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Name: Pir8fancier
Type: writer, reccer
Fandoms: due South, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Sherlock (BBC), Star Trek: Reboot, Stargate Atlantis, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, Wilby Wonderful
URL: pir8fancier's ship
Pir8fancier on LiveJournal
Pir8fancier on InsaneJournal
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Pir8fancier is a writer of mysteries and fanfiction and is currently writing in Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, due South, Wilby Wonderful, and Stargate Atlantis fandoms.

exbex says in due South Author Profiles: "Pir8fancier writes long, well-paced stories with excellent dialogue. She also has a way of making one fall for the characters." [1]

She maintains a personal fanfiction site, pir8fancier's ship, which includes recommendations and a gallery of fanart created to illustrate her stories. It is still being updated as of 2012.


Notable Works

due South

  • A Year (More Or Less) In the Life (Kowalski/ Vecchio, NC-17, 25,464 words) The first story in “The Year” verse. This is Ray/Ray snark at its finest. This piece also has a nice mix of humor, angst, and steam with fascinating post-Vegas and post-COTW versions of Vecchio and Kowalski.
  • Homeward Bound (Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio, NC-17, 19,205 words) Fraser seems to be the force that pulls Ray and Ray together in this story, but he actually functions more as a stable background character while Ray and Ray piece themselves back together and find their way to one another and to Fraser. Excellent use of plot as well, with a gritty casefic element.

Harry Potter

In Harry Potter, Pir8fancier is perhaps best known for her Snape/Harry stories, though she also writes several other pairings, notably Harry/Draco.

  • Snape, the Home Fries Nazi (Snape/Harry NC-17 27,061 words). Widely recommended, and considered by some to be one of the best Snape/Harry stories ever written. An instant classic. The story revolves around a magic-less Severus Snape who has become a short-order cook in a diner in Arizona. Harry comes to him for advice. It shouldn't work, but it does. The dialogue between the characters is amazingly well done.
  • Bite Me, Hate Me


  • Say Anything (Duck/Buddy, Duck/Dan, Buddy/Sandra, NC-17, 4360 words) Beautifully paced story that book-ends the film with a perfect blend of bitter and sweet.
  • Head of the Class


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