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Name: Ponderosa
Alias(es): ponderosa121, Pond, Kimi, kimkuzuri
Type: fan artist, fanwriter
Fandoms: Supernatural, Harry Potter, X-men, Fullmetal Alchemist, Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings, Final Fantasy XII, Boondock Saints, Gundam Wing, etc.
Communities: Destiny Interrupted
Our Flag Means Kink (moderator)
Other: https://ponderosa121.carrd.co/
URL: ponderosa121 at AO3
ponderosa at Dreamwidth
kimkuzuri at Instagram
ponderosa121 at Tumblr
kimkuzuri at Twitter
ponderosa121 at Twitter
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Ponderosa is a notorious fan artist and fan writer, recognized for its unique style. Ponderosa had a LiveJournal account, which fell into the strikethrough purge. See more in Then Came Boldthrough. The event affected the fandom Supernatural as one of the allegations used by those responsible for the site was an art Dean/Sam that was in their journal.[1] Their website is Destiny Interrupted. They[2] have been active in a wide variety of fandoms, most recently Marvel, Pacific Rim, and The Musketeers.

Blanket Statement

Ponderosa's fanworks are released Creative Commons BY-NC-SA.[3] Their Tumblr FAQ states:

"I strongly believe in free culture and all my fanworks are released Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial. Repost, remix, share, go crazy! I’m not opposed to commercial use but I’d rather approve things since fanworks are a gray area. If you want to make badges or shirts or whatever to sell using my art, just ask me, I’ll probably say yes. To repost, remix, reuse, whatever, providing name credit alone is perfectly fine with me, but a link back to this blog, or to my website (destiny.ponderosa121.com) is bonus points."[4]

Example Fanart


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