Merlin Games

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Name: Merlin Games
Date(s): 12 February 2012
Founder: kerryblaze
Type: Games
Fandom: Merlin
Associated Community: merlin_games (LiveJournal)
Merlin Games.png
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Merlin Games, the Merlin Tournament of Champions, is a fanfic and fanart challenge in Merlin fandom. Categories are traditional art, graphic art, video, short fic (min 500 to max 1000 words) and long fic (min 2000 to unlimited words).
The Tournament was inspired by the original snarry_games, but it's been modified to include everyone. Everyone is a Champion! No matter what you do or what your talents – cheerleader, beta, a walking canon encyclopedia, expert google-fu skills, plot bunny breeder and more – will be needed to participate in Preliminary Challenges and to assist your team in preparing for the Grand Tournament!
All ratings and all pairings (het and slash) and gen will be welcome.

Posting began February 12, 2012.

The Four Competing Teams are: Team Canon, Team Modern AU, Team Historical AU and Team Reincarnation.