author (86)
  • Too Long by A.G. Steyn (89)
  • Royal Makeup vs. Padawan Hairstyle by Valerie Vancollie (90)
  • The Formal Complaint of Tchupka by Z.P. Florian (93)
  • Loyalties by Marti Schuller (won the 2002 FanQ Award for Best Star Wars gen story) ("The security firm formed by Han, Chewbacca, and Lando after the fell of the Empire is facing financial ruin until one client appears who could change everything - Against his better judgment, Solo accepts the job, but things soon go from bad to worse and one of the partners will pay the price.") (94)
  • Poverty, Deliverance and Fate by Valerie Vancollie (119)
  • Lifestyles by Smelly Staff (120)
  • Swinging on a Star by A.G. Steyn (138)
  • Torn Between Two Lovers by Mary Jo Fox ("A sequel to Too Hot For T.V. Stephanie suffers the agony and heartbreak of having two Star Wars hunks fight over her.") (139)
  • Palace of Jabba by Deborah Kittle 141)
  • Exposed by Judy Ebberley ("Corellians are supposed to be incapable of being embarrassed - at least Han always thought that was the case until he crossed swords with Leia Organa one time too many.") (143)
  • The Meaning Behind the Names by Valerie Vancollies (153)
  • Might I Have a Word With You? by A.G. Steyn (155)
  • There Can be Only by R.A. Sneed (157)
  • I Feel Evil by R.A. Sneed (159)
  • Pilgrimage to the Trees by Z.P. Florian (160)
  • Voyage Home by Skye Rutherford (Based upon the events in Balance Point by Kathy Tyers, the Millennium Falcon speeds toward Coruscant after the evacuation of Duro. On board Han, the twins and C-3PO wonder whether a seriously injured Leia will survive the journey.) (166)
  • A Young Han Solo by Judith Street (172)
  • Pregnant Pause by Lelila (173)
  • One Day at a Time by Cindy Olsen (Sequel to The Wager. Five months have passed since the separation of the princess of Alderaan and the Corellian smuggler, torn apart by the New Republic's constant demands on Leia and the disdain it held towards their relationship. Ill, depressed and alone, Leia wonders why Han has suddenly returned to Coruscant. To rescue her again?) (175)
  • Lan Can Cook by Irene Heron

Issue 8

cover #8

I Don't Care What You Smell #8 was published in May 2002 and contains 175 pages.

  • Time to Forgive by Margaret Westphal (In nearly every post-ROTJ story, Han and Leia live in marital bliss. Let's suppose that wasnít the case. The following A.U. story looks at things in a different light.)
  • Waking Up by Cindy Olsen (Part 1 in the Committed trilogy. After being rescued from Jabba the Hutt, Han Solo struggles with the after-effects of hibernation sickness and realises he still has some waking up to do. The story continues in Committed.)
  • other unknown content

Issue 9

front cover #9, Laura Quilles
back cover of issue #9, Liz

I Don't Care What You Smell 9 was published in May 2003 and has 185 pages.

  • Jabba's Wall by Deborah Kittle (1)
  • Sweet Nothing by Marti Schuller (2)
  • The Falcon by Angel (15)
  • Bridge Out by Deborah Kittle & J.P. Treleaven (16)
  • Hot and Bothered byCindy Olsen 32)
  • Don't Cry, Little Princess by Valerie Vancollie (39)
  • With Friends Like These by Danielle Millerd (40)
  • Hot Dagobah Nights by Lady S.M. Pfeisteria (49)
  • Why Ain't I Gone? by Deborah Kittle (51)
  • Darth Paco by D.L. Slaten (52)
  • Complications on Itrurua by J.P. Treleaven (58)
  • Twins by Marti Schuller (74)
  • Bloodstripe by Skye Rutherford (102)
  • A Cold Day in Hell by Judith Ebberley (106)
  • The Meaning Behind the Names by Valerie Vancollie (119)
  • Ghost on This Base by Deborah Kittle (121)
  • As Strangers Friends are Met by J.P. Treleaven (122)
  • The Hop by Angel (137)
  • The Imperial Joke by Leela Starsky (138)
  • A Brief Time to Talk by Mary Jo Fox (159)
  • One Magic Night by Marti Schuller (160)
  • Darth Vader by Nancy Stasulis (185)
  • Artwork by Laura Quilles (front cover) and Liz (back cover)

Issue 10

cover #10, Nancy Stasulis?

I Don't Care What You Smell 10 was published in May 2005 and has 244 pages.

Issue 11

cover #11, Marla Fair

I Don't Care What You Smell 11 was published in 2006 and has 283 pages. It has a front cover by Marla Fair. Art by A. G. Steyn, Nadya Whitham, Laura Quiles, Naveega, Marla Fair, Steph Swanger, Amanda Hitchcock and Zawiah Zainudin.

  • Exchanging Places by Mary Sue
  • My Best Friends by Deborah Kittle
  • Truth or Dare by Valerie Vancollie
  • GI:CS:Endor by Deborah Kittle and J. P. Treleaven
  • Birthday Celebration by Mary Jo Fox
  • Vader Vista by M. J. Mink
  • Remnant Evil by Barbara Gardner
  • Magician's Assistant by Mary Sue
  • Scent of a Wookiee by D.L. Slaten
  • A Conversation Over Drinks by Mary Jo Fox
  • Stand by Deborah Kittle
  • Letters from the Dark Side by Marla Fair
  • The Jedi in Me by Deborah Kittle
  • Endless Night by Mary Sue
  • Blind Ambitions by Mary Sue