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Name: HP Education Fanon, Inc.
Date(s): 2003-2018
Profit/Nonprofit: nonprofit
Country based in: United States of America
Focus: Harry Potter conventions
External Links: https://hpef.wordpress.com/
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HP Education Fanon was a nonprofit organization created to run Harry Potter 'symposia' — fan conventions with academic programming. HPEF ran eight cons between 2003 and 2012.

The organization was started around 2002 by fans from the HPfGU mailing list.[1] It announced its formal closure of operations in July 2018.[2]


It hosted eight conventions. See Harry Potter Symposiums.


HP Education Fanon, Inc. (HPEF) is a U.S.-based educational non-profit 501(c)(3) organization committed to producing academic symposia on the Harry Potter books and cultural phenomenon. We strive to distinguish our symposia by the premiere quality of the programming we offer, particularly the caliber of our featured speakers and guests. Our volunteer planners aim to bring fans and scholars professional-quality, creative, premium experiences for affordable prices.

HPEF also promotes the benefits of reading for both children and adults by offering Library Science and Education tracks in our symposium programs. We have also donated portions of our proceeds to Book Aid International, Books Behind Bars, Kids Need to Read and other literacy projects; we continue to identify other charities whose missions focus on providing audiences with books to read and love. Conferences to our credit include Nimbus – 2003, The Witching Hour (2005), Lumos (2006), Prophecy (2007), Portus (2008), Azkatraz (2009), Infinitus (2010), and Ascendio (2012).

The current voting members of the Board of Directors are Lee Hillman (AKA Gwendolyn Grace), Kristen Kucera, Heim Grewal, Mary Markovinovic, and Amy Vezza. The non-voting advisory directors are Heidi Tandy, Mary Ellen Maple, Rob Ihinger, and Sara Goetz.

Past Board Members include Peg Kerr (author of The Wild Swans and Emerald House Rising), Dr. Philip Nel, Steve Vander Ark (AKA “Lexicon Steve”), John Walton, Carlisle Kraft Webber, Dr. Catherine Schaff-Stump, Willene Wadkins, Dan Myers-Power, Penny Linsenmayer, Betty Hamilton, Deb McLain, Audrey O’Connor, Jenn Clack, Aziza Aba Butain, Mike Steele, Flourish Klink, Barbara Purdom, Jenn Racek, Bekki Olivieri, Debbie Duncan, and Mazel Jones. [3]


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