The Book of Mormon

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Name: The Book of Mormon
Creator: Trey Parker, Robert Lopez, Matt Stone
Date(s): 24 March 2011 (Broadway opening)
Medium: musical theater
Country of Origin: USA
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The Book of Mormon is a Broadway musical that first premiered in March 2011. The story follows two Mormon missionaries who try to share their faith with a remote village in Uganda.


Book of Mormon is one of the most popular contemporary shows on Broadway. During its first few years, its day-of ticket lottery crowds were some of the biggest, and some fans camped out for hours in hopes of buying a standing room only ticket.[1]

The most popular ship in the fandom is Elder McKinley/Kevin Price.[2]

Fanwork Tropes

The top four most common tags on A03 are (in descending order) fluff, angst, post-canon, and internalized homophobia.[3]

  • Post-Canon - Fics of what happens after the events of the musical are very common.
  • Internalized homophobia fics commonly overlap with their identities as Mormons, in particular dealing with Elder McKinley's internalised homophobia as featured in his main song, Turn it off.





Links & Resources


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