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Synonyms: manifesto, shipping manifesto, ship primer
See also: Character Manifesto
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A ship manifesto is a meta essay meant to introduce fans to a ship and promote it by explaining its appeal. The name comes from the Livejournal community The Shipper's Manifesto.

Ship manifestos generally include nonfiction character studies of the characters involved, canon information and analysis about their interactions, as well as information about the fannish activity around the ship, including links to active communities and/or other fanworks recs. They sometimes include picspams as well.

More recently, video manifestos have also become common, with Youtube searches for terms like "Reasons to ship..." and "why you should ship..." returning hundreds of results[1][2].

Certain ship manifesto communities place restrictions on which kinds of ships are allowed, such as prohibiting age differences, incest or RPF[3]. Other communities make a point of allowing all ships, when properly labeled[4].

Fanwork Examples

Video manifestos:

Ship Manifesto Communities


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