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Name: Weiß Kreuz, ヴァイスクロイツ, Knight Hunters: Weiß Kreuz, Weiss Kreuz
Abbreviation(s): WK, Weiss
Creator: Takehito Koyasu
Date(s): 1997 (light novel), 1997-1998 (manga), 1998 (anime), 2000 (OVA), 2002-3 (Gluhen), 2003-7 (Side B)
Medium: anime, OVA, manga, drama cd
Country of Origin: Japan
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Weiß Kreuz is an anime series about four assassins who work in a flowershop as a cover. Since all of the main characters and most of the minor characters are male the fanfiction is mainly about yaoi pairings. Pairings with or between their enemies are also very popular.

It has been described as a soap opera starring the Gary Stus of the creator and his friends--all voice actors, which is actually quite accurate cosnidering it started out as a seiyuu project centered around the core cast of voice actors.


The project was initiated by Koyasu Takehito and started out as a radio show, followed by the release of the first drama CDs in 1997. In addition to the standard manga and anime combination, Weiß Kreuz also has a light novel and OVAs, so the canon was developed in different media. Different parts of canon have become available in English at different times, leading to various eras of fandom. Some parts of canon also feature very different art or other changes over which fans have varying opinions. The canon currently consists of:

  • Light novel Forever White (1997)
  • Weiß - An Assassin and White Shaman manga (1997-1998)
  • Weiß Kreuz anime (1998)
  • Weiß Kreuz OVA: Verbrechen & Strafe (2000)
  • Weiß Kreuz Glühen (2002-2003)
  • Weiß Side B manga (2003-2007)
  • Drama CDs

English Language Fandom

Weiß Kreuz was a staple of late 90s-early 00s English-speaking anime fandom. It was a massive fandom with many single-fandom and single-pairing mailing lists and lots of monofannish BNFs.


The most popular pairings are Aya (Ran)/Yohji, Ran/Ken and Schuldig/Crawford. There is also some Ken/Omi and Schuldig/Yohji, as well as various permutations of almost all the characters.

Archives & Communities

At one time the fandom had numerous English-language archives, most of which have since disappeared.[1]

Fanfiction Examples

Recommendations pages


Fests and Exchanges

Mailing Lists

  • Weiss Kreuz Yaoi offline "M/M Slash, F/F Slash. Description: Anime/Manga Yaoi/Yuri/Shonen-ai"
  • WKFF archive link "This mailing list is concerned with the posting and discussion of Weiss Kreuz-related fanfics only."
  • Schwarz M archive link "For die-hard Schwarz fans. Fanfiction, fanart, discussions, rants and raves, yaoi, shotacon, etc. is *allowed*. Recommended for [the more] mature audiences. If you're not over 18 or you think the elements listed above may disturb your mental pace, think twice about subscribing because they will run rampant. Please read the rules before posting. They're located in the 'Files' section, titled 'rules.txt'. 25 Oct. 2003: Anyone interested in becoming moderator? E-mail me and we'll talk about the requirements. Read the rules, because from now on, I'll be removing problematic members with no sense of netiquette without warning whenever I check. Please contact the moderators for any problems: we don't want anything brewing into a huge flamewar! You can contact me -- Vaeran, and you can find my e-mail address if you look hard enough -- or Yuki Scorpio [ yuki_scorpio (at) bradcrawford (dot) org ]. -Vaeran. SML Administrator auronist (AT) yahoo (DOT) com."
  • Weiss Kreuz Mailing List (wkml) archive link "A place for the discussion of the anime/manga/radio show Weiß Kreuz and the seiyuu unit Weiß, and related topics."
  • Farfarello X Schuldig ML archive link "A ML devoted to this increasingly popular Schwarzy pair!! Here you can post fan fics and fanarts about the guys (G to NC-17), meet your fellow FarfXSchu (or maybe SchuXFarf?) fans, and simply gab about the gorgeous gents. On your way out, please visit our sister site, SchreientYuriML."
  • noml archive link "This is a group dedicated to the YAOI pairing of Nagi and Omi from the anime Weiß Kreuz. We are open to both NagixOmi, and OmixNagi. All fanfictions, fanart, and discussions welcomed [and worshipped!]"
  • straightwkff archive link and info "Mailing list for the posting and discussion of straight (Male/Female) Weiss (WeiB, Weiß) Kreuz fanfic. Non-romantic stories are welcome, but those seeking YAOI, Shounen-ai or YURI should subscribe to the WKFF ML; such stories are inappropriate to this ML."

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  1. ^ For example this list of mostly defunct links at A Little Piece of Gundam Wing (accessed 14 October 2011).