She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

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Name: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power
Abbreviation(s): She-Ra, SPOP
Creator: Noelle Stevenson
Date(s): November 13, 2018 – present
Medium: Cartoon
Country of Origin: USA
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She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is an animated web television series (a Netflix Original Series) that reboots the She-Ra: Princess Of Power franchise.


The series follows Adora, an orphan raised by Hordak, the tyrant who rules the planet Etheria through his evil Horde. One day, after getting lost in the woods, Adora finds a magic sword that transforms her into the Princess of Power, She-Ra. Realizing the suffering that the Horde has inflicted on the planet and its people, Adora joins a resistance group of other magical girls, the Princess Alliance, in order to liberate Etheria from Hordak's grasp. This pits her against her former comrade Catra.[1]

Main Characters


She-Ra's fandom started with a focus on fanart as artists responded to the redesigns each character was given.[2] This continued after the first season was made available and fanzines quickly began to be organised. Further crafts have been encouraged by She-Ra's official "Makers Guild" on Tumblr which highlights fanworks within the community, as well as hosting tutorials for making props other She-Ra related crafts.[3]


Femslash dominates the fandom with Adora/Catra being the juggernaut pairing. Gen works are also fairly popular, however het is much less common and initially consisted mostly of fanworks focusing on Mermista/Sea Hawk. After the third season Entrapta/Hordak seem to be the biggest het ship. The other main femslash pairings include Adora/Glimmer and Catra/Scorpia.

Many ships became canon in the final season of She-ra, including: Adora/Catra, Mermista/Sea Hawk, Bow/Glimmer, and possibly implied Entrapta/Hordak. Scorpia also hinted that Kyle had a crush on Rogelio, further encouraging that particular ship, though nothing more happened with the pair in the final season.

Common Pairings

Other Pairings

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Discussion & Controversies

Character Designs

Fan reaction to She-Ra's character designs was largely positive, although a minority were unhappy. Some did not like the differences between the new design and the original, with further detractors claiming that Adora looked too masculine. Others responded that the new series tried to avoid sexualizing a children's show, and conveyed body positivity. Fan artists responded to She-Ra's redesign and the controversy over it with a wave of artworks celebrating the heroine's new look.[2]

Clashes with Voltron Fandom

She-Ra's newly developing fandom had some early clashes with the Voltron fandom. This was mostly was about not wanting She-Ra to be associated with Voltron's fandom, which had gained a negative reputation over the years thanks to shipping wars and general wank. Voltron had also recently faced backslash for its handling of LGBT characters in its 7th season. She-Ra on the other hand was receiving much praise for its handling of representation, leading some fans to use this to further poke fun of Voltron.[4] Another issue was with comparisons between Voltron's Klance ship and She-Ra's Catradora. Klance remained noncanon upon the series finale while Catradora appeared, to many, as being written in canon with clear intentions of being interpreted romantically. In She-ra's 5th and final season Catradora became canon and the two shared a kiss, further accentuating the divide between the Voltron fandom and the She-ra fandom. The Dragon Prince was often allied with She-Ra in various posts against Voltron.[5]

Character Age

The ages of the characters were ambiguous from the start, with the She-Ra crew only giving rough estimates for the main casts' ages, with most being older teens.[6][7] The discourse surrounding character age really only became a problem when fans began shipping Entrapta and Hordak, particularly around Season 3 and 4. Due to the ambiguous nature of the casts' ages this lead many fans to understandably assume Entrapta was just as young as the other Princesses in the rebellion. Considering Hordak is not only an adult, but an adult who may have been alive for hundreds of years, this ship became problematic. However, Rae Geiger, one of the story boarders, confirmed that Entrapta was indeed an adult roughly in her mid twenties to thirties, and joked that "she would NEVER do her taxes."[8] Despite this some She-Ra fans still find the ship to be sus.[9]

Fans who made arguments about Entrapta's age, specifically about how even though she was an adult she "acted like a kid," created their own discourse. Because Entrapta is meant to represent someone autistic fans began to defend her, stated that calling her a child when the crew already stated she was an adult was infantilizing her for her autism.[10][11]




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