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Title: Cupboard Love
Author(s): mklutz
Date(s): 2012-09-08
Length: 32,682 words
Genre: M/M slash, AU
Fandom: Teen Wolf
External Links: Fic on AO3

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Cupboard Love is a popular Derek/Stiles fanfic by mklutz. It is an AU in which Stiles is a college student who starts a catering business on the side. Several recipes were posted with the story.

Rhea314 made a podfic of the story (3 hours, 17 minutes) a few months later.[1]

As of 18 December 2014, the story on Archive of Our Own had 419 comments, 7259 kudos, 3931 bookmarks, and 285392 hits; out of 31,302 fanworks tagged with Sterek, it had the 28th highest kudos count, 6th highest hit count, 7th highest bookmark count, and 185th highest comment count.

Fan Reactions/Reviews

Before the record was deleted, Goodreads users had rated the story 65 times and left 17 reviews, for an average rating of 3.85 out of 5 stars.[2]

R *a Reader Obsessed*:

If you want a feel good Sterek with very little angst and tons of warm fuzzies - then this will fit the bill.[3]


Sheer food porn!

Long loving descriptions of food preparations - I'm definitely planning to try the Salmon Chowder and check out a healthier Peanut butter cookie recipe ;)

I enjoyed the fic though I wasn't looking for a cookery lesson (I'm very happy with my own potato mash and do not have shares in cream!) and Stiles' buisness idea seemed a big stretch.

Derek is a rich recluse but it's strange to me because we meet his perfect happy family with no glimpse of angst or cannon-tragedy which means his character doesn't add up, there's no explanations.

There are hints of wolfiness, marking, sniffing, mine, strong, perfect looks - but this is AU with out the Were-factor.

Family christmas prep is cute, but who has time to make all those cookies? it's a bit Stepford son!

It's warm comfortable reading if you don't look too close and I enjoyed it.[4]


I enjoyed this simply because I am a foodie...[5]

The critics on Fail_Fandomanon labeled it an ATG fic, "cute but not Teen Wolf fic."[6]


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