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Name: irisbleufic
Alias(es): AJ Odasso[note 1] (pro author)
Type: fanwriter, reccer (occasionally), meta commentator
Fandoms: Good Omens, The Great Gatsby and more
Communities: Good Omens Lexicon, Good Omens Exchange
Other: Frequently collaborates with GO fandom artists (Eldanis, Linnpuzzle, Seji, et al.)
URL: irisbleufic at AO3
irisbleufic at LiveJournal
irisbleufic at Tumblr
ajodasso at Twitter
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irisbleufic is best known for the years they have spent (2004 - present) as, arguably, Good Omens fandom's most prolific writer. After The Great Gatsby entered the public domain, they published one of their Gatsby/Nick fanfics professionally, becoming one of many Fans Turned Pro.

An annual participant in the Good Omens Holiday Exchange since its very first year (2005), they joined the mod team in 2012 and continue in this capacity to the present with co-mods Vulgarweed and Luna. Their influence has even extended so far as fostering fan-community dialogue with Good Omens authors Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett.

An adventurous and virtuosic dabbler, irisbleufic is also devoted to actively writing in a number of rare fandoms (see full listing below), some of which don't even necessarily constitute fandoms as such. Their Toy Soldiers, Hamlet, Sherlock (TV series), Everything Is Illuminated, The Shawshank Redemption, Third Star, Community (TV series), Pacific Rim,The Great Gatsby, and Back to the Future stories are highlights in their body of work.

Blanket Statement

PLEASE DO NOT TRANSLATE MY WORK WITHOUT PERMISSION AND POST / ARCHIVE IT ELSEWHERE, and PLEASE DO NOT COPY MY WORK WITHOUT PERMISSION AND POST / ARCHIVE IT ELSEWHERE. I permit translations under the conditions that a) they will be posted solely to AO3, and b) link back to my original postings of the texts as Related Works. Many thanks in advance!

– irisbleufic AO3 profile


  • A, B, C
Alice in Wonderland || American Gods || Avatar: The Last Airbender || Back to the Future || Batman: Europa || Black Mirror || Breaking Bad || Community (TV series) ||
  • D, E, F
Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency || Doomsday Book || Everything Is Illuminated || 
  • G, H, I
Gravity Falls || Gotham || Hamlet || Heroes || Hot Fuzz ||
  • J, K, L
La Chanson de Roland || Lord of the Rings ||
  • M, N, O
My Beautiful Laundrette || My Own Private Idaho || Neverwhere ||
  • P, Q, R
Pacific Rim || Pirates of the Caribbean || 
  • S, T, U
Sandman || Sherlock || Sir Gawain and the Green Knight || Sleepy Hollow || Star Trek: TOS || Star Trek: Reboot] || The Book of Mormon || The Village || The Shawshank Redemption || Third Star || Toy Soldiers ||
  • V, X, W
V for Vendetta ||
  • Y, Z



Rec and Reviews


The best Aziraphale/Crowley writer I know of, this author also writes superb gen fic (relating to the Them, Adam and Pepper in particular; however, she's written a few amazing Shadwell/Tracy and Shadwell-centric pieces, too). She also occasionally crosses GO with other fandoms (notably Hot Fuzz and Sherlock). Everyone is unbelievably in-character, but her Crowley-POV pieces may shine brightest.[1]

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  1. ^ The fanfic Nick/Gatsby 'The Pursued and the Pursuing was originally published online, then deleted to be re-released as a professional work under the same name, when the book The Great Gatsby entered the public domain. Irisbleufic used the pen name of A J Odasso.


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