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Title: /report
Created by: Mklutz and Rageprufrock
Date(s): 14 August 2011 - 4 June 2016
Focus: slash
Fandom: multifandom
External Links: website (some links broken, may have better luck at the archived version
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/report is a slash podcast hosted by Mklutz and Rageprufrock. 101 episodes were produced over the course of five years from August 2011 until the podcasters called it quits in June 2016.[1]

/report came out of the primordial ooze of cheap technology and even cheaper tastes in media consumption. If you've ever been listening to a podcast about culture and wished it was a little more downmarket or the dudes would make out, or if you've found yourself watching obscure movies just to see your favorite Canadian sci-fi actor romp around like a third-year theater student, you've found a kindred spirit in us. Mklutz and Pru host our weekly (usually) Sunday updates, and have cultivated their geek and fandom bona fides in such terrible dark corners of the internet such as Sailor Moon, the X-Files, Stargate: Atlantis, writing fanfiction, and hosting a slash fandom podcast.

Each episode is announced on the slashreport Dreamwidth community and tumblr, and there is also a slashreport twitter. Although the hosts are slashers, the focus of individual episodes is not exclusively on slash; many episodes focus on a particular television show, manga, or fan activity.

The podcast was initially named Slash Cast until it was discovered that the name was already in use.


/report Season 1

August to December 2011

/report Season 2

February to September 2012

/report Season 3

February to September 2013

  • 301 What we did on our winter hiatus
  • 302 The Hobbit
  • 303 Writing with Hapakitsune
  • 304 Person of Interest with Leupagus
  • 305 The Fourth Wall with Merelyn and Mistress Curvy
  • 306 Hockey RPF with The Hoyden, Merelyn, and Twentysomething
  • 307 Mystery Slashreport Three Thousand: Star_Trek_XI with Leupagus
  • 308 Ask Us Anything
  • 309 Tropes
  • 310 Ironman 3 with Lijacka
  • 311 Supernatural with Waldorph and Twentysomething
  • 312 Vikings with Merelyn, Mistress Curvy, and Eleanor Lavish
  • 313 Podcasting
  • 314 Friendship with Leupagus, Merelyn, Twentysomething, and The Hoyden
  • 315 Hannibal_(TV_series) with Leupagus, Judgebunny, and Sam H.
  • 316 ST:XII with Leupagus and Ayalesca
  • 317 Ask Us Anything
  • 318 Stargate Atlantis
  • 319 Welcome to Night Vale with Leupagus, Merelyn, and Twentysomething
  • 320 Pacific Rim with Merelyn and Twentysomething
  • 321 Anniversary Special (Outtakes)
  • 322 Science of Slash with Poetry and Maedron
  • 323 The Cornetto Trilogy / World's End
  • 324 Sleepy_Hollow_(TV_series) with Leupagus and Twentysomething

/report Hiatus Guest Season

  • H101 AUs with Laz and The Oscar Cat
  • H102 Phoenix_Wright:_Ace_Attorney with Dr. Fumbles McStupid, The 24th Key, and MALLEfunction
  • H103 Free! Iwatobi Swim Club with Revolutionary Jo and Opalsong
  • H104 K Pop and SHINee with Dubu and Bianse
  • H105 Hetalia with Polarstern, Pyrrhiccomedy, Wizzard890 and Kixboxer
  • H106 Kuroko no Basuke with Anna, Ghis, Lynn, Qem, Tari, and Tor

/report Season 4

9 February 2014 to 14 September 2014

  • 401 BBC Sherlock series 3 with Ayalesca
  • 402 Brooklyn_Nine_Nine
  • 403 Hobbit 2 with Leupagus and Jay
  • 404 Doujinshi and Manga with The Hoyden
  • 405 Almost Human with Ayalesca
  • 406 Character Death with Merelyn and Waldorph
  • 407 CLAMP with The Hoyden
  • 408 Recap
  • 409 Captain America and the Winter Soldier with Leupagus and Screamlet
  • 410 A Brief History of Fandom with Flourish and Merelyn
  • 411 Spider-man 2 with Merelyn
  • 412 X-Men Days of Future Past with The Hoyden
  • 413 Sailor Moon with Lianne Sentar
  • 414 Supernatural with Waldorph
  • 415 How To Train Your Dragon 2
  • 416 Ask Us Anything A
  • 417 Ask Us Anything B
  • 418 Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
  • 419 Guardians of the Galaxy with Leupagus and Merelyn
  • 420 Guest Episode: Homestuck with Dione/KitsuneHeart, Kady/Shut-in-Princess, Dillon/EriDillon, and Robin/Robbel
  • 421 Harry Potter with Merelyn and Twentysomething

/report Season 5

11 January 2015 to 4 June 2016

(unannounced hiatus March-September)

  • 510 Time Travel Ask Us Anything part A
  • 511 Time Travel Ask Us Anything part B
  • 512 Hannibal
  • 513 Cooking Shows
  • 514 The X-Files
  • 515 Alpha, Beta, Omega
  • 516 OTW/AO3
  • 517 100th Episode
  • 518 The End.


I was so unsure about this podcast I’ve been listening to because it was just another geeky review show but they just started pitching Supernatural Pacific Rim AUs to each other and when the saddest one got pitched three different hosts screamed ‘FUCK YOU’ and I think one walked away from her mic. [2]

Where has this been? Why did no one tell me about this?![3]

They talk (for up to 2 hours!) on specific fandoms, movies, meta (the most current podcast was on science and they discussed the reality of time travel) and have a ball doing it. They're intelligent, witty, don't pull punches, and look at everything with their slash goggles firmly on.[4]

Okay so update: Slashreport is amazing.... I personally started listening to the archives instead of starting with the recent stuff, so I’m listening to them talk about stuff that was happening in 2011. This is both really cool and kind of weird because first of all most of the stuff they talk about I remember either seeing happen or participated in, and secondly some of it was stressful, like Delicious going wacky and the kind of slow transition from Livejournal where for a while no one knew what to do.[5]


The main hosts, mklutz and rageprufrock, have been slashed in a few fanfics (see mklutz/rageprufrock at AO3).


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