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Mailing List
Name: ReedsArcheryRange
Date(s): 2003 - present
Moderated: No
Type: discussion, fanfiction, fan art
Fandom: Star Trek: Enterprise
Scope: Archer/Reed
URL:; archive link
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ReedsArcheryRange is a mailing list in Star Trek: Enterprise fandom, focused on the pairing of Archer/Reed. It is an adults only list.

Welcome to the reeding room! You've come to the right place for slashiness of the Archer/Reed flavor. Our focus is on the dashing captain, the delectable tactical officer and the love they share, but discussion of anything Enterprise is on topic. Fan fiction and art is very welcome and will in fact be greedily devoured by your listmates. This is a slash list and there will be discussion of adult topics, so please don't join us unless you are slash friendly, over 18, and ready to have fun.