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Name: Ascendio
Dates: July 12–15, 2012
Frequency: once
Location: Orlando, FL
Type: fancon
Focus: Wizard
Organization: HPEF (HP Education Fanon, Inc.)
Founding Date:
URL: LJ community; Website
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Ascendio is a 2012 fan-run Harry Potter convention. It was the last convention organized by HP Education Fanon.

From the FAQ: "HPEF’s eighth event, Ascendio, is a Harry Potter symposium open to all Harry Potter scholars and fans. Programming for Ascendio is geared towards an adult audience, and features presentations, music, and arts and crafts, as well as meet-ups, social events and general tomfoolery. HPEF’s other events have included Nimbus 2003 (Orlando), The Witching Hour (2005, Salem), Lumos 2006, Las Vegas), Prophecy (2007, Toronto), Portus (2008, Dallas), Azkatraz (2009, San Francisco) and Infinitus (2010), Universal Orlando Resort."


Part of a Series

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