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Name: Lumos
Dates: July 27-30, 2006
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Type: fancon
Organization: HP Education Fanon, Inc.
Founding Date:
URL: WayBack Machine link to convention website
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Lumos was a fan-run Harry Potter convention held in 2006. The theme was "Back to School" for Harry Potter fans and was the third convention sponsored by the HP Education Fanon. A PDF version of the programming schedule is archived here, along with a website version here.

It was the first HPEF event to sell out.

Minister of Magic: Deb McLain

Special Guests & Keynote Speakers: John Granger, Rev. Francis Bridger, David Baggett, Edmund Kern, George Beahm, Steve Vander Ark, Emily Drake, Tom Morris

Part of a Series

See Harry Potter Symposiums.

Videos and Other Info

See Lumos.


From the FAQ: "Lumos is an educational symposium for adults wishing to further their knowledge and appreciation of the Harry Potter novels and their cultural influence.....Lumos is pleased to announce Continuing Education Units for attendance at selected presentations, panels, and workshops. Thanks to a partnership with the Community College of Southern Nevada, teachers, librarians, and other working professionals may complete up to 18 professional development hours, or 1.8 CEUs, during Lumos.

The convention put out Luminosity, a series of online newsletters leading up to the convention. They are archived here.

There is much about this con at Slashcast Insider Interview with Bekkio (2006).

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