Louise Lux

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Name: Louise Lux
Alias(es): louiselux
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Antique Bakery, Good Omens, Mary Renault, Saiyuki, Tennis RPF
Communities: Saiyuki Time, Rarelitslash
Other: Milady's Boudoir
URL: Louise Lux @ LiveJournal
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Louise Lux is a fan writer who has written stories in many anime and literary fandoms. She is particularly well known in Good Omens and in Saiyuki. Her most recent passion is for Tennis RPF. She has been active in Good Omens fandom about as long as the other writers with whom she's frequently found on rec lists (Argyle, Daegaer, irisbleufic, Vulgarweed, et al.)

She sometimes co-writes with emungere; their shared work can be found at our curious spells. She formerly maintained the Fiat Lux recs site.[1] She is a moderator of the LiveJournal community called Rarelitslash. She was once a member of maryrenaultfics and posted her Mary Renault stories there. She has also been known to work with Daegaer.


Louise Lux has enjoyed a great deal of popularity on rec lists thanks to her Good Omens fic:

"[B]eautiful and somehow disquieting/sad all at the same time, but wonderfully done, the kind where it could have so easily been pretentious, but the mercurial nature of the mood is perfectly done and just...wow. Beautiful imagery, beautiful subtext without being obvious, beautiful mood all the way around." —Fleeting Fancies

"[B]oth strangely sweet and rather melancholy." —Knacc

"[W]hile most of her Good Omens pieces are very short drabbles, ficlets, and snippets, you'll find the occasional slightly longer piece. [H]er characterization is quite good, and her smut tends to be both witty and sweet." —TVTropes

Notable Works


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