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Synonyms: Rule 63, Genderswitch, Gender-bend, Gender-bending, Genderbender, Sexswap, Salad
Related: Genderfuck, Bodyswap, Transfic
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A genderswap is a fanfiction and fanart trope in which one or more characters are depicted as a different binary sex than their perceived canon gender identity, such as depicting a male character as a cis woman. Genderswap is a subset of the more general trope genderfuck, and genderswap stories can include several different scenarios, such that genderswaps might also be considered a genre of fanwork.

Note that bodyswaps might deal with similar subject matter, but because the affected characters are just possessing someone else's body, the tropes are definitely distinct.

Trope variations

In the sudden genderswap, the genderswap occurs in the story and the character is aware of it; the plot then usually focuses on changing back, dealing with their new body, and/or exploring their new body sexually. In fantasy and sci-fi stories the genderswap is usually carried out by some magical or technological device. TV Tropes notes that, "Depending on the medium, genre, and storyline, the sudden genderswap may be a one-time temporary change, a recurring change (causing the character to jump the gender line often), or even permanent."[1] and their definition of this trope includes only this variety of genderswap, although the variations below are also widly referred to as genderswaps in fandom as well.

A popular variation on the genderswap trope is the always-a-girl/always-a-boy or rule 63 variant, where the story takes place in or involves an alternate universe where one or more of the canon characters are written as if they have always had a different gender. "Rule 63" states that "for every given male character, there is a female version of that character, and vice versa"[2] and is very popular in fanart porn.

TV Tropes considers Rule 63 works distinct from the genderflip where all characters have their canon genders "flipped" such that a case which canonically is five men and one woman would be portrayed as five women and one man. The Gender Flip page explains,

Rule 63 is closely related [to gender flips], but executed differently. A good general rule of thumb is that a Rule 63 character looks like exactly the same character, as if subjected to Gender Bender. Gender Flip characters will often differ from their originals in a great many ways other than the character's sex.[3]

However, always-a-girl and always-a-boy fanfiction actually tend less towards crackfic and smut and, like genderflips, more towards seeing what might have changed in a favored character if this one piece of their life had been changed.

In fandoms where the main action heroes are all men, the use of the trope to write the universe from the point of view of a cisgender woman is popular. In fandoms where this happens, writing female characters (such as Teyla Emmagan from Stargate Atlantis) as men is rare, as the motivation to genderswap is often the lack of female characters.

In fandoms where alternate realities exist in canon, characters may meet the AU genderswap versions of themselves or each other. This is sometimes played up for shipping purposes.

History and use

Use in canon and fandom

Star Trek had a genderswap (actually a bodyswap, too) in canon in the final episode, "Turnabout Intruder", and in one of the first collections of professionally distributed fiction, The Procrustean Petard in Star Trek: The New Voyages 2 (1978). In the show Sliders, where the entire premise of the show was based on traveling to alternate realities, they only once encountered a genderflipped version of one of their team.

Genderswap stories have only become hugely popular in the Internet age, and are much easier to find in fandoms like popslash, Stargate Atlantis, Supernatural and Star Trek reboot than in Classic Star Trek, The Professionals or Blake's 7.

The release of the Star Trek reboot movie in 2009 caused a surge of interest in genderswap fic in which one, or more, of the characters — almost exclusively male[4] — has always been a different sex from what s/he is in canon. Kirk appears to be the character most often portrayed as female, with McCoy, Spock and Chekov trailing well behind with less than half the number of instances.[5] This offshoot of the reboot fandom is popular enough to have launched the LiveJournal community st_genderswap, two months after the movie's release.[6]

Ranma 1/2 features the titular character who has been cursed to change genders whenever cold (to turn female) or hot (to turn male) water is applied. Fanfiction crossovers or fusionss often borrow this mechanic and its cause, a cursed hotspring.

Terminology and criticism

While some assert that genderswap should correctly be called sexswap, since what is being changed are the visible sex characteristics and the social gender only as a consequence of the physical change,[7] the term is established for a number of likely reasons, e.g. what some name the conflation of sex and gender in discourse[8] or the better flow of words.[9]

A similar criticism of both the practice and its name doesn't focus as much on the distinction between sex and gender, because sex is seen as just as socially constructed as gender. Rather, it focuses on the particular way bodies and gender are assumed to be related in these kind of stories, highlighting how genderswaps often erase or oversimplify experiences of trans people with their bodies. Cisswap is term often used in this context for genderswaps which assume that having a body that society assigns a different gender to would lead to the character actually being that gender, or that reinforces cissexist norms in some other way.[10]

Further pointing to the fact that the gender is not what has been changed, in the large majority of genderswap stories, the character who has been swapped as part of the plot retains their pronouns in the (generally) third person narrative.

