The Dragon Prince

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Name: The Dragon Prince
Abbreviation(s): Dragon Prince
Creator: Aaron Ehasz, Justin Richmond
Date(s): September 14, 2018 – present
Medium: Cartoon
Country of Origin: USA
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The Dragon Prince is an animated series airing on Netflix.


The series is set in a fantasy world where humans and elves are in conflict. Long ago, the humans used dark magic, and were driven off by the dragons and elves to one end of the continent. Now, after humans killed the dragon king and his egg, war is imminent. As forces gather, the elves attempt to assassinate the human king Harrow and his heir, the young prince Ezran. One among the elves, the young Rayla, along with Ezran and his older half-brother Callum, discover that the dragon king's egg wasn't in fact destroyed, but stolen. Together they undertake to return the egg to the dragons to prevent war. But the mage Viren, King Harrow's advisor, is intent on war. He seizes power after the king dies in the assassination attempt, and sends his children Claudia and Soren after the fugitives.[1]

Main Characters

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After it was announced that The Dragon Prince was being worked on by former Avatar: The Last Airbender writer Aaron Ehasz there was much interested by Avatar fandom on the new series.


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Discussion & Controversies

Animation Style

The Dragon Prince's animation style drew criticism being both in 3D (some wanted a traditionally animated series in the stlye of Avatar: The Last Airbender) and being seen as choppy in some parts. It has been compared to RWBY, often unfavorably for both shows.

Aaron Ehasz Allegations

In late 2019, several women (at least three)[2] came out with allegations that Aaron Ehasz had contributed to toxic and misogynistic working environments at both his former company of employment, Riot Games, as well as at Wonderstorm. Some fans of 'The Dragon Prince' stopped watching the show because of this. Ehasz has denied these allegations.[3]

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