Quidditch Pitch Interview with Auntee Mame (2006)

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Quidditch Pitch Interview with Auntee Mame
Interviewee: Auntee Mame a.k.a. Kerryblaze
Date(s): May 2006
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Harry Potter
External Links: interview is here; reference link
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In 2006, Auntee Mame (a.k.a. Kerryblaze) was interviewed for The Quidditch Pitch. She had been previously interviewed for TQP in December 2005, before she joined the staff of archive. This second interview was conducted as part of the "Captain's Interviews" series, though Kerry was only a "Reserve Captain" at the time. Other interviews in the series include:

For the complete series, see Quidditch Pitch Interview Series.

Some Excerpts

A simple click on Yahoo's top searches led me to a HP fan fiction site. The first story I read was H/D, but I just didn't see it! Another click and I found fanfiction.net and looked for Harry/Ron and found Mad Martha's story, Circles of Power. And the rest they say is history!
I've read so many different authors in my life and so many have impressed me with their abilities. But Madeleine L'Engle and her Wrinkle in Time series inspired me to read more when I was a child, so that always holds a special place in my heart. Shocolate's love and obsession for Harry and Ron always inspires me.
I was honored to be asked to become a part of [The Quidditch Pitch] staff because this is an archive that I believe was needed. A lot of the other archives are pairing specific or they aren't very active, meaning they aren't inviting new authors. I knew the other staff had a high commitment to making this archive special. So, how could I turn that down?
[The story behind my penname is] really boring. Kerry is my real life first name. I used to by Queenofdiamonds, but when I came to LJ I would've had to put dashes or numbers in there and I was tired of that. So I went with Blaze because a good friend of mine says that it should be my middle name because I never fade away. I always end something in a blaze of glory.
[Advice for new writers:] Be sure to find a beta, preferably not a friend, someone who will be honest with you. Take their advice seriously, but don't let it change your style. And write what you feel, not what you think people will read.
My favorite piece [of fanart] is Miles and Miles by Ponderosa. I love how colorful it is, yet Harry and Ron are posed so simply. It's touching.