Fair Game

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Pairing: Qrow Branwen/Clover Ebi
Alternative name(s): Qrover, Fair Game, Lucky Charms
Gender category: M/M
Fandom: RWBY
Canonical?: No
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Fair Game is the name for the slash pairing involving Qrow Branwen and Clover Ebi in RWBY. It is also known as Qrover or Lucky Charms.

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Clover is introduced in Volume 7. It is revealed that his semblance is good luck, directly countering Qrow's semblance of bad luck, and this quickly becomes the basis for their relationship. After revealing his Semblance to Qrow, Clover says, "Lucky you," which many see as an intentional callback to a waitress who hit on Qrow in V4.

Clover is killed by Tyrian Callows with Qrow's weapon, after Qrow and Tyrian had fought Clover together while Clover was trying to arrest Qrow.

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"Lucky Charms" was a common name for the pairing in its early days.

Fans began shipping Qrow and Clover almost immediately after Clover was introduced, when they began to speculate, based on Clover's character design, that his semblance involved good luck. These theories were soon proved correct.

Many thought that that relationship would become cannon. There was a widespread negative reaction to Clover's death, sparking discussion of queerbaiting, M/M representation in the show, and Bury Your Gays.

Tropes and Fanon

  • Qrow joins the Ace Ops: a somewhat popular theory during V7 was that Qrow would be asked to join the Ace Ops and permanently work with Clover, and might stay in Atlas after Team RWBY left.
  • Clover is commonly headcanoned by shippers as gay. Qrow is often headcanoned as bi.

Controversy & Discussion

Some consider the relationship to be Queerbait.

Some called Clover's death and instance of Bury Your Gays, but others pointed out that he had not been confirmed to be LGBT.

Some said that since RWBY has canon LGBT rep, the failure to deliver on one LGBT relationship is not problematic. However, others pointed out that the show is lacking in specifically gay male characters and relationships. Opinions on whether this is a problem were also divided.

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