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Name: Daegaer
Type: Fan Writer
Fandoms: Earthsea, Good Omens, Mary Renault, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Weiß Kreuz, Hetalia
Communities: maryrenaultfics
URL: Daegaer @ LiveJournal / Daegaer @ AO3
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Daegaer is a fanfic writer who has written stories in multiple anime and literary fandoms, including Weiß Kreuz, Hetalia, Earthsea, Good Omens, Mary Renault, and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Her long history in Good Omens fandom is concurrent with other such contemporaries as Argyle, irisbleufic, Louise Lux, and Vulgarweed; like her peers, she has been extraordinarily prolific in the past decade and equally instrumental in shaping the fandom's landscape. It has been noted that she has the remarkable capacity for writing crackfic that can actually be taken seriously; this is best seen in her Good Omens work. This coupled with her formidably extensive knowledge of Biblical events and the Ancient Near East makes for a memorable reading experience.


Daegaer turns up just as frequently on Good Omens rec lists as many of the other writers in her peer group:

"Drabbles, angst, AU, hilarity, crossovers, dementia, speculation, brilliance, brilliance, and more brilliance." —Edmondia

"Character-driven rather than plot-driven and very cool, especially since it covers major events and periods in history." —Knacc

"A keen sense of history, an excellent ear for dialogue, and an unbelievable proclivity for making crackfic work. Although many of this writer's pieces are listed as Aziraphale/Crowley, the grand majority of them can be read as gen." —TVTropes

Notable Works