A 2010 comment:

[T]oo often I will see the author switch into new pronouns to match the new body, or depict the character enthusiastically "trying out" their new body, often sexually. I can tell you for sure, suddenly having the wrong body means CRAZY issues. I can't even look at myself undressed. A new body means learning to use it, first of all, and then all the dysphoria that comes with it, and one thing it isn't going to do is turn its owner on. Long story short, most "genderswap" (which should really be called "sexswap", considering the context the term is most often used in) offends me hugely, and manages to avoid all the opportunities to bring trans issues into the mix. [11]

Genderswap is also commonly criticized for focusing on cissexist and often misogynist stereotypes of perceived gender differences, and for having characters immediately adopt a conservative gender performance without question. For example, men having to learn how to shave their legs when their bodies change, even though they could just as easily choose not to, is a common trope in stories where men's bodies are "switched".

The term 'genderswap' itself, as well as the way it most often plays out in fanworks, has also been criticised for falsely assuming that both sex and gender are binaries, and for implying that sex and gender necessarily coincide. For this reason, others have suggested the term 'spectrum slide' be used instead.[12]

Recently the use of "genderswap" has fallen out of favor and "genderbend" is preferred instead. A fan commenting on the tumblr post I’m not even much of a fan of genderbends but goddamn... explained:

Originally, it was called ‘genderswap’ or ‘genderswitch’, which was rightfully criticized for reinforcing a binary view of gender. Hence why it is now ‘genderbend‘. Things can bend in many directions.[13]

Trans Issues

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More recent genderswap stories, and genderswap stories in newer fandoms (especially bandom) are more likely to reference, overtly or not, trans issues as part of the genderswap.

Naming, Labeling and Tagging

These stories are often tagged or labeled with the prefix Girl, such as Girl!Jim/Spock or Girl!John/Girl!Rodney. There is some controversy in fandom as to whether a pairing is het or femslash if you've made one or both of a popular slash pairing female, either from birth or from some magical change. If a story involves a temporary change, and gender is therefore not altered, most fans will consider the change to have no bearing on the classification. If a story is an always-a-girl, or always-a-boy, opinions vary more widely.

With always-a-girl genderswap fics, the author is essentially creating a new character, and their new character needs a name. Popular choices for "girls'" names include canon references if available, like Meredith McKay or Deana Winchester, or standard feminized versions of the original name, like Johanna or Joan Watson. In some cases, writers simply use the original name, either without explanation or as a nickname or short form of a more standard female-sounding name. Rarely is a totally unrelated name chosen, reinforcing the idea that the swapped character is intended to be the same person, not just a child of a different sex born to the same parents.

Notable Genderswap Fanfiction

Sudden change
Title Author Fandom Date Notes
My Fair Jeanne Ruth Gifford Star Trek: TNG 1995 An influential early genderswap story in which Jean-Luc Picard is turned into a woman by Q. Winner in the 1995 ASC Awards Best Next Generation Story category.
BJ Sandburg Gillian The Sentinel 1999 Blair switches sexes for a year on his thirtieth birthday. Blair/Jim. Quite unusual at the time, certainly for the fandom, and won over a lot of fans.
The Same Inside helenish popslash 2000 An important step; the viewpoint character has fun being female, and delivers non-didactic feminist smackdowns on his teammates when they get gender essentialist on him. The story is famous for not explaining the switch at all. Characters simply 'waking up a girl' became thereafter quite common.
And Now For Something Completely Different Silvia Kundera Harry Potter 2003 Harry/Draco, Ron/Hermione one-shot humor fic. "Harry Potter wakes up as a girl."
Girl Maya Tawi and Viridian5 Weiss Kreuz 2003 An epic story in which Aya turns into a girl mid-fight. Aya's body shifts between male, female and intersex during the story, and he has sexual encounters with both men and women.
Seven Things That Didn't Happen On Valentine's Day At Hogwarts, Or Maybe They Did Rageprufrock Harry Potter 2004 Marauder's era Sirius/Remus story in which several things happen, and one of them is Sirius getting turned into a girl.
Best Laid Plans Asuka Kureru Naruto 2005 One of many Naruto stories utilising the canon Sexy no Jutsu (an ninja technique for turning into a hot girl) for porn purposes, although there's some debate about whether or not it canonically changes anything or if it's just an illusion. This technique is also popular for mpreg purposes.
Biography of the Cheated Girl sesame seed Mirage of Blaze 2005 A story about the time Naoe, a male centuries old 'possessor' who remembers all his previous reincarnations, was born into a female body.
Tennis no Ojousama scoradh Prince of Tennis 2006 A crack wakes up a girl fic.
Being Ray Kowalski & Anima Isis & J S Cavalcante due South 2007 These fics are companion pieces where the genderswap happens via universe-swap; Ray Kowalski and "Rae" Kowalski from an alternate universe switch places and each face difficulties coping with being stuck in an opposite sex version of their own bodies, as well as being stuck in an alternate universe.
Right Here Next to Yesterday sageness Stargate Atlantis 2007 A femslash story where Kate Heightmeyer is the inadvertent target of the ubiquitous Ancient device and spends some time in a male body. The story is one of the very rare examples of a woman changed in a story. While the story switches between the terms sex and gender to describe what has changed, the depiction is clearly a sex only alteration.
Girlfriend Resonant Stargate Atlantis 2008 Rodney has exact zero trauma going male to female to male; Sheppard is the one to have life-changing revelations.
Should've Been My Girlfriend Crysothemis Stargate Atlantis 2009 This fic does an unusually good job of showing how it feels to be in the wrong body, and how the chance to have the right person be attracted to you might not be enough to make it worth while; borderline transfic.
The Course of True Love Puckling Merlin 2009 The Old Religion turns Merlin into a woman and he has to sleep with the rightful king to turn back. Dewiniaeth (2008) by claire_debonair is an earlier story with a similar premise.
All I Need Is Next to Me stephanometra Panic! At the Disco 2009 Jon wakes up with his beard, but also breasts and a vagina. He doesn't change back.
Hear Me Out impertinence My Chemical Romance 2009 "It's not so much the turning into a girl that's a problem; that's happened before. It's the fact that Frank doesn't turn back." A serious take on the trope where the characters must deal with transphobia and sexism.
Becoming Female Venus god Harry Potter 2010 Cracky badfic in which a potions accident turns Harry into a vapid Mary Sue named Crystal, leading to Harry/Draco. Technically, the fic deals with sexism, but it does so in an over-the-top ridiculous way that mostly consists of bashing Ron Weasley as a "sexist idiot".
More Lovely and More Temperate Saucery Merlin 2010 Arthur's newly-acquired female body makes him notice Merlin in a totally inappropriate way.
even the wrong words seem to rhyme eleadore One Direction 2013 A complex take on the trope where orgasms make Louis change bodies, therefore he tries not to have them.
Origin Story Worldmaker Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Marvel/Supergirl 2013 Xander Harris loses a bet and dresses as Supergirl for Halloween, changes sex and acquires her powers during Ethan Rayne's spell, and is thrown out of the Buffy universe and into the Marvel universe to stop her powers unbalancing the Buffy universe. The situation is actually even more complicated than that, unravelling what's really going on is an important part of the story. Since the Buffyverse has a canon transformative event in the Halloween episode there are many other stories in which it leads to a sex change, usually involving Xander.

