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Name: RWBY
Creator: Monty Oum/Rooster Teeth
Date(s): July 2013-present
Medium: animation
Country of Origin:
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RWBY is a CGI animated series from Rooster Teeth. It stars four high school-aged girls who attend Beacon Academy, where they learn to fight the Grimm - monsters that threaten their world - using magical technology based on a mysterious substance called Dust.

The first season consisted of 16 episodes, ranging from 4 1/2 to 15 minutes long, which were released over a five month period, from July-November 2013.[1] The second season consisted of 12 episodes, four production diaries, and three lore or world building episodes (World of Remnant), all ranging from 3 to 20 minutes in length. It was released from July to November of 2014.[2] Despite the tragic death of creator Monty Oum on February 1st 2015, in March 2015, it was confirmed that production of RWBY Volume 3 would go ahead as planned.

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Major characters in the series include:


As with most Rooster Teeth productions, RWBY has a large following for a web series, with over 2 million hits for the first episode on Youtube alone.[3] On September 24th, 2012, a Facebook fan page was created in anticipation of the show, with its first posts appearing on November 7th. The page has since gained over 335,000 likes. Also in November, the /r/RWBY subreddit launched, attracting more than 41,000 subscribers as of December 2016.

The show's creators encourage fan involvement, for example, by uploading a video about cosplayers of the series during season 1[4]. Monty also encouraged fans who wanted to make original characters by sharing the naming rules in the RWBYverse.


Femslash makes up the largest proportion the shipping fandom,[5] however there is still a sizable amount of het and gen works. Fans have adopted various pairing names, most often based off of the characters' trademark colors. In Season 2, Episode 4, Team RWBY uses fan-derived codenames for two-person attack combos (like "Ice Flower" for Ruby + Weiss or "Bumblebee" for Yang + Blake), some of which are nods to existing pairing names. A spreadsheet of possible shipping name combinations was been complied by fans, found here as well as a list that has been compiled by BlackenedHearts on FanFiction.Net.[6]


Common Tropes & Fanon


The r/RWBY subreddit is a very active fandom community. Fannish activities include a weekly "Fan Fiction Friday" (FFF) thread, and a Monthly Fanfiction and Fanart Contest (MonCon).




Henceforward is a manga created by Kuma, the story takes place in an alternate timeline that shows a future team RWBY with strife, betrayal, and an illness that is pushing societal tensions to a breaking point. Kuma's work also drew the attention of Rooster Teeth and they have since worked together in creating official promotional art for RWBY: Grimm Eclipse and the Japanese DVD covers.

RWBY Quest

RWBY Quest is an alternate universe webcomic/choose-your-own adventure game created by Rontra, that is influenced heavily by Ruby Quest. In RWBY Quest, Ruby is trying to escape from Beacon Academy. Something strange is happening at the Academy - students are going missing, strange noises and voices can be heard in the halls, and day by day, more people are gone. Ruby doesn't want to stay, and decides to round up as many of her friends as she can and escape from Beacon. In that time, she has to fight and befriend Entities, the monsters roaming the halls of Beacon, bid farewell to close friends, and try to understand what is happening to the staff and students. The series was completed, with an epilogue, on October 12, 2015.


RWBY: Grimm Eclipse

RWBY: Grimm Eclipse was originally a fan game created by Jordan Scott. The game's demo was released to the public on April 1st, 2014,[7] the 10th anniversary of the founding of Rooster Teeth. The overwhelmingly positive fan reaction drew the attention of series creator Monty Oum, who contacted Jordan less than 24 hours after the game's release.[8] At the RWBY Panel at RTX '14, it was announced that Rooster Teeth was hiring Jordan and officially adopting Grimm Eclipse. Jordan continues to develop the game alongside the newly-created Rooster Teeth Games team. On July 5th, 2016, the new official game was released for PC on Stream.

Summer Rose Court

Summer Rose Court is a fan-made visual novel based off RWBY. Set in an alternate universe, the player takes on the role of Ruby Rose, the lost princess of the Kingdom of Vale, and heir to the Summer Rose Court. Ruby is found by one of the castle's advisers who escorts you, along with adoptive sister Yang, back to the kingdom's capital of Beacon to fight against the creatures of Grimm. The game's demo was released in July, 2014.



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