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Name: Star Trek: Enterprise
Abbreviation(s): ENT
Creator: Rick Berman, Brannon Braga
Date(s): 2001-2005
Medium: Television series
Country of Origin: United States
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Star Trek: Enterprise (formerly just "Enterprise") was the fifth TV series in the Star Trek universe. It was a prequel, set earlier in the timeline than any of the other series, and intended to show how the United Federation of Planets came to be. It ran for four seasons, from 2001 to 2005, before being canceled.

The show was canceled on February 4, 2005. This launched a massive fan petition to Paramount and UPN. The fannish action ultimately raised over $3,000,000 (three million dollars) for the series’ continuation, but the networks passed.[1]

In 2021, Star Trek: Enterprise's cancellation fan petition was featured in I Met You On LJ's "This Week In Fandom History" for the first week of February.

Enterprise Fandom

Enterprise was a largely pre-LJ fandom, existing on bulletin boards and mailing lists. In the nature of things, many of the fans followed Scott Bakula from Quantum Leap fandom, came to Enterprise from broader Star Trek fandom, or got involved by playing on centralised fansites such as TrekBBS. The main fic archive was the Warp 5 Complex, which mainly archived fic from the EntSTSlash (created July 15, 2002[2]) and EntSTFic (created Nov 26, 2002[3]) Yahoo! groups. The site has since been exported to the Archive of Our Own

Fansites existed for all of the major actors, as well as a number of the characters; probably the largest and most successful of the latter was the House of Tucker, dedicated to Commander Charles Tucker III and with subsites for three of his most popular 'ships.

A few print fanzines have also been made, but zine publishing is a less popular activity in Enterprise fandom than for the earlier Star Trek series.





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Mailing Lists

  • Star Trek Enterprise Slash Star Trek Enterprise Slash; [offline] Description: "Okay, I admit it, I'm here to rebuild the deleted enterpriseslash list. It was a good list, an active list and I hope I can rebuild the same group of people here, so come share, spread word we are here under new management, and remember, this list is open-minded to discussion and stories. We're a safehaven, where xovers are just as welcome as straight ENT fic. We also allow stories that push the envelope of other more content defined so if you want a safe place to play, come join. All stories will be posted to the WWOMB unless you include a do not archive note."
  • Chat And Fic On The Starship Enterprise "Chat And Fic On The Starship Enterprise". Archived from the original on 2003-10-27. Description: "A pregnant Trip? Okay, no more resistance. I surrender. Come chat the insanity that this new star trek series is inspiring. We're looking for general, hetero and slash fic, Smarmy and beyond. The stories posted to this list will eventually be included in the archive unless you specifically say NO ARCHIVE. I don't have time or the inclination to monitor the posts for minor ears, so adults only, please. [Archive/other website: WWOMB]"
  • Enterprise NX-01 Slashfic "Enterprise NX-01 Slashfic". Archived from the original on 2002-10-21. (created December 2001) Description: humanity takes its first big step into the galaxy while trying to look impressive, meanwhile, all the aliens snicker uncontrollably and whisper that humanity can't tell the difference between a body orifice and a wormhole, for more fic, visit the Sci Fi Morgue [Archive/other website: Sci Fi Morgue]. "Ever wonder why Archer and Trip always have dinner together? Or who REALLY got Trip pregnant? A slash fic and discussion group for the new "Enterprise" series starring Scott Bakula. NOTE: All slash fiction posted to this list is archived at unless instructions to the contrary are included with the post."
  • Ent Slash "Ent Slash". Archived from the original on 2002-12-04.; archive link Description: "All slash pairings welcome. Please label fic with pairing and a rating. Warnings are not madatory, though they are appreciated. We have two rules. You're an adult; act like one. Never ever call the moderator listmom. OK, one more. Snip your posts. You get one warning for reposting a story with one line of feedback at the top. Then you're moderated for life - or until you get a clue. Other than that, we're pretty easy-going. To see the collection of prior postings to the list, visit the Ent_slash Archives. (The current archive is only available to the list members.)"

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