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Pairing: Avatar Korra/Asami Sato
Alternative name(s): Korrasami
Gender category: Femslash, F/F
Fandom: The Legend of Korra, Avatar: The Last Airbender
Canonical?: Yes!
Prevalence: Popular
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Korra/Asami, widely known as Korrasami, is the canon femslash pairing of Avatar Korra and Asami Sato in The Legend of Korra.


Asami Sato is a non-bending engineer and heiress, later CEO, introduced in the 4th episode of the show. She and Korra were initially romantic rivals (both vying for Mako's attention) who later became friends and eventually romantic partners.[1] Though some fans argued that the final scene was ambiguous and left the specific nature of Korra and Asami's relationship open to interpretation, the creators clarified that the two were, in fact, girlfriends.[2]


Korrasami began as largely as a crackship and an alternative to the love triangle drama in the first season when both Korra and Asami were interested in Mako. However, despite their initial rivalry, the two fairly quickly became friends whose relationship only grew deeper over time. There was a lot of development of the relationship in Book 3 of the series and the popularity of the ship increased a great deal.[3] [4] On November 7, 2014, Korrasami surpassed Makorra as the most tagged ship on AO3 in the The Legend of Korra archive. [5]

Fandom reaction to canonization

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The fans of the ship were ecstatic when the final episode premiered. Many videos were posted of people’s reactions to the final scene where it became canon. [6] [7] Many fan works were quickly produced celebrating the ship, often depicting them in the spirit world or holding hands as a nod to the final scene. Even outside the fandom people were excited, [8] as Korrasami is a same-sex relationship between two women of color, something unheard of in cartoon media. Some speculate one or both of them to be bisexual or pansexual, while others headcanon one or both of them as lesbians.

Those against the ship called the ending vague, or underdeveloped, criticizing the writing. There were also those who were opposed to showing a same-sex relationship or a relationship between two people of color. The creators of the show ended up making separate Tumblr posts to confirm the status of the ship.

Tropes & Fanon

  • Refrains: The phrase "just the two of us" is very popular in the fandom
  • Spirit world vacation: The series ended on a shot of the couple heading off on a romantic getaway. Naturally, many fans felt compelled to figure out what happened next.
  • Spirit World portal: One of the most popular subjects for fanartists is illustrating Korra and Asami kissing, embracing or otherwise interacting in the spirit portal as they are transported to the other world
  • Turtle-duck date night: The art that launched a thousand fics (released after the conclusion of the series by the show creator)
  • Hand holding: The two are often depicted holding hands as a nod to the scenes where the two hold hands: the final scene and the third season finale.


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