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Title: Slashcast
Created by: Emma Grant and charlotteschaos?
Date(s): 2006-2007, 2011-2013?
Focus: slash news, commentary, interviews
Fandom: Harry Potter, multifandom
External Links: LiveJournal community

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Slashcast originated as a news podcast for the Harry Potter slash community. Episodes consisted of hour-long audio files featuring fandom news, LGBT news, fandom commentary, and interviews with fans.

According to the LiveJournal community info page, the staff included Emma Grant, charlotteschaos, complete, padys, phaballa, greyandgrey, blonde_cecile, kriken, el_em_en_oh_pee, incunabulist, and karaz.

21 episodes were produced and distributed with the first incarnation of Slashcast, all on the topic of Harry Potter. The podcast was on hiatus from November 2007 until September 2011.

In August 2011, Emma Grant announced that Slashcast would resume production shortly, this time as a multifandom podcast.[1] In September 2011, the podcast returned. Episodes consist of hour-and-a-half-long audio files featuring LGBT news, interviews with fans, convention reports, fandom commentary and discussion, and the "pimping" of new and small fandoms and pairings.

According to the Livejournal community info page, the staff of the revamped Slashcast includes Emma Grant, elanorofcastile, burnfor, el_em_en_oh_pee, kriken, and wook77.

New episodes were released early every month.

The episodes are on iTunes: Slashcast.

The podcast appears to have gone on indefinite hiatus in August 2013.


Slashcast conducted many interviews with fans. There are twenty-three interviews with fans (one with a fan who is in character as Dolores Umbridge), two interviews with professional creators, and one interview with an acafan. See: Slashcast Insider Interview Series

For a 2016 interview with the creators of "Slashcast," see Focusing on the Fannish -- The Three Patch Podcast.

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