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Name: Kerryblaze
Alias(es): auntee_mame
Type: fan writer, moderator, podcaster
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Torchwood, Merlin
Communities: The Quidditch Pitch, bestmates_xmas, ron_draco, Merlin Games
URL: kerryblaze on LiveJournal (previously auntee_mame) (defunct)
kerryblaze at: AO3 / / TQP / Tumblr / Twitter
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Kerryblaze, also known as Auntee Mame, is a fan writer primarily active in the Harry Potter, Torchwood, and Merlin fandoms. In Harry Potter fandom, she is best known for her Harry/Ron stories and as a moderator for The Quidditch Pitch and the bestmates_xmas exchange. In Merlin fandom, she moderated Merlin Games.


In 2006, Kerry writes of discovering fandom:

"A simple click on Yahoo's top searches led me to a HP fan fiction site. The first story I read was H/D, but I just didn't see it! Another click and I found and looked for Harry/Ron and found Mad Martha's story, Circles of Power. And the rest they say is history!"[1]

Kerry joined FanFiction.Net in January 2005, LiveJournal in February, and The Quidditch Pitch in October.[2] Around July 2006, she became a "Reserve Captain" for the Quidditch Pitch, described as its "Pinch hit and Podcast expert"; by March 2008, she became an official Captain.[3]

In 2007, Kerry changed her Quidditch Pitch and LiveJournal usernames from kerryblaze to auntee_mame; she changed them back around late 2008.[4][5] She writes of her penname kerryblaze:

"It's really boring. Kerry is my real life first name. I used to by Queenofdiamonds, but when I came to LJ I would've had to put dashes or numbers in there and I was tired of that. So I went with Blaze because a good friend of mine says that it should be my middle name because I never fade away. I always end something in a blaze of glory."[1]

Kerry was involved in the production of The Quidditch Pitch's podcast, Quaffle Talk, since it began in July 2006. She also has appeared on several episodes of Slashcast.[6]

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