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Name: Rhea314
Alias(es): rhea314, Pi, Fangirl Productions
Type: Podficcer, Vidder, Ficwriter
Fandoms: Merlin, Teen Wolf, Yuri!!! on Ice, The Raven Cycle, Hikaru no Go, Haikyuu!!, etc.
Communities: Archive of Our Own, reader audiofic, Tumblr, Dreamwidth, Amplificathon
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Rhea314 is a podficcer, vidder, and fic writer in a number of fandoms.

She appears to be the most popular podficcer on Last.fm, with over 1,300 plays and 170 listeners.[1]

Notable Podfics

Teen Wolf Podfic

I am recing this as my ONE podfic in this fandom, because it’s an AU, non-werewolf story and is SUPER fluffy and cute and adorable. rhea314’s Derek voice is perfect. Every moment of this podfic is a delight to listen to. You feel so hard for Derek, how he keeps his life together and is an awesome dad. Tiny Scott and Jackson are to die for characters, every scene they're in is so cute. It’s a much lighter and happier perspective and I love kid!Scott and kid!Jackson to distraction. Even if you are not in Teen Wolf fandom, this podfic is a MUST LISTEN!!! [2]

Yuri!!! on Ice Podfic


Fandom Activity

She has participated in Amplificathon, Vividcon 2017, and Podfic Bingo. She was on the con comm along with jedusaur, jarrow, and exmanhater for Pacificon and was part of the Pacificon/Vid Show. She was a panelist at Podfication in 2016 and 2017.


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