Always a Girl (or Boy)

Title Author Fandom Date Notes
Helpmate subterrain Iron Man 2008 A Tony/Pepper slash story in which Pepper Potts has always been a boy.
A Step to the Left greensilver Merlin 2009 A retelling of the first series with always a girl!Merlin which reveals the typical romance dynamic between first season Merlin and Arthur.
Karma graceandfire Star Trek Reboot 2009 Set in a Mirror Universe where women are second class citizens and Mirror McCoy is just as bad as the rest of the men...until he gets turned into a woman. The context allows McCoy to examine his own assumptions and gender stereo-typing, while helping him realize the women have a degree of resourcefulness and cunning they rely on to survive that he was previously blind to.
Through the looking-glass tucuxi Naruto 2011 A series that explores what the characters might have been like had they been born female.
Homeward Bound Part One: An Unexpected Journey ISeeFire The Hobbit Reimagining of the first Hobbit film with Bilbo as a girl.
But I'm Not a Soldier idyll Teen Wolf girl!Stiles/Derek story portrays strong female character who stands her ground and takes no shit from anyone.
The Least of All Possible Mistakes rageprufrock Sherlock A Mycroft Holmes/Greg Lestrade story follows main canon plotline but with Lestrade as a female detective inspector. The story features John and Greg's friendship, Sherlock's traumatizing experience on hearing his brother's sex life, and creepy Moriarty.
Taking a Licking C31PO (SirenAlpha) Hockey RPF girl!Claude Giroux/Sidney Crosby story. Back-and-forth shameless chirping between Sid and Claude. The undertone explores a possible hostile environment that a girl may encounter when playing in an all male sport.

Fanart Examples

More Lovely and More Temperate girl!Arthur manip by Saucery
More Lovely and More Temperate: The original Arthur
Fandom: Supernatural. Dean as a girl in Sam Winchester's embrace. Artist: sillie[14]

Harry Potter



  • Genderswap: Ash Ketchum by Y-Mangaka, a play on the ability to chose the playable character's gender in the Pokémon video games.

Sherlock Holmes

Star Trek (2009)


The Hobbit

  • untitled, by rotenschal, Bofur and female!Bilbo Baggins on ponies in the rain.


A lot of cosplay involves genderswap as cosplayers don't limit themselves to characters of the same sex. Cosplaying a character whose gender is different than one's own is called crossplay. Some differentiate between crossplay and genderswapped cosplay, such as "femme" versions of male characters.[17]

Examples include:

Genderswap Picspam

Part of the trend of recasting picspams, where photos of actors of different races, ethnicities, genders or sex are assembled to "recast" a show.

With the rise of Tumblr, animated gifs as well as still photos can easily be shared between fans. These gifs can be AU gif sets, telling a story, as well as illustrations of genderswapped casting.

Thematic Lists

Other Resources


  • spngenderswap
  • genderfuck - "dedicated to the art of genderbending. Fanart and cosplay will be posted, with majority of content animanga/video game related."
  • hellyeahgenderswap - "a place for genderswapped casts of films and tv shows."

Meta/Further Reading


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