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Synonyms: age disparity, age gap
Related: Cross-generational, De-Aging
See Also: underage, daddy kink, chan, Mentor Fic, teacher/student
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Age Difference is a trend in fanworks where one character in a ship is much younger than the other. Often, the characters are different in age in canon, but sometimes the fan creator introduces or widens the age gap.

In Harry Potter fandom, where characters from several different generations are all popular subjects of fanworks, cross-gen is the common term for age difference fics. However, this term may be exclusive to HP; in other fandoms, "age difference" is used, and includes fanworks where the age difference is less than a generation, but is significant enough to concern the fandom. What counts as significant also varies from fandom to fandom. For example, in Teen Wolf (a show that canonically refused to give some of the characters' ages) the age difference between teenage Stiles and twenty-something Derek, as well as the age difference between then-teenage Derek and Kate Argent (who seduced him in canon), resulted in much hand-wringing among parts of slash fandom, along with commentary from other parts of fandom that the same differences didn't matter in their previous fandoms.[citation needed]

When one character in a pariring is immortal or very long-lived, age difference is sometimes not perceived as a problem, particularly when the characters look to be of similar age.

Example Age-Difference Ships

A few ships where there's a significant age difference that generates fannish discussion:

Example Fanworks

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