Prophecy (Harry Potter convention)

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Name: Prophecy
Dates: August 2-5, 2007
Location: Toronto, Canada
Type: fan con
Focus: Harry Potter
Organization: HP Education Fanon, Inc.
Founding Date:
URL: Website LiveJournal
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Prophecy was a fan-run Harry Potter symposium that was held in 2007.

Minister of Magic: Vishaya Naidoo

Special Guests/Keynote Speakers:

  • Friday Keynote: John Granger, Connie Neal, Philip Nel, Daniel Nexon, James Thomas, and Karen Wetman
  • Saturday Keynote: Gwendolyn Grace, Steve Vander Ark, Sue Upton, Paul DeGeorge, Emma Grant, Heidi Tandy, and J. Odell.

Videos and Other Info

See Prophecy.

Part of a Series

See Harry Potter Symposiums.


There's a slick-looking webpage here, but the links are all dead.


Since the website is gone, fans only have peeks to the programming.

The folks from The Harry Potter Lexicon were there: "Steve, Bel, Paula and I will be at Prophecy this week; if you see us wave Hi! If you’re wondering why my character pages are stuck in a time warp, well, that’s why. Steve has three presentations this week." [1]

  • Playing in Jo’s World: Spend a little time looking at this magical world that Jo created … and looking at what it means to be a fan playing in that world. You know, if you’re not careful, you just may find yourself trapped… (panelist: Steve Vander Ark)
  • The End of the Tale (a fan’s overview of the entire series): Done. Finished. Time to pack up our quills and go home. Or is it? Now that we have it all — all the answers, every mystery solved, Snape finally unmasked — it’s time to take stock of the whole series. Join Steve Vander Ark for a slightly off-kilter fan’s-eye trip through the entire canon. (panelist: Steve Vander Ark)
  • Welcome to the Wizarding World: Travel the length and breadth of Britain in search of the places which inspired Rowling’s stories. Explore Devon, poke around London, and even take a trip north to the Highlands of Scotland to hunt for Hogwarts School … and find a little bit of magic. (panelist: Steve Vander Ark)

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