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Synonyms: Listmommy, ListMother, Listmod, ListDomme, Moderator, listadmin, listowner, ListSib
See also: mailing list, listsib, cybersister
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A listmom is "The individual, usually female, who maintains, runs and/or moderates a mailing list -- often the person who created the list in the first place. Tougher versions are sometimes jokingly called listdommes." [1]

On some lists the term "listmom" was considered too cutesy, and the more formal "listmother" preferred. A fan in 2002 said: "We have two rules. You're an adult; act like one. Never ever call the moderator listmom." [2] Since the parenting implications are not always welcome, and the more neutral listadmin or listowner may be the term of choice.

In Forever Knight fandom, one of the current listowners of ForKNI-L (male) is referred to as a ListGardener.

Examples of Use

  • "I'm Sabine, and I'll be your listmom for the duration." [3]
  • "While the listmom was away for a short while a group got together, decided the building needed a BAND and installed a lobby (???) so they could practice in it." [4]
  • "She always had interesting things to say in the e-mail lists we were on together, and was extremely fair-minded and even-handed as a list mom." [5]
  • "It does NOT mean that you can't say the word "slash"; it means that slash content is not permitted. This is not due to listmom homophobia or anything stupid like that." [6]
  • "Discussions are not limited to Methos, but the ListMom reserves the right to kick rampantly off-topic posts to private email." [7]



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