Laura Quiles

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Name: Laura Quiles
Type: fan artist
Fandoms: Star Wars, Supernatural
URL: Deviantart gallery
The artist writes:"I drew this for a fanfic story some years ago. Showed it at a convention and it won best SF!"[2]
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Laura Quiles is a fan artist whose work has appeared both online and in fanzines. Her artwork has won at least one FanQ award. In 2007, her Star Wars 3-D art piece "Star Wars: 30 Years" won 'Best in Show,' 'Best SF' and 'Best 3D' at the MediaWest art show. It was also displayed at Eastern Media Con. The art was featured in the 2008 in issue of Star Wars Insider #96 (Page 78 in the Cause for Celebration section). See gallery below.