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Synonyms: plotbunny, bunny, plunnies
See also: Ficlet, Fan Fiction, bunny-o-rama
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A plot bunny is a story idea that has popped into a fanfic author's head. "Plot bunny" may be a variant on "dust bunny," in that they are both items that seem to appear out of nowhere, and are a lot of work to get rid of.

Plot bunnies can be silly or serious. They are often said to be "multiplying" or to have been "put up for adoption" by their owners, like real bunnies. "Bunny" may also be a verb meaning to give someone a story idea: "I started writing this story when Jane Q. Fan bunnied me."

The term is sometimes used to indicate an idea that the fan in question does not have the time or inclination to write, and that she therefore wishes to "set free" or get rid of.