Shipped First Class

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Title: Shipped First Class
Publisher: A Larger Playground Press
Editor(s): Aquarius & Sue Parsons
Date(s): 2008-2011
Medium: print, CD
Fandom: multimedia
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front cover issue #1

Shipped First Class is a het anthology multimedia fanzine. Its self-stated goal is to bring: "you the best in het fan literature and art in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, and horror/paranormal. Stories range from PG to NC-17 in rating." It was/is available in print and as a CD.

Issue 1

Shipped First Class 1 was published in 2008 and has 217-pages. This issue also features art by Laura Quiles, Zawiah, Zonoma, Genieprincess, Lori H, Steph Swanger, and Anonymous.

It was edited by Aquarius, Sue Parsons, Laura Quiles, Skye Rutherford, Seren Kennard, and Ravenwald.

From the editorial:

It seems like we were just at Media West in 2007, talking about how great it would be to have a muitifandom zine that offered the best het romance stories that could be found in each universe. From there, it wasn't such a leap to say, "Let's do our own zine!"

We've met a lot of fun people in the process of collecting material for Shipped First Class, and we're proud to present you with this collection of maturely-written stories and beautiful artwork from so many otherworldly fandoms. We know that you bought this zine for your favorite characters and shows, but we hope we've shown you something new and exciting, too!

We'd like to extend our thanks to friends and family who made this zine possible, especially Ravenwald, who helped us out as a guest editor.
back cover issue #1. Artist: Laura Quiles.

Issue 2

back cover of issue #2, Laura Quiles

Shipped First Class 2 was published in 2010 and contains 254 pages. Art by Laura Quiles, Steph Swanger, Paynesgrey, Svenja, Escriba, Lookingback7, Zawiah.

  • All the Time In The World by Druid Wolf (Doctor Who)
  • Dawn on Earth by Laura Quiles (Doctor Who)
  • Shadows Gather Round by Cheree Cargill (Harry Potter)
  • Jack O' Lantern by Tracy Thurber (Harry Potter)
  • Salvation by Seren Kennard (Phantom of the Opera)
  • Hotter than Vulcan by Cheree Cargill (Star Trek: TOS)
  • The Drunk Dial by Aquarius (Star Trek: ENT)
  • Wrecked by Aquarius (Star Trek: ENT)
  • Sex, Lies, and Duratanium Braces by Aquarius (Star Trek: ENT)
  • Sex, Lies, and Soundproofing Material by Aquarius (Star Trek: ENT)
  • Sex, Lies, and Plumbing Fixtures by Aquarius (Star Trek: ENT)
  • Heavy Medal by Genieprincess (Star Wars)
  • Two Words by D.J. Slaten (Star Wars)
  • Uncertainties by Iverna (Star Wars)
  • Desk Set by Susan Zahn (Star Wars)
  • I'd Rather Call You Sweetheart by Susan Zahn (Star Wars)
  • Portside Girl by Susan Zahn (Star Wars)
  • Red Sky at Morning by Susan Zahn (Star Wars)
  • Ridealong by Fran Hutchinson (V: Original Cast)

Issue 3

Shipped First Class 3 was published in early 2011 and contains over 300 pages. Includes original artwork by Laura Quiles, Steph Swanger (she won a 2012 Fan Q Award) , bluetiger, genieprincess, and others.

flyer for issue #3
  • Bad Wolf by Aquarius (Doctor Who) (nominated for a 2012 Fan Q Award)
  • Introspective by Aquarius (Doctor Who)
  • First Fire by Aquarius (Star Trek: ENT) (It won a 2012 Fan Q Award.)
  • Persistence of Touch by Aquarius (Star Trek: ENT) (nominated for a 2012 Fan Q Award)
  • Storm by Aquarius (Star Trek: ENT) (nominated for a 2012 Fan Q Award)
  • Wildflower by Honeybee (Star Trek: TOS)
  • Blanket by elivagar (Star Wars) (nominated for a 2012 Fan Q Award)
  • Diary of a Wandering Princess by Susan Zahn (Star Wars) (It won a 2012 Fan Q Award.)
  • Keeping It in the Room: Jack by Kathy Agel (Stargate: SG-1)
  • Keeping It in the Room: Sam by Kathy Agel (Stargate: SG-1)
  • Best Laid Plans by Fran Hutchinson (V: 1983)
  • Lessons by Fran Hutchinson (V: 1983)
  • The Ninth Plague by Martha Wilson (Hercules)
  • Resolutions by Martha Wilson (Star Wars)
  • Sojourn by Martha Wilson (Stargate: Atlantis)