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Synonyms: flashfic, short-short, vignette, snippet
See also: drabble, flashfic, commentfic, cookie, Story Length
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In fandom, a ficlet is a very short story, usually fan fiction but sometimes original fiction. The term is commonly applied to stories under 1000 words, although there is no hard and fast rule about how long a ficlet can be. "Ficlet" is preferred to drabble by some fans as a term for stories that are near the length of a drabble (around 100 words) but not 100 words precisely.

The term is seen by some fans as an unnecessary, overly cutesy affectation when there are already existing terms for the form, such as flashfic, short-short, vignette, or snippet. For these fans, "ficlet"'s only saving grace is that it's at least better than "ficcie".

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