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Alias(es): MK, Mklutz, Moonklutz, DEATH FROM ABOVE
Fandoms: Stargate Atlantis, NCIS, Rizzoli & Isles, The Good Wife, Hawaii Five-0, Doctor Who, Eureka, Misc
URL: On Livejournal, Personal Site, Slash Report Podcast, AO3
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MOONKLUTZ, aka MK was sandbagged into fandom by the combination of moon princess magic and a talking cat — she never had a chance. Since then, she's traipsed through scanlating manga, tricking people into reading Gokusen, and recommending thousands of stories. MK likes eating Doritos instead of real food, characters that fail upward, FEELINGS, and bikes; she lives in Toronto with her cats, Sherlock and Watson, and a Roomba.

In the mid 1990's, MK became a rabid fan of Sailor Moon and spent a lot of her time on A Sailor Moon Romance, the Moon Chat chat room, and eventually moved on to create the popular SMRFF mailing list.

She moved through several anime, manga, and j-dorama fandoms including My Little Cheffu, TricK, DNAngel, Fullmetal Panic, Hana Kimi, xxxHOLiC, and Kimi wa Petto before writing the first ever piece of Gokusen fanfiction written in English. "30 Kisses" (a terribly original title for a 30 Kisses Challenge entry) which actually wound up being 32 parts long and drawing more people into the Gokusen fandom. To facilitate that movement, MK created the Shinkumi community on Livejournal.

While she was working a barely-above-minimum-wage job at an office supplies retailer in Toronto to pay her way through University, a co-worker recommended she watch Stargate SG-1. Recently heart-broken because one of her favourite authors, Rageprufrock, had started writing more Stargate Atlantis fanfiction than House MD, MK caved and mainlined two and a half seasons of SGA in two and a half days. By the end of the week she had written one and a half SGA fics and was completely addicted.

She had a brief encounter with a crime-solving dog called the Littlest Hobo on a cross-Canada vacation. Since then, she has teamed up with Rageprufrock to create a fairly popular pan-fandom, weekly podcast called Slash_Report.

Notable Works