Mirage of Blaze

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Name: Mirage of Blaze (炎の蜃気楼[ミラージュ], Honō no Mirāju
Abbreviation(s): MoB
Creator: Mizuna Kuwabara
Date(s): light novels: 1990-2004; Anime: 2001-2002; OVAs: 2004
Medium: light novels; anime
Country of Origin: Japan
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Mirage of Blaze comprises 40 light novels, a 13-episode anime and three OVAs.

The anime's plot follows a group of 400-year-old 'possessors' who take host bodies (generally from the host's birth) in order to continue their fight against the Feudal Underworld, a collection of restless warrior spirits bent on modern-day conquest. Some of the characters are loosely based on historical figures, and the story contains flashbacks to past lives in different periods of Japanese history.

In English-language fandom most of the fandom is based on the anime, as the light novels have not been released in English. However the fandom's fanac does include translating some of them.

The canon includes reincarnation, amnesia, rape, genderbending, impassioned confessions of love, hopeless pining, terrible misunderstandings and a very large amount of melodrama. Despite this, the fandom is quite small (or perhaps because of this: what is left for fans to do?).

Notable fanworks

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