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Mailing List
Name: bunny-o-rama
Date(s): May 2000-2003 (though discussion had dried up in 2002)
Moderators/List Maintainers: Helen
Founder(s): Helen
Fandom: multifandom
URL: bunny-o-rama/info, Archived version
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post history

bunny-o-rama is a multi-fandom mailing list on Yahoo!groups (now inactive and also age-restricted) that was started by Helen in May 2000 for posting and discussing story ideas.

People talked about bunnies, often offering them to other list members to write. A fair amount of completed fiction was posted to the list, and it was also a place that a number of media slash writers got their first introduction to popslash.

From the list's front page description:
This is the bunny list: when you're feeling too lazy to actually write that slash story, sometimes it's just as much fun to bat around ideas: Casey and Danny: Cage Dancers! You get the idea. Clearly, there will be no distinction between incredibly lame bunnies and bunnies that might result in a deep exploration of the themes of our generation. This is also, of course, a place for you to dump your bunnies on the unsuspecting populace and hope something comes of it. Fiction is welcome, although (as stated above) the entire purpose of the list is to get out of writing stories. And, finally, any sort of pairing is welcome, although, of course, I will make fun of you if you want to write Three's Company slash. Okay, scratch that: any fandom but Three's Company. Anyone who talks about Jack Tripper gets booted immediately. [1]